Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Hot Club

Charlie Clancy said that you can bury him in a David Ortiz shirt (but not before your time, right Charlie?). Charlie respects David Ortiz and believes he’ll recover. Me too.

Charlie also said that baseball in his lifetime has changed. Starting pitchers went 8 or 9 innings. Now some starters are considered good if they get to the 7th and give up 3 runs or less (a quality start). We recalled pitchers like Warren Spahn and Sandy Koufax throwing 300 innings. I noted that Foot Joy feels Tony LaRussa and Dave Duncan contributed by using relief pitchers early and situationally.

Congratulations to ex-Hot Club bartender Desi, who according to my source, is expecting. Her significant other, Chef Eric Woolf, recently bought Loie Fuller from Mike Sears. We wish Desi a safe and healthy pregnancy and delivery and best wishes to the expectant couple.

Buffalo Steve thinks I look too white. Steve said I looked like I just came out of the crypt. Which of course led us to discuss the great TV horror series, Tales From The Crypt.

Mike Module was telling us about his gig with Mr. D.’s band Almond Joy at Patrick’s Pub. There were good reports about the Module’s insertion which augmented the always solid sonics of the band. Mike said “They put me to work.” I said “They’re going to make an honest man out of you.” “I wouldn’t go that far”, said Stevie Saucepan.

Fleet Feet Pete pointed out that one of the Orlando Magic, Rafer Alston I believe, kissed a bald ref on the side of the head. I felt that in a different day, Alston would have been thrown out of the game. Fleet Feet Pete said that in a different era, Alston would have been thrown out of the league.

I told Fleet Feet Pete that a friend of mine thinks Jim Rice is gay. Pete didn’t think Rice was gay, just “socially retarded”.

Fleet Feet Pete observed a Friday night femme fatale with long legs and opined, “Those are a pair of legs that rise out of the ground and make a perfect ass out of themselves.”

My brother Brad was in from Asheville, NC, on a visit. I introduced Brad to Dr. John and told him Brad was my brother. Dr John said to Brad, “And you admit it?

I was telling Citizen Caroline that my companion Victoria says that I don’t hear all of what she says. Caroline said, “Do you think that’s unusual for your gender?”


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