Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Hot Club

Told the Wizard some of the things that I learned about the ‘27 Club’: that Jesse Belvin died with his wife in a car crash after the first ever integrated concert in Little Rock and that Rudy Lewis, lead singer for the Drifters from 1960-64 (Up on the Roof and On Broadway), was about to record Under The Boardwalk, but died in his room the night before. And Robert Johnson reportedly died from poisoned moonshine. All the Wiz wanted to talk about was being right about the Red Sox having their best ever July.

Then I recalled one I’d forgotten to tell the Wizard – Al ‘Blind Owl’ Wilson of Canned Heat was considered by John Lee Hooker as the best harmonica player he’d ever heard. The Wiz said John Mayall is a great harmonica player who uses his tongue to close off the middle of the harmonica so only the ends are open.

Alexander the Great told us about a ‘bang stick’ (‘What, you never watched Jacques Cousteau?’). Alex said that it’s used underwater. A shotgun shell in a long tube. They use it for sharks. If you touch something with the bang stick, it fires the shotgun shell.

Doctor John was telling us about having a problem kayaking the Saco River in Maine. The river was so low that a guy with a beer belly and a beer was sitting in the middle of the river in a chair almost daring boaters to hit him, like ‘Don’t touch me!’ Alexander the Grate told Dr. John that he needed a bang stick.

Stevie ‘Saucepan Hands’ had his smart phone (which begs the question ‘Do smart people have smart phones?’). Stevie checked and the Red Sox were 67-41 (108 games played), 54 left. So the Sox need 33 wins to get to 100, which means play .611 ball. It’s now .604.

The All Hands Man also said to check out The Eye Teeth Crowd, a British comedy series that he saw on Netflix.

Prince’s Purple Rain was playing on the jukebox. A few days before it was the birthday of Appolonia (Patricia Kotero). I think she was 50 (it’s 52). Stevie ‘Saucepan Hands’ said she’s a grandmother now (no mention of kids). I recalled Prince playing a great Super Bowl Halftime show in the rain. It was 2007 in Miami. In the Purple Rain. Awesome set!

Bags (Himself) was at the Breakers for his birthday. Billy Joel was there and he asked Joel for an autograph (sorry!). Wonder if Bags used the ‘It’s my birthday’ line on Joel.

Sportzine is also available at (Thanks to Buffalo Steve)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for remembering Alan "Blind Owl" Wilson! In my opinion he was one of the greatest harmonica players of his or any time.

I've written a small bio of him; you can read an excerpt at In my research I discovered some very intriguing facts about his approach to harmonica, including some strange experiments he tried throughout the years. (One included stuffing tissues up his nose, the theory being that this would eliminate unwanted air leakage and bring more air through his mouth into the harmonica.)

Thanks again!

3:37 AM  

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