Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Hot Club

Buffalo Steve was talking about a female friend from Rochester of whom he's very fond. Steve said she liked sports, loved jazz, especially John Coltane, and didn't like to shop. Steve said you hold onto a woman like that. "You couldn't make one better." I said.

Sunday I met Charlie Clancy. We were discussing the #1 pick that the Patriots had to give up to get Bill Belichick from the NY Jets. Said Charlie of getting Belichick, "A #1 pick never had more value."

Earlier Charlie was rooting for the Giants and when Eli Manning helped NY win, Charlie had a mock phone call from Eli to brother Peyton, "What are you doing next weekend?"

Foot Joy reminded me that the New York Giants got Eli Manning by sending Philip Rivers to San Diego. And I added that Ryan Grant, who ran for over 200 yards in Green Bay's playoff game vs. Seattle, was traded to the Packers by the Giants during the season.

Contraire walked by as he left the HC. I said to Contraire, "Good night." Buff Steve added, "Or not." I think Buff Steve was taking on Contraire's persona.

Foot Joy and I agreed that Contraire really is a nice guy and has a good heart. FJ remembered Contraire picking up friend Charlie in Boston. I recalled Contraire giving me a ride home one St. Patrick's Day. Foot Joy said, "He'd give you the shirt off his back and wonder why it was cold."

The Buff One reminisced about Mary Tyler Moore's role as a detective's secretary on an old TV series. You never saw Moore's face - just her legs. And you heard her sexy voice answering the phone. Steve thought it was Sam Spade but I thought not. Moore's character was 'Sam'. It was Richard Diamond, Private Detective. However I thought it was Richard Denning as the detective. It was David Janssen before his Fugitive days.

Mr. D's band Almond Joy is playing Patrick's Pub (381 Smith St., Providence) on Groundhog Day. When's that you ask? It's Saturday, February 2 from 7:30 PM on. As Rudy and Chip would say, be there or be square.

The Fightin' Seabee says that the best hangover cure is lots of water. Says that a hangover is mostly from dehydration. He suggests lots of water before bed. Gatorade in the morning to replace the electrolytes is OK too. Seabees know.

Fox TV showed the 2nd game Sunday. At half they never showed the highlights of the earlier game (Indy vs. SD). Instead we got a promo for the Sarah Connor Chronicles.


This is an interesting Korean movie about a monster squid from the Han River. Seems that those evil Americans have been instructing their Korean employees to dump toxic chemicals into the Han River. Result - a huge squid-like fish that moves on flipper feet allowing it to dine on the local denizens on land.

A strange, dysfunctional Korean family (glad to see they have them too) tries to come to the rescue as they search for the missing daughter who has been saved by Squidface for a later fish fry.

The girl's father is a goofy guy who makes Ted Bundy look normal. There is a lot of humor in this almost 2-hour movie (119 minutes), much of it at the expense of its characters who are damaged if not demented.

The Host is directed by Joon-ho Bong and is wonderful escapist fare. The mayhem caused by the monster is fun as is the family and their attempts to save their relative from the watery wonder.

There are some plot twists that will surprise you (they would never allow the major one here in an American movie).

This movie was very enjoyable and introduces a welcome addition to the pantheon of mutant monsters.

According to IMDb, the Korean title of the movie is Gwoemul. Director Joon-ho Bong as well as the creature's creator nicknamed the monster 'Steve Buscemi'.

The movie is based on an actual event. In 2000, at a US military facility in Seoul, formaldehyde was dumped into the sewer system that led to the Han River.

The Blockbuster clerk said my copy was subtitled but it was dubbed (decently).


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