Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Hot Club



575 South Water Street

Providence, RI

Fran introduced me to Stacey who had a question. Her dad kept calling Papelbon chinko ocho and she didn’t know what it meant. I said that was Papelbon’s number (58) in Spanish. However it’s cinco not chinko. Stacey knew the correct Spanish for 58 (cincuenta ocho). I forgot to tell her about the football connection - Chad Johnson of the Cincinnati Bengals calls himself ocho cinco for his jersey number (85). Correct Spanish (I think) for 85 is ochenta cinco.

Foot Joy recalled ‘Marvelous Marv’ Throneberry who played for the 1962 NY Mets. Casey Stengal came out to argue when Throneberry was called out for missing 2B on a triple. Stengal’s 1B coach yelled to him “Don’t bother. He missed first base too.” Foot Joy also recalled Marv Throneberry’s brother Faye, who played for the Boston Red Sox.

Captain John gave Contraire a hard time because he had dropped the Sportzine on the floor. Son of a Son of a Sailor said that Contraire wasn’t showing the Zine any respect.

We were watching the Red Sox Game #1 vs. Toronto. Contraire said he was rooting for the Red Sox to win so that he could bet against them in Game #2.

Contraire actually ventured out of Providence and went to Warwick (the Mall of course). He went to see The Falcon. But Contraire wouldn’t tell me what the Falcon was doing at the Mall. Contraire said that The Falcon pointed out Mr. D.’s brother to him. I told Contraire “Mr. D. doesn’t have a brother.”

I told Contraire about being in the Air Force but getting to go to Copenhagen. It was during the Vietnam War era (1969). We went into a conditerei and they wouldn’t serve us. After waiting about 20 minutes we left. Contraire said, “You should have bombed them.”

“I have a low tolerance for patience.” That’s what Obasi told me that Contraire had said the previous night. Buffalo Steve said “That’s what my doctor says, ‘I have a low tolerance for patients.’ ”

It was Tuesday night at the HC, time for the Trivia Contest. Turns out Obasi has won the last two weeks. Going for three. I left before finding out whether Obasi won again.

The last time the Wizard had his hair cut was October of 1993. I was horrified. The Wiz said, “Your hair only grows so long and stops.” I expressed disbelief. Said the Wiz, “If that weren’t true, your eyebrows would be down to your knees.”


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