Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Hot Club

Erica's friend Laura asked me what two Red Sox players outweigh David Ortiz. I thought for a moment and guessed Varitek. Yes he was one. 235 lbs. she said. I couldn't think of the other. Laura said it was Wily Mo Pena at 240 lbs.

Foot Joy and Marcus Aurelius both admitted to owning gas-guzzlers once. Foot Joy had a Ford LTD and Marcus had a Mercury Cougar. During the 2nd gas crisis in 1979, Foot Joy went to Atlantic City. There was a line for gas and a $10 limit. He got his $10 worth and then got back in line for another $10. That allowed him to make it to Atlantic City.

Mr. D. and I were talking about Good Friday and the traditions with which we grew up. I recalled going to church for the Stations of the Cross. We would sing as the priest went from one station to the next. One year I was so enthusiastic in my singing that a nun told me to pipe down as I was singing too loud. I was mortally wounded.
Mr. D. remembered playing a game of baseball on Good Friday and the whole game was played in silence.

Citizen Caroline visited the HC. To make sure, I asked her, "It's Caroline right? Not Carolyn?" She said "Yes, Caroline. Like Caroline Kennedy but without the money."

Caroline asked me where the tradition arose of singing 'Sweet Caroline' at Fenway during the 7th inning stretch. I told her I didn't know but would try to find out. After all, inquiring minds want to know. I did tell her that the Sox have been unable to get Neil Diamond to the Park to sing his song in person.

Congratulations to Sandy who passed her nursing boards last week. And glad to hear that she's feeling better after having a bronchial infection.

Mr. D. told me to check out Craigslist.org. They have some strange offers - 'I'm cruising down Rte. 95 and would like a (sex act)". Mr. D. said one guy proclaimed "I have my own 'Glory Hole'."

Asked Hooks if he had a nice Easter. Yes he did. Said Hooks, "Have tupperware will travel."

Contraire has a vacancy in his tenement. His sister is looking for a place. I suggested he let her move in. He said, "I don't want to evict a relative." I love you Sis but you gotta go.


Bob Clark passed away last Wednesday. He and his 22-year old son died in a car crash in LA. The other driver may have been drunk. Bob Clark was a movie director. His best picture was A Christmas Story, the one with the kid that wants an air rifle for Christmas and has the late Darren McGavin as his father. A true classic. Clark started out doing horror and I know him from Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things (1972) and Deathdream(1974). Clark 'made it' with Porky's. In Clark's honor I viewed Deathdream.


This may be the only movie ever made about a Vietnam vet who returns home after being officially declared dead. The father and mother (John Marley who got the horse's head in The Godfather and Lynn Carlin, a well-known TV actress) are excellent as they hide their disbelief because they don't want to accept that son Andy may be dead. The movie has a very creepy quality to it.

Originally entitled Dead of Night (there's a great British movie by that name), the script is by Alan Ormsby who went to U of Miami with Clark (per Leonard Maltin). The music by Carl Zittrer is very good as is the cast including Richard Backus who plays Andy. Meister Tom Savini did the makeup.

There's a jacket blurb from Michael Weldon (Psychotronic Encyclopedia of Film) that this is "A Cult Classic…Don't Miss It. I wouldn't go quite that far. With an acknowledgement to Jordan Marsh for John Marley's wardrobe. IMDb says
that Christopher Walken was considered for the part of Andy. It's 88 minutes, Rated R.


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