Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The Hot Club

As we approached the Hot Club, I remarked to Mr. D. how the fog was making visibility tough. Mr. D. said, "The rats can't see. Three blind rats."

Don't know what's going on with the younger generation but the HC cook was wearing a T-shirt that read 'Nuke and Pave'.

Sue, Hooks' significant friend, said she is a germaphobic. She said she uses something on doorknobs or lets someone else open the door. The Lovely Lisa added that she doesn’t like it when people put something into the dip rather than taking some dip separately. LL said her parents call her the 'Food Police'.

So I mentioned that Howard Hughes was fanatical about using Kleenex tissues to pass everything and that didn't help him any. I asked the parties at hand if they'd share their toothbrush. Sue said absolutely not. Mr. D. replied, "Depends on who it is." The Lovely Lisa responded that if you had had sex with the guy it was OK.

We wondered if neatnik Hooks would let anyone use his toothbrush. Mr. D. figured Hooks had a toothbrush for every week. I said, "One for each day."

Foot Joy told me he was glad to hear that I listened to him. I told Foot Joy what Grampa Cullen used to say; "I do but thousands wouldn't."

Mr. D. was talking to Takedown Tommy. Takedown referred to this guy that they both knew as a "Dapper Dan". Mr. D. said that his friends called the guy 'Uno' because he had only one ball. Uno lost one, Mr. D. said, while working at the pizzeria when the bun remover hit him. Mr. D. added that eventually the guy lost the other ball too and was called 'Zorch'.

Chuck D Computer was saying that he had a female friend who lived in Bozeman, Montana, and enjoyed when his travels took him there. Mr. D. said Chuck had a 'boner in Bozeman'.

Buffalo Steve said he really enjoyed my recent bit on movie director Howard Hawks. Buff Steve said he always pictures "Howard Hawks' The Thing", the original Thing (not the John Carpenter remake) with James Arness as the alien. Hawks was the producer of the 1951 movie and Christian Nyby was the director. The actual title was The Thing from Another World.


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