Thursday, April 08, 2010

The Hot Club

As Foot Joy pointed out, had North Carolina beaten Dayton, the Tar Heels would have won successive basketball championships. Last year, NC won the NCAAs. This year would have been the NIT. That prompted Foot Joy to pose the question to readers, who was the only team to win the NCAA and the NIT in the same season? (Answer below)

OK so let’s give Bags credit for knowing that the UConn Huskies had played the URI Rams in the Yankee Conference (see E-Mail).

Alexander the Great, like many people in Rhode Island, had to pump out his basement and contact FEMA about assistance. On Friday, as Alex was describing his efforts, especially FEMA, he suddenly whipped out a fema, that is, a RI femur bone. I asked him how he knew it wasn’t a tibia. Alex had the answer – the femur has a trochanteric end.

According to Pucky, 5 Angels is back from his gig in St. Bart’s at the Baz Bar. 5 Angels and his buddy George (the Foreverly Brothers) played there for about a week. And Jimmy Buffett sat in one night.

The Herbster said that his girlfriend called him up and wanted to know if he wanted to go to Good Friday services. The Herbalogist told her he was already at Good Friday services- he was at the Hot Club.

Rumor has it that Troy Brown is a part owner of the Narragansett beer company.

Contraire thought that the Waterfront Festival ended because of the noise made by the bikers. I said that the local condo owners complained about the noise from the music and crowd, but that it wasn’t really the bikers. Contraire refused to believe me even when I pointed out that the bikers were banned from parking in the Hot Club parking lot and there were Waterfront Festivals after that. Beau and Big Kenny confirmed this but Contraire would not give in. That’s why he’s Mr. Contraire.

The high score on the basketball machine was 64. I met Rory who beat the mark with a 74 and then beat that with a 78. Rory is not a basketball player, he’s a musician. After I had congratulated Rory for beating the record, the Wise Man told me that they re-set the machine every day.

CCNY is the only team to win the NCAA and the NIT championships in the same season (1950). A check of my ESPN Sports Almanac shows that CCNY beat Bradley 71-68 for the NCAA crown and also beat Bradley 69-61 for the NIT championship.


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