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APRIL 14, 2015

Well I'll be looking for that BU alum who told me at the Hot Club that PC would never
get by his alma mater. Guess again, Dog Breath.
In a game as exhilarating as any hockey fan could want, PC and BU went at it for 3
periods. BU had the better of the early going even though PC scored first in Period 1
(Anthony Florentino), and held the Terriers to 1 shot when they were on a power play.
BU was winning the faceoffs (many were freshman Jack Eichel versus Kevin Rooney)
and maintaining puck possession. It paid off with a tying goal by Ahti Oksanen, which
somehow slipped between Jon Gillies' arm and the post. BU scored again 4 seconds later
on a goal by Danny O'Regan right after Eichel won the face-off (the assist was Eichel's
only point of the game). BU out shot Providence 18-6 in that 1st period.
PC starting winning more faceoffs in Period 2 and after BU's John MacLeod took an
interference penalty, Mark Jankowski scored on the power play to tie it. The shots were
starting to even out as BU had 22 and PC 17 in the 2nd period. However BU's Cason
Hohmann scored to make it 3-2 heading to the last period.
PC would out shoot the Terriers in the 3rd period 20-12 and win a lot more faceoffs. You
have to be good and to be lucky. A simple dump in by PC's Tom Parisi was caught and
dropped by BU goalie Matt O'Connor (no luck of the Irish) who then saw the puck go
between his legs and into the net for the tying goal. BU was stunned and PC pumped.
Kevin Rooney then won a face-off and dished it to Brandon Tanev who scored the game
winner 2 minutes and 19 seconds after O'Connor's egregious error. Jon Gillies would
later make an unbelievable stop with his arm/glove on a shot that should have tied the
game with about a minute left.
Gillies was the MVP with a career high 49 saves. PC, despite a slow start, managed to
win as many faceoffs (38) as BU did in the game. Noel Acciari was 13-3, Kevin Rooney
11-15 and Mark Jankowski was 10-12 on faceoffs. BU was led by Cason Hohmann's 15-
13 and Jack Eichel's 14-16. Eichel lost the faceoff to Rooney that led to Tanev's game
winner. Eichel also had a 3rd period hooking penalty (the Friars' site had the stats).
PC won this game with grit, gumption and guts. They won by avoiding penalties (BU
had 1 power play), forechecking and backchecking and having an unbelievable goalie.
Oh and coach Nate Leaman and his staff''s game plan deserve credit. PC just won their
first ever NCAA hockey championship. The memories will last forever.
Even the most optimistic of BoSox fans would not have expected them to get off to such
a good start (5-2), especially with the starting pitching. We only hope that Clay
Buchholz's upcoming starts are more like his opener than the atrocity against the
Yankees. The rest of the rotation – Porcello, Miley, Kelly and Masterson all did their
jobs. It's early yet but this team needed to have a good April.
Similarly, the PawSox starters have also pitched well and the team is tied with Rochester
in the IL East at 3-1.Yesterday's game was suspended with Pawtucket holding an 8-3
lead in the 3rd. The stats: Eduardo Rodriguez (0-0), 1.59 ERA (5.2 innings), Henry
Owens (0-0), 1.42 (6.1inns), Keith Couch (1-0), 4.50 (6.0), and Brian Johnson (1-0),
0.00 (5 inn.). Matt Barnes gave up 3 runs in 3 innings in last night's suspended game vs.
Buffalo .
The PawSox have been paced by CF's Rusney Castillo (.417) and Jackie Bradley Jr.
(.360) while C Humberto Quintero is at .417 and SS Devin Marrero (.357) leads the
team with 4 RBI.
The only game the PawSox have lost was in 16 innings when they ran out of hurlers. CF
Quinton Berry took the loss. The PawSox home opener is this Thursday vs. Rochester.
• PC was the last team in the NCAA hockey tournament. BU was 19-0-0 when leading
in the 3rd period this year (per the Friars' site).
• That 19 inning game Friday between the BoSox and Yanks was the longest in Red Sox
history by time (6 hours and 49 minutes), and that didn't count the 16 minute stoppage
when banks of lights behind home plate went out. I lasted until the 16th after Ortiz
homered to put them ahead. When Teixeira hit a tying homer, it was time for bed.
• Congratulations to the Boston Celtics, coach Brad Stevens and manager Danny Ainge
for making the NBA playoffs. It helped that the Celts beat the Cavs twice after they had
sewed up a 2nd seed. Still, they did it and the playoff experience (vs the Cavs?) will be
• Raspberries to the Bruins who did not make the playoffs and seemed like a team out of
sync all year. I hope that the Jacobs' don't do anything rash and get rid of Claude Julien
and/or GM Peter Chiarelli.
• One reason that the Bruins didn't make it was that the Ottawa Senators went 23-4-4
down the stretch and goalie Andrew Hammond, called up from the AHL, went 20-1-2
• Per Peter Abraham of the Globe (4/12), David Ortiz has 19 go ahead home runs in the
9th inning or later, most among active players. Ortiz has 11 extra inning homers with the
Red Sox, 2nd only to Ted Williams with 13.
• The ProJo's Mark Divver had a great Saturday ProJo piece that matched PC vs. BU.
Divver said that Jon Gillies would be the difference and noted the shakiness of G Matt
O'Connor vs. North Dakota. Divver also noted that BU had 4 freshmen on defense.
Glad that you're back from spring training in Puerto Rico, hope you enjoyed your stay.
We just returned from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. A lot of sullen Seattle fans vacationing
there, still shaking their heads in disbelief. Beach vendors selling straw hats with
Seattle Seahawks on the brims. I should have brought my Patriot's Super Bowl T-shirt.
Quiz - Gary Puckett (Union Gap).
Rick Poncelet
You are right, Rick, it's Gary Puckett. Tough nougies for those Seattle fans. That call
will haunt them forever. - Z

