Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Hot Club

An irregular who does not want to be named attended the recent Fetish Fest at the Convention Center and Westin Hotel. He told me about the 'Pony barn' where men and women dressed in leather and not much else as they whinnied like horses. They even have their own magazine Equus Eroticus. Irregular said he's seen it all now. He told me he went to the Fetish Convention right from church.

In talking to Citizen Caroline about a beef she had with another person, I suggested that she 'bury the hatchet and not in the back'. Foot Joy added, "The head is better."

Foot Joy wasn't happy about his inclusion in last week's Hot Club section. I asked why. Because he was quoted saying nice things about Contraire. Foot Joy said, "It'll ruin my reputation."

After reading Sportzine, Contraire pointed out that 'devo' (pronounced dev-o) is a word in Italian. It is from the Italian verb devore. Devo means 'I must.'

Alexander the Great was warbling. I asked him if he knew Priscilla and he said he did. I suggested that he do a duet with her. Alex said Priscilla did a great Amy Winehouse, but he wanted to hear her do Styx.

A guy was wearing a cap with the words 'Anti-Hero'. If you were an anti-hero, I don't think you would advertise it.

Jokin' Joe was talking about a past trip to Poland for a friend's wedding. He tried to learn a few words in Polish. While on a train, he noticed a couple who was eyeing him. He figured they knew he was American and not Polish. He made believe he was reading a Polish newspaper and when they departed the train he said 'Goodbye' in Polish. Feeling pretty good about himself, he asked his Polish friend if he had come across as Polish. His friend said, "No, because you were reading the newspaper upside down."

Buff Steve and I were talking about black humor, that perverse type of comedy that gave us dead baby jokes and things like the baby being born as a huge ear (and it's deaf). Buff Steve remembered the punk group Dead Kennedys. Many people didn't like that name.

Patriot Pat told me she was sick with the flu. I said 'You're a Germ." Pat replied, "People have called me much worse."


The Hot Club's Adam had recommended this movie for its non-stop action. The film starts with a bang and ends with a bang. Bullets fly fast and furious. Plot is sacrificed for non-stop mayhem.

The film stars Clive Owen who says of himself: "I'm a British nanny and I'm dangerous." Owen or 'Mr. Smith' likes to chomp on carrots (and use them in creative ways). He tells one bad guy to 'eat your vegetables'.

It always helps when you have a strong villain and here Paul Giamatti (Hertz) has a field day delivering death and one-liners with equal frequency. Both Giamatti and Owen throw around barbs like bombs. This isn't just an action movie. The amusing dialogue delivers as much as the action.

The Hot Club's Adam called this a Bugs Bunny movie. Clive Owen is Bugs and Giamatti is Elmer Fudd. Boy is he right!

The director is Michael Davis who also wrote the amusing script. Davis has only done a couple other movies. Monster Man (2003) and Girl Fever (2002) are his most recent.

There is a scene atop a building with neon lights that spell out Faulk Truck & Tool. The shooting changes it into a different message.

The love interest is embodied in Monica Belucci (Donna Quintano) who holds her own, but whose accent is hard to understand at times (unless you know Italian). Donna's not the kind of girl you take home to meet Mom, and is not a good guy's usual 'companion'.

There is a baby involved (Baby Oliver Twist) and some of the action sequences reminded me of the Japanese Lone Wolf and Cub series (see Shogun Assassin). Except here there is no weapons-filled baby carriage.

Veteran character actor Stephen McHattie (Hammerson) is in it but is near unrecognizable due to the aging process.

IMDb had this on the movie: The ringtones for Giamatti's cell phone (his wife keeps calling) are from Richard Wagner's Ride of the Valkyries.

Clive Owen was 'The Driver' in recent BMW ads. In the movie he drives 2 BMWs.

The movie is rated R for 'pervasive strong bloody violence, sexuality (and nudity - Yes!) and some language. So sit back, suspend your disbelief and enjoy this Shoot 'em Up.


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