Wednesday, July 06, 2005

The Hot Club

Two guys visited the HC - Carol and Clay. They wanted to go to a strip club but wanted to touch. So Mr. D. suggested Club Fantasies. Clay went to ASU in Tempe, AZ. We told him about a great strip club in Phoenix called BombShells owned by a friend of ours.

Overheard from the stall in the men's room (the HC men's room has urinals so close you can hold…), Guy A: "Don't piss on me." Guy B: "Don't grab my ass."

Chuck D. Computer just came back from Harrisburg. He went to a bar that he frequents when in town. Chuck asked the bartender if Woman X still visited the place. The bartender told him, "Not since she went to the Big House."
Then Chuck remembered some gifts he got from 'X'. The gifts were small things, made out of sterling and such. They were all pocket size.

Mr. D. said a young woman once offered to show him the 'ring on her thing'. He thought that would be a good song title. "Ring on my Thing", ring-a-ding-ding. A little Frank Sinatra. "You make me sing."

Our friend Victor explained that he was leaving because "something has arose". He corrected himself - "something has arisen". Mr. D. told him, "You arose."

The Lou went to the Sox game. He called everyone on his cell and was on TV. I asked him what team the Sox played - he didn't know. It was the Pirates.

The Lou said he has worked for Wise 20 years. He said Wise's favorite saying is "What did I tell you!" Every year at Christmas, Wise tells him "You drive me crazy" and threatens to fire him.

Two guys looked out over the deck scene Friday. One observed, "You've got to be patient. It's like fishing."

Best wishes to Erica K who stopped by and visited with Mr. D and me.

Tom Bates stopped by the HC. At one point Josh Miller walked in and was standing there with Tom. It was one of the few times that I've seen the two owners together.

Tom has helped other bars get started, like Nick-a-Nee's. Mr. D. told Tom, "You're the Godfather of nightclubs."


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Just what the Internet needs - news from the Hot Club.

PS - how can it be confidential if all the world can see it?


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