Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The Hot Club

Flash! Josh Miller is running. For some kind of office. In Cranston. Steve Laffey is getting nervous.

The Wise Man admitted he's paying $700 a month for his oldest daughter to go to a gym. I asked him "Is that a Jim like me?"

When I arrived at the Hot Club, Bags and his buddy Sue were there, the Warden and his Wardenness Kim and the Wise Man. No sooner than I arrived and they all left. Fear of ink?

The Hot Club employees had a joint Christmas Party and baby shower for Erica last Sunday. It was held at Mike's Lili Marlene. Some of the aftermath ended up at the HC.Our congratulations and wishes for a safe and healthy delivery to Erica.

Another Erika is back in the area doing a radio show in New Bedford. Erika Kay is at Fun 107.1 FM on your dial on Saturdays from 3-8. Our best wishes to eKay.

Mr. Contraire told Ondine "We were talking about you." I said, "No, we weren't, but if we were, we'd say only good things." Contraire added, "I'd say bad things."

Sarah came in wearing a Red Sox Santa hat. Contraire called her "Sarah Claus". Sarah Claus said, "Give me the money!" She meant, "Show me the money!"

Brendan accidentally sat in Contraire's seat. Contraire came back and said, "Sitting in my seat. Maybe he'll learn something. Getting smarter by the minute."

In this weather, says Brendan, his raisin shrinks. I told him it sounded like a Seinfeld episode, the one in which George is seen naked by his girlfriend after coming out of the water. He complains that when she saw him, he had shrinkage from the cold water.

Congratulations to Mr. D. who was this week's winner of D-Train's NFL pool.



One of my favorite Psychotronic directors, Stuart Gordon, had highly praised this Japanese import, so I was anxious to see it. The Takashi Miike movie is filmed well, beautifully at times. There is a shot of Asami on a balcony framed by the door of the room that is gorgeous.

The film itself deals with a widower seeking to meet a potential new wife thru an audition. The movie takes its time going wire to wire but holds your interest with its characters and dialogue.

Along the way, there are some pithy observations about place and people: "The whole of Japan is lonely." "A lack of confidence brings unhappiness." "Living is another way of reaching death." "Men can't maintain without female support." "Happy people can't act well." And "Words create lies. Pain can be trusted."

Mr. Aoyama finds his dream girl who is 'beautiful, classy and obedient." But Aoyama's choice for "Tomorrow's Heroine" has a different role in mind. Their relationship gets "deeper, deeper". Can't tell you more without giving up the meat and bones of the film.

The movie is subtitled, something that has never bothered me. There are some translation gaffs/typos like 'Oaky' for 'Okay' and a reference to a 'heavy woman' (I think they mean deep). But the dialogue as I showed above is a cut above the rest.

Hollywood will probably do a cover of this soon much like they did with Ring.

8 MM

It's been a while since I first saw this movie. It came out in 1999. But I've wanted to re-visit it for a while. The film takes you places you've never been.

For the faint of heart, this is not your cup of tea. More like gruel. But to those that like edgy descents into Hades, this is for you. Not sure which circle of Hell Dante would place this, but the viewer, like Nick Cage's character Tom Welles, will remember the trip.

Cage/Welles is a private sleuth who is hired for a job that takes him into the seamy, seedy and sick side of our existence. And like him, we become voyeurs along the way. The movie is R-rated for strong perverse sexuality. It is well deserved.

We meet some memorable characters on our descent. Max California (Joaquin Phoenix), Eddie Poole (James Gandolfini), Dino Velvet (Peter Stormare) and especially the unforgettable 'Machine'.

The movie is directed by Joel Schumacher who has done St. Elmo's Fire, Batman Forever and The Lost Boys to name a few. The script is by Andrew Kevin Walker who was the writer for Se7en.

And just remember when you're watching - it's only a film.


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