Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The Hot Club

The discussion was about The Rifleman, Chuck Connors. We all knew he played for the Celtics but Wise and Foot Joy also knew that Connors played baseball for the Cubs and Dodgers. Wise thought the Rifleman was a pitcher and FJ said he was a 1B. Wiz made a cell phone call. - 1B.
Supposedly Connors was the first to break a backboard but it was with a 2-hand set shot. There was no dunking back then.

Wiz asked the Constable "Can you marry your widow's sister in RI?" Wise wasn't sure while I said you could since you aren't related. Wiz smiled and said "If it's your widow, that means you're dead." Wiz followed up by asking how many of each animal Moses brought on the ark. It was Noah of course.

Foot Joy and I were talking about Bronson Arroyo being on the cover of the Cincinnati Reds' media guide. I recalled being with Victoria at Pawtucket when Arroyo pitched his perfect game. On the last play, there was a bouncer off the first base bag. Arroyo had to have the presence of mind to cover first, which he did, and the throw to him barely nipped the runner at first. Good for Arroyo. Now and then.

We were talking about the recall of Peter Pan peanut butter after some consumers got salmonella poisoning. "Salmonella", said Jokin' Joe. That's my aunt and uncle. Sam and Ella."

The first baseball exhibition game was on. However when I entered the HC, a few of the regulars including Wise were watching Jackass #2 on the new DVD player. Jackass over the Red Sox!

Joe and Jackie just got back from Florida, God's waiting room as Mr. D. likes to call it. Joe said they're building condos and hospitals in Florida and the pricier condos are the ones next to the hospitals.
Joe said that the Atlantic coast of Florida is where all the grandmothers live and the West Coast of Florida is where their grandmothers live.

Ed and Jesse (not Murphy but the former HC employee) were talking about seeing crazy things at baseball games. Jesse mentioned a karate kick and I immediately thought of Izzy Alcantara doing it to the opposing catcher so he could go after the pitcher. My daughter Cara and I witnessed that bizarreness. And last year, I saw Delmon Young (Durham) throw his bat at the home plate umpire (the replacement ump). You have to be there.

Overheard at the Hot Club: "Need a roof job? I have the shingles."


The Independent Film Channel is one of my favorites. Last week I caught Festival Express (2003), the documentary of a 1970 concert train trip thru Canada by several musical groups. And what a collection! Jerry Garcia and the Grateful Dead, Janis Joplin, the Band, the Flying Burrito Brothers (without Gram Parsons who had left by then), Ian and Sylvia, Delaney and Bonnie Bramlett, Buddy Guy and ShaNaNa. Great music including a scorching version of Cry Baby by Joplin and a dynamite The Weight by the Band. Someone on IMDb said to get the 2 DVD set because there are extra songs not on the documentary. What I saw lasted 90 minutes. Excellent!


Victoria and I caught this on PBS and it's magical. The Stones with Brian Jones (his last live appearance just before his death). The Who with Keith Moon and John Entwistle. Marianne Faithful, Jethro Tull, Eric Clapton (whom I didn't recognize!), Taj Mahal and John and Yoko Lennon. Sympathy for the Devil, You Can't Always Get What You Want, Even the number with Yoko caterwauling like some banshee is amazing.
IMDb says it was filmed in 1968 and intended as a Christmas TV special promoting Beggars Banquet. The Stones weren't happy with their performances and it wasn't released until 1996.


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