Jimbo, from the early lines, 3 of the 5 pickers selected the Sox to win the AL East. Could
be!!!! I am glad to see Bradley back, I guess, the kid is a great fielder, but can't keep his
head down when he swings, and now Rich (I'm a sucker for high fast balls) Gedman is
going to solve the problem????? I am looking forward to a great Pawtucket season.
Your comments on the new stadium are well taken. It ain't going to happen anyway,
where will everyone park with only 4.8 acres of property. Everyone will need a
concealed carry pistol permit to attend a game. I just read that there is a sewage drain
pipe under the property that may need to be moved. So it looks like the deal may
literally go down the drain.
As for my beloved Braves......... Well see me in 2017 when the new stadium opens.
Ted 'Section 8' Bates
Ted, Yeah your Braves are in trouble. I saw that they traded Kimbrel their closer. They
did ditch the salary of BJ Upton (now Melvin), no mean feat.
Hopefully Raimondo and the General Assembly give nothing to these fat cats, but I'm
hearing that Terry Murray and maybe Tom Ryan contributed to her election effort. I'll
be looking for Skeffington in the stands at McCoy. - Z

Hi Jim, another great piece (# 60??) - I look forward to talking about the value I
place on carrying beyond traditional milestones like 600 next week).
I've had mixed emotions about the potential move to Providence. My first reaction
(admittedly a bit knee-jerk) was based on past experience visiting ballparks located
in cities, and sometimes on the waterfront. These feel great as a tourist -park your
car at the hotel, wander the streets, have dinner, then head over to the game. But
after some reflection reality hits home - we won't be tourists walking from a hotel,
we'll be paying to park in some garage, and most other fans at Pawsox games are
not tourists, or from downtown Providence or within walkable distance to the
proposed location.
For me and many other season ticket holders the allure of McCoy is simple - we
can pay the price for a season ticket, stop by for every inning of every game or just
a few innings when our schedule allows, kibbitz a bit with each other or the staff,
and watch great baseball. All at a very convenient location and a fair price. It's hard
to see how this somewhat bucolic arrangement can continue in a downtown
Providence location.
Lesley (ever the skeptic, but ever so often right about these things) believes that the
Providence proposal is just a ruse. She thinks the Pawsox are headed to Foxboro,
nestling in nicely with the Kraft Kingdom there, and adding to the profit base ever
so nicely - making the whole question about Providence moot.
It will be interesting to see how Skeffington interacts as the Pawsox season begins
(hopefully he doesn't feel the need for suit & tie on opening night), and also to
sense the vibes from Mike & Lou.
Regardless of how this turns out it looks like we have a couple of seasons of life
more or less as we've known it, then who knows? Go Brockton Rox?! Newport
Gulls?! Connecticut Defenders? Or who?
All of which brings me back to my mixed emotions - I do hope that these people
can make this work in Rhode Island, and in a way that is consistent with
Skeffington's stated intent to carry on the basic philosophy of Ben Mondor re:
family orientation & focus on the fan experience.
On the other hand Lesley is right more often than not.
Keep the faith (as I am) - I look forward to seeing you soon.
Rick Nadeau
Thanks Rick, that was #602. I think Lesley may be right. There are too many
things wrong with the site that they've chosen. If they really wanted to honor Ben
Mondor, they'd keep the prices the same and keep the team in Pawtucket. Let
architect Janet Marie Smith design their luxury boxes at McCoy. - Z

