Tuesday, August 02, 2005

The Hot Club

Mr. D. is a professor of T & T - Tourism and Travel.

The Bad One was telling us about playing golf at River's Edge, a course designed by Arnie Palmer, one of the country's best per Golf magazine. I asked Bad Boy how his round went, and he said he played well. Then he told us he lost 12 balls.

Bad One said he went to Gulfsteam and put all his $ on a horse to show. It led all the way until the last turn, when the horse's front legs collapsed. Bad One said they came out, put a cover over the horse and shot him right there. Took him away with a steam shovel.

It was a Friday late afternoon on the deck. Mr. D and I were avoiding the sun. I said we were two gay blades in the shade. They don't use the expression 'gay blades' anymore.

That caused us to remember George Hamilton in Love At First Bite. Mr. D. said that George Hamilton was one of the first persons to be famous for being famous. Like Zsa Zsa Gabor. A celebrity for being a celebrity. "Like Paris Hilton today", Mr. D. said.

Left the Zine copies on our table under an empty bottle. A regular asked for one, showed it to a friend and said "A periodical with sports. It's cool." He then returned the Zine and said, "We just took a breeze through it."

'Little Audrey' was waitressing on the deck. She's too young to know about the comic strip by that name from my time.

Bags advised another regular to "Check the expiration date on your Viagra."

A woman with a German Shepherd tied in the lot came by to check on him. Around the waist of her dress she had a 25' retractable measuring tape clipped on. The Consigliere said she made sure her men measured up.

Brock walked by. Did he tell us he was a 'bruiser'? A 'cruiser'? No, it was 'boozer'.

St. Claire's girl Louise introduced us to her friend Mojo, who offered to buy us drinks. Mojo said to Sandy, "But no mixed drinks. Well, OK, if they're $2." Mr. D. drinks tequila - Silver Petrone. Sandy told Mo, "Oh no, Mr. D. is not a cheap date."

Mojo said intelligent women scare some guys. Mr. D. then introduced us to Mojo: "I'm Socrates and he's Einstein."


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