Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Hot Club

Hooks had gone on an Internet date and was grumbling about paying for a $60 lunch. She had 2 mimosas and a crème brulee. He didn't even get thanks. Hooks said he was looking for a FWB. I didn't know what FWB meant. 'Friends with benefits.' I asked him if his lunch date provided any 'benefits'. "None", Hooks said.

So the Lovely Lisa said that Hooks got PFN's. PFNs? "Pays For Nothing", she said.

When the Wise Man came in, I asked him if he knew what a FWB was. Wise said, "Friends without Benefits." When I corrected him and told him it was Friends with Benefits, Wise said, "Oh right. I thought you were talking about Hooks."

The talk turned to MILF. The regulars were surprised that until recently I didn't know what that meant either. It stands for 'Mothers I'd like to f**k.' Erica said John Dempsey gave her a glass that reads #1 MILF. Many of the regulars agreed with John. Erica said she was honored.

Lovely Lisa was talking about how Bags had some interest in the mother of a local beauty. I asked if the two had tangoed. LL said, "There was a tango but no dip."

A guy walked by wearing a blue work shirt that read Boot Hill Saloon. I said that I wouldn't want to go there. Chuck D said, "Yeah that's like buying Reverend Jim Jones Kool-Aid." I added, "We only have that in grape."

The Herbster wanted to know how much Buff Steve was paying me to call him that.

We were talking about concerts missed and I admitted that I didn't see Derek and the Dominos in St. Louis because I didn't want to go alone. I told Fleet Feet Pete that Layla is one of my favorite songs and I explained to my daughter Cara that it's about Patty Boyd, George Harrison's wife, whom best friend Eric Clapton stole away. Pete said that the Allman Brothers' Eat A Peach double album was called that because when Duane Allman died he had crashed his motorcycle into a peach truck.

ORic said that those sunglasses the monkey stole actually cost $650 not $150. They're prescription. Last year ORic went on a safari in Kenya. I asked if it was dangerous. He said if you got out of the cars (Land Rovers) it was. They'd get stuck in the mud and the tourists would get out to push. ORic said that some were swiped by the lions.

A new patron came in on Sunday. The Silencer commented on how hot it was that day. The Patron suggested she take off her top. "You don't really know me", said the Silencer.


Thought I'd check out the new James Bond flick since Daniel Craig has been getting a lot of buzz about what he brings to the role. And I can tell Bond lovers that Craig is quite good. Understand however that for me there is only one James Bond - Sean Connery. That said, Craig does a good job and brings his own machismo to the current Bond.

Craig is much more brash and bold, amoral and feral than those who have preceded him. And he takes his shirt off a lot for all the beefcake loving ladies out there. This Bond is introduced to us in black and white as we learn how James became 007.

The problem with this movie is not Craig - it's the script. After a good start and some witty repartee between Craig and Judy Dench as M, the story doesn't deliver the goods. The screenplay is by Neal Purvis, Robert Wade and the ubiquitous Paul Haggis (of Crash fame). It's directed by New Zealander Martin Campbell, who did the Zorro movies (The Legend of Zorro and The Mask of Zorro).

There's a couple decent villains - Le Chiffre (Mads Mikkelsen) and Mr. White (Jesper Christensen), but the plot disintegrates much like that building in Venice.

Also I didn't much care for Eva Green as Vesper Lynd. There was little chemistry between her and Craig. In fact I thought Craig emoted better with Mrs. Dimitrios AKA Solange (Caterina Munro).

The film uses some exotic locations - Madagascar, Montenegro and Venice. And of course the exotic looking women like Munro and Ivana Milicevic as Valenka.

There are the usual action sequences and the ones here are just too much. An early 'foot chase' is just too unbelievable for words and goes on much too long. The tanker truck scene is also beyond belief. And the collapsing 'house' is done in virtual seclusion (no one in town seems to notice).

The movie is Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of violent action, a scene of torture, sexual content and nudity. It runs 144 minutes, which according to IMDb makes it the longest Bond movie.

In this film, James Bond actually drives a Ford! IMDb did say that the Ford Mondeo Bond drives is a special hand-built prototype that will be in production sometime in 2007. But it's still a Ford!

IMDb notes that the movie switches from Ian Fleming's original Casino Royale in that the card game is not Chemin de Fer/Baccarat but Texas Hold'Em.
And the style of running by Mollaka the Bomb Maker (Sebastien Foucan) is parkour the style created by David Belle and used in Luc Besson's District B-13 (which I reviewed).

A good start for Mr. Craig as Mr. Bond. Now we need a better script.


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