Jim, speaking of the music; the movie 20 Feet from Stardom is a great tribute to the
background singers of the rock and rhythm & blues era of the 60's and 70's in particular.
I recommend it highly, along with Muscle Shoals.
Those girls (and some guys) should be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
Bill LaPlante
Willie, I did see 20 Feet from Stardom and it was wonderful. Also check out The
Wrecking Crew, a documentary on the LA musicians who backed up many artists and
bands on their recordings. Haven't seen Muscle Shoals. There is also a great doc on the
Stax/Volt record company out of Memphis. Many great artists but the story is sad.
Agree with you about the backup singers being in the Music Hall of Fame.
Hope you saw the PC Friars hockey team vs Nebraska Omaha yesterday. They Play BU
for the championship Sat. night. - Z

Nope, didn't get to watch PC, but did catch BU/N.Dakota game and it was a pretty good
3rd period as the Fighting Sioux (try to get THAT mascot revoked!) came on strong and
nearly tied it up in the last minute. Heard that BU's top forward got the Hobey Baker
Award today. I guess the kid's pretty good; that Gaudreau kid from Calgary was last
year's winner. Wonder if he's any relation to Roger Gaudreau who played for LaSalle
back in the early 60's?
Won't get to watch the final tomorrow as I'll be at work. Hope to catch a replay after I
get out at midnight; they sometimes run them on ESPNU or CBSSN. Maybe I'll get
lucky. Wow, two Hockey East finalists; wonder when that happened last? BC/Maine
about 15-20 years ago? My dad would be loving all of it. NHL, College. LaSalle
winning their first state championship in 37 years. He used to tell me about the
legendary Punch line of Lach, Blake, and Richard, but his favorite was Howie Morenz.
Fast, elegant skater and scorer. Died really young from either a heart attack or a
pulmonary embolism after breaking his leg. First Canadiens superstar. My dad
schooled me well of Les Habitants.
Nobody,but NOBODY, can tell me that what's on the airwaves today is anything close to
what came out of those studios we mentioned back in the 60's and 70's!!!!
Craftsmanship...rough technically, but real craft and art. Yes, the documentary on Stax
records is a great one too. Heck, watching a two-parter on Sinatra from HBO is a treat
as it spans his entire career. We think that the Beatles' transformation from the mop tops
to Sgt. Pepper was radical? Sinatra from teenage crooner to jazz/pop/schmaltz was right
alongside that track.
Was cheering on Wisconsin, but they were just short of the big cookie.
Bill LaPlante

Welcome back. Quiz answer: Gary Puckett. (Also Kevin McHale & for my wine lover
friends, Robert Mondavi)
The Boud
And finally, this is an e-mail that I sent to Mike McDermott, editor of ProJo Sports:
In today's Journal (and yesterday's), you list the PawSox playing NYY and WAS
before getting it right on Thursday when they play ROC.
There is no box score for yesterday's Pawsox - Iron Pigs game.
The baseball roundups don't include all the Friday games for which you have final
And in Friday's paper, your box score of the SD-SF game has SD SS Clint Barmes
as having an error but he is not listed among the batters. If The ProJo is going to
charge us $2 per, we need better and more accurate Sports coverage. - Z

His response: I noticed all that this morning too. It's unacceptable. We've had a new
person working on this material the last couple days and I will be sure to communicate
this to him. I appreciate your patience. - Michael McDermott
FootJoy questioned me about calling Clay Buchholz 'a bit of a head case' as it implied
he had a mental condition. I said that was not my intent, as I don't think Buchholz has a
psychiatric condition, but rather he can be his own worst enemy in doubting his ability.
Sunday night's start against the Yankees exemplified that.
Pal Al told me that Willie Nelson has a new song called Roll Me Up and Smoke Me
When I'm Gone.
Kirk the Elder was talking about playing music in Sheraton rooms during his 'misspent
youth'. That reminded me of visiting the Country Hall of Fame, and reading a story
about Roy Rogers playing pool with Randy Travis. After Travis ran the table on him,
Roy Rogers said “Son, signs of a misspent youth!”
Scott McKay popped into the HC and after I said it was good to see him, Scott said, “Its
better to be seen than viewed.”
We were talking about the Hot Club Hyenas, but I could only remember a few. Guys you
wouldn't leave around your date, girlfriend or even wife. They know who they are.
That other rock n' roll singer besides Bob Dylan that hails from Hibbing, Minnesota is
Gary Puckett of the Union Gap. Puckett was born in Hibbing but grew up in Yakima,
Washington near the city of Union Gap (Wikipedia). Interestingly, while Bob Dylan
grew up in Hibbing, he was born in Duluth, Minnesota. The Wiz, the Boud and Rick
Poncelet all had the correct answer.
This song was a Top 10 hit for its singer and his band though no one in the band wrote it.
Many artists have covered the song which was considered sadly ironic because of the
demise of the lead singer who had the Top 10 hit with it. Name that tune.


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