Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Hot Club

First off Mr. D. wants me to remind my readership that his band Almond Joy is playing a Groundhog Day gig Friday night at Cher's (86 Waterman Ave. North Prov. - 231-6209). Blastoff is 9 PM. As Phillipe and Jorge would say, "Be there or be square."

And the Wise Man supplied info on 'Bubba Ball', the tribute to Mr. D.'s dad Tony, one of whose nicknames was 'Bubba'. Wise said Dave Anderson who used to do deliveries for the family pharmacy has had an AAU basketball team called 'Bubba Ball' in honor of Mr. D's dad.

Brock was at the HC with his companion Karen. She told me that his name is actually Broc. No 'k'. He told Karen that with her hairstyle she looked like Valerie Bertinelli. Karen was very pleased but asserted she was no Bertinelli. Broc said, "Well you're old." She isn't. I told Broc, "Give with one hand, take away with the other."

So I asked Broc if his brother's name is spelled B-e-a-u? Broc said, "No, it's spelled, B-e-A-u." I fell for it. And I had had only one beer.

Broc is a big Yankees' fan. Karen is a Red Sox fan. When he was asleep, she put a small 'sucks' on his NY Yankees cap. Brendan pointed it out to Broc and so Broc blamed Brendan for it.

Overheard at the HC: "She's warm for your form."

Dave said that Suave Stephane met a gorgeous girl who called him at home but never left her number. Dave said Stephane would have walked across cut glass and hot embers to lick off her sweat. Alas Suave Stephane never had the chance.

We were talking about the difference between being committed and being involved. Dave said that it's like ham and eggs. "The chicken is involved. The pig is committed."

One woman walked in last Wednesday. There were 50 guys and the recent arrival. FootJoy said of her, "The odds are good." I replied, "But the goods are odd."

Obasie visited and said he wants to make a horror movie called The Bartender with Clint Howard in the lead role. I told him to catch the excellent Feast, a horror movie about patrons trapped in a bar.

Britt says Augie stole his music selections, Lily Allen and Amy Winehouse, from her.


This movie was picked up by the Bravo show Project Greenlight and Executive Producers Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Wes Craven and Chris Moore. They have good taste and there hasn't been as much gore seen since Bad Taste and DeadAlive by Peter Jackson. It rocks and rolls right from the start with jolts almost immediately (13 minutes in). The shocks keep coming for almost the entire running time of 1 hour and 35 minutes.

Patrons in a bar are beset upon by something bad, very bad. And there may be more than one. The attempts to survive in an ever more claustrophobic setting adds to the horror. The bar community consists of a sick mix of ill-fated, maladjusted individuals having their weaknesses exposed while looking for some strength under stress.

When things get tough, the tough get going. So who's tough and who isn't? We see the breakdown of not just the individuals but the little world that they share.

The movie is a first time effort by director John Gulager, who is Clu Gulager's son. And Clu is in the movie as the bartender. Clu is one of the great B movie stars (Return of the Living Dead, and Don Siegel's The Killers) and adds his characteristic panache.

The scriptwriting is by Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunston and they deserve credit for their use of comedy (dialogue and situation) to add just the right leaven to the horror.

While the cast is unknown to me except for Jason Mewes (Clerks II) and Henry Rollins (the ex-lead singer for Black Flag who has his own IFC show), they all do a good job. Rollins is hysterical as an against the type nervous talker who will avoid confrontation if he can.

The movie gets off to a great start as the characters are introduced with each's Name, Occupation and Life Expectancy. Very funny stuff. In fact this is a hugely entertaining movie. There are more fantastic lines in this film than anything I've seen since The Godfather. The humor derives from the desperation of these poor souls who have been tossed together like some people salad awaiting munching by God knows what.

This movie is a Keeper! I'll buy a copy of this comic gorefest soon. It's an action packed attack that doesn’t stop until its 95 minutes are up. It reminds me of Alien and Shaun of the Dead.

From IMDb.com: the movie tagline is "They're hungry. You're dinner." It's rated R for pervasive strong creature violence and gore, language, some sexuality and drug content.

The Weinsteins (Bob and Harvey) who split from Miramax in 2005, took this film to their own production company. Good choice. Diane Goldner (Harley Mama) is John Gulager's wife.Only one character has a real name - Cody the kid. But Bozo calls Grandma 'Flo'.


There had been good word of mouth on this crime thriller so I was interested in seeing it. It's very good. It stars Josh Hartnett, Lucy Liu, Sir Ben Kingsley, Morgan Freeman and Bruce Willis. The director Paul McGuigan (Wicker Park) is Scottish. Stanley Tucci has a small but memorable role.

The movie keeps you guessing and holds your interest. Victoria actually liked it better than I did. I had problems with the Hartnett - Liu relationship. Victoria just had problems with Hartnett's acting. I thought maybe he had been a model.

Anyway it's a pretty good film with some great dialogue. The story is by Jason Smilovic. Bruce Willis' character Mr. Smith (or Mr. Goodkat) has some of the best lines. You won't soon forget his description of the 'Kansas City Shuffle'.

The movie, like Feast, is from the Weinstein Company (Harvey and Bob). It is 109 minutes long and is rated R for strong violence, sexuality and language.

According to IMDb.com (link) the tagline is Wrong Time. Wrong Place. Wrong Number.


According to the Inside Track (Herald - 1/29), a Vegas bookmaker has made Martin Scorsese's The Departed best bet for Best Picture. The British bookmaker Ladbrokes has also installed The Departed as the favorite to win. And maybe Martin Scorsese finally wins an Oscar for Best Director.

Rolling Stone (2/8/07) did an obituary on 'Sneaky' Pete Kleinow, the great pedal steel guitarist, who was in the Flying Burrito Brothers with Gram Parsons and Chris Hillman. After the band's demise, 'Sneaky' Pete worked on John Lennon's Mind Games and Stevie Wonder's Songs in the Key of Life. Kleinow was also an excellent stop-motion effects expert and worked on Gumby, Gremlins, Terminator 2 and The Empire Strikes Back.

Clint Eastwood was on David Letterman and said that Sergio Leone sold him on doing Fistful of Dollars when Leone told him it was a remake of Kurosawa's Yojimbo (Leonard Maltin says both are based on Dash Hammett's Red Harvest). Eastwood's Letters from Iwo Jima was the first film to be shot on the island since the end of WW II. The mayor of Iwo Jima is a movie director.


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