Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Hot Club

Last Sportzine, I mentioned that the best way to see Water Fire is from Capt. Tom McGinn’s boat. I forgot to mention an important point – it only costs $10 per person. To get on board, call 580-BOAT for reservations. And the tour leaves from the Hot Club.

A guy was wearing a T shirt whose front said ‘Grog and Dog Jog’. The back of the Tee said ‘Gaggers’ and ‘Gansetts’. Sounds good to me - gaggers and ’gansetts.

The Perfusionist was reading a Sportzine. I asked him if he found anything interesting. The OR Man said, “Whoever writes this is a cretin!”

We were talking about kayaks and I expressed my fear of water to Mike Module and Dr. John. I told them, “I drown easily.” Said Dr. John, “Death is bad for your health.”

There was a song playing on the HC jukebox that sounded like Iggy Pop. It was called Head On and it was by the Jesus and Mary Chain.

Adam and I were talking about Let Me In which is a frame by frame recap of the Swedish vampire movie Let The Right One In. Adam said to check out the book which has a lot of stuff that was left out and is, of course, better. The reshoot reminded me of the Spanish movie REC which was re-done as Quarantine. What was the point of either re-shoot? $

Breaking News – the popcorn machine is back at the Hot Club. Its salty treats were sorely missed.

Joking Joe was telling a joke. I told Joe that you always want to have laughter. And I said that I believed in Jimmy Buffett’s line in Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes that ‘if we couldn’t laugh, we’d all go insane.’ Joking Joe mentioned Jeffrey Dahmer saying that he ate a clown once but he tasted funny.

The Wizard got a new Red Sox cap. He was proudly showing me that it’s a size XXXXXL. ORric said, “That’s how long he’s been out of high school.”

Mike Module saw me waving my damaged middle digit at Kirk the Younger. The Module said my finger was ‘mutating’.


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