Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Hot Club




575 South Water Street

Providence, RI

Jack of Fire and I were talking about Texas adding relievers Koji Uehara (Balt.) and Mike Adams (S.D.). Jack said that was because Texas knows the Red Sox wear you down and Texas knows that they are on a collision course with the Red Sox. Texas Nation versus Red Sox Nation. Jack said that since the Red Sox wear you down, if you don’t have a good bullpen you lose.

Buffalo Steve was a Mustang – he started out as an enlisted man in the Navy and then became an officer – an ensign. Buffalo Steve said that even being at the low end of the officer pool was much better than as an enlisted man. He was a jazz DJ in Argentia, Newfoundland. His ‘shift’ or ‘watch’ was from 6-10 AM. That was it. No swabbing. No mess. Four hours and done!

Dr. John asked me what I was doing for the weekend. I told him it was wide open, but I’d have to talk with Victoria to see what she wanted to do. The good doctor laughed and said he should have learned that 35 years ago. Per Dr. John, if you have a boat and she doesn’t like the boat, sink the boat. And throw the skis in there too.

One guy was on the deck with a tee shirt that said ‘Deny Everything’.

Jimmy Chelo said he ran into Drew Bledsoe up at Foxboro. Jimmy said he wasn’t sure at first that it was Bledsoe. I said that Bledsoe was about 6’5”, so how could you miss him? Jimmy said Bledsoe was sitting down.

A guy was wearing round black disks in his ear lobes. The Jack of Fire asked a young newcomer to the deck what that meant. She informed Jack that the disks were called ‘gauges’ and it was a punk rock thing.

Dr. John was telling us that he loved the old Barry Goldwater quote “I’m so old that I’ve moved to the left just by standing still.” Fleet Feet Pete said that his favorite is ‘if pro is the opposite of con, then progress is the opposite of congress’.

Amanda said to check out Luther, a British series. I told Amanda about the British trilogy called Red Riding (1974, 1980 and 1984). Excellent!

We were talking about German words and Buffalo Steve pointed out ‘kindergarten’ or ‘children’s garden’. I mentioned to Steve that we looked up the word ‘skunk’ and found that it was ‘mouffette’ in French and ‘stinktier’ in German.


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