Tuesday, July 19, 2005

The Hot Club

Contraire was sitting at the bar when I had to move my car. I left my beer glass next to him and asked him to watch it. When I came back, the glass was gone. He watched it all right. He watched Ondine take it away. Later Contraire bought me a beer.

Mike Ganis (The Crier) e-mailed to say that Contraire was correct about the odds of winning lotteries. Said Mike: "Your odds of winning huge in a lottery such as Powerball are 1 in 120,526,770 no matter how many people play. Likewise, the Mega Millions odds remain 1 in 135,145,920. If you’re going to throw away $5 on lottery tickets, you might want to wait until the jackpot climbs to $200 million from $10 million…A bigger jackpot means more people playing and a higher probability of having to share the prize."

Jack the Fireman saw Mark Bellhorn at bat on the TV screen. But he called him Bellbottom. Wise and I broke into Bellbottom Blues.

Joey from Bowie (Texas) popped in with her friend Rob. She just got a job managing a restaurant in Boston's North End. Good luck to Joey in her new work.

There are two new spotlight bulbs in the Hot Club men's room. It's so bright you need sunglasses. The first story I heard was that it was because two guys were doing lines in the bathroom. But later I heard it might be because the two guys were doing each other.

Frequent Flyer's friend Joanne left her purse on the table next to my chair. I was kidding her about rifling through it. She told me "take my money but leave my lipstick."

Later Joanne introduced her friend Donna who just bought a BMW. Donna bought it and hubby picked it up. The Beamer has a tape player but no CD player! Who's to blame?

Mr. D. and I were telling Mike Module about Lloyd Bridges' old TV show Sea Hunt. "And then I cut his air hose", said Mr. D. I checked the new sourcebook Mr. D. got for my birthday (TV Guide's Guide to TV). The original Sea Hunt was on from 1957-1961.

There was no parking Wednesday night in HC's parking lot. They had paved it! Mr. D. told Obasie and me, "The drink prices are going up!"

Cal was at Pro Player Park in Miami. They wouldn't let him tour the place because he was alone, not part of a group. Mr. D., who has led the last few WSKO The Score's Pats' trips to Miami, recalled a brutally hot day when Pro Player ran out of water. Said Perfessa D., "How do you run out of water? You flunked Lesson #1 of Sports Facilities 101."

The Warden just enjoyed a birthday (6/15) and this week it is Hooks' turn (7/22).


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