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SEPTEMBER 22, 2015
After the Patriots strolled through the Buffalo Bills for three quarters and ended the 3rd quarter up by 24 points (37-13), the Buffaloes stampeded for 3 touchdowns and made a game of it. Tom Brady, who I thought might come out (good thing he didn't), led one final charge that netted the Patriots a field goal and shackled the Bills with an 8 point deficit. Pats fans could then let out a sigh of relief when Tyrod Taylor threw an INT.
Be sure that Bill Belichick will use this as a teaching tool and quiet some of those that
wonder why Belichick's teams keep the pedal to the metal. It is a credit to Buffalo's
players who never quit even down 24 with one quarter to play. However unless these
Bills learn that you can't take stupid penalties (14 for 140 yards and 3 automatic first
downs), they will continue to be Buffalo stew.
Belichick can't be happy with his team getting 11 penalties for 119 yards and an
automatic first down. The young offensive line had a few of those which can be partially
attributed to that scary defensive line of Buffalo's. The Pats had center David Andrews,
an undrafted free agent from Georgia (in on all 86 offensive plays) and 2 drafted rookies
Shaq Mason (57 plays) and Tre' Jackson (27 plays) at right guard after Josh Kline (all 86
plays), a third year player started at LG. The only sacks allowed (2) were one due to
coverage (Brady ran) and the other veteran Nate Solder allowed.
Brady helped by getting rid of the ball quickly, but was well protected on some medium
and even long throws. For Rex Ryan to say he didn't know the name of RB Dion Lewis
shows ignorance and why he'll never be as good a coach as Bill Belichick. At one point,
I wrote in my notes that Ryan knows Lewis' name now (40 yards rushing including a 6
yard TD run; plus 9 catches for 98 yards). And then Ryan does a post game press
conference and says he still doesn't know Lewis' name. It's Dion Lewis, Buffalo Head.
And let's give the defense some props here. After Buffalo used the run and pass to waltz
to an opening touchdown, the D shut off the outside to the Bills runners and put pressure
on Tyrod Taylor on 3rd and longs. 8 sacks: Jones 3, Collins 21⁄2, Nink and Branch 1 each
and Hightower with a 1⁄2 sack. The D also had 10 QB hits and 3 INTs.
After the Bills scored a TD on their opening game drive (58 yards rushing), they had
only 26 more rushing yards in the first half. During this time, NE went up 24-13.
A team win against a worthy opponent. Buffalo is now tougher with Tyrod Taylor.

Pre-game, my questions and concerns were: Would the Bills be able to run without Fred
Jackson and CJ Spiller?. LeSean McCoy had 89 yards and 2nd leading rusher Tyrod
Taylor had 43. As a team they rushed for 160 yards. The Pats need to do better vs the run
If the Pats got ahead, especially with defensive turnovers, could the young QB bring
them back. Tyrod Taylor was in a 37-13 hole and damn near brought the Bills back.
The Patriots O line had to protect Brady and run the ball. Well they did protect Brady,
but he passed 59 times versus 15 rushes (12 actually since 3 of those were Brady 'runs').
Of the 11 penalties on the Pats, Kline had 2 (holding, false start) and Andrews had 2
(holding and false start). The penalty that hurt the most was on Dobson (offensive
interference) which negated an Edelman catch to the Buff 23 with 10:08 left. The team
didn't make it on 4th and 1 and the Bills went on to score a TD to make it 37-25.
Buffalo's worst penalties were both committed by CB Ronald Darby. Darby had a
defensive hold on the last Pat drive before half. It negated a 3rd down stop and the Pats
went on to record a FG. In the 3rd quarter after a 2nd down stop, Darby had another
hold. The Pats scored a TD on the drive to go up 34-13.
CBS messed up by listing Ryan Wendell (inactive) as starting at RG. Later they missed
Malcolm Butler's beautiful diving INT, but had it after the fact with another view.
Edelman was targeted 19 times and had 11 catches (97 yds. 2 TDs)! Gronk was the
target 13 times with 7 catches (113 yds, 1 TD). Dobson (Pats fan Wild Bill calls him
'Dropson') caught 7 of 8 passes with 1 drop.
Defensively Hightower (8 tkls, 4 asts) and Collins (8/3) led the way. Jones (5/1),
McCourty (5/1) and Butler (4/2) all had 6 combos.
The Pats split TEs Gronk and Chandler wide a couple times in the red zone, but the one
time they scored (Gronk) both were lined up on the left.
The Pats were up 34-13 near the end of the 3rd qtr. On the next 3 Bills' plays, Taylor was
sacked by Branch and fumbled (and recovered). Collins sacked him and he fumbled
(recovered) and then Chandler Jones sacked Taylor. Can't remember a Pats D doing that.

• Bill Belichick had his team go for it on 4th and 1 at their own 48, leading 21-7. They
failed and Buffalo scored a TD. Belichick likes to test his team in situations. A risk taker.
• Someone tell NESN that when they run ads and include a Red Sox graphic in the left
vertical column, the front part is chopped off. Where's Tom Werner?
• You can't believe my elation when I read Sunday's ProJo and the front page: 'PawSox
deal is no-go'. I didn't want them to go to the proposed Providence site and taxpayer $
used. Now we need Lucchino to keep them in Pawtucket. Where's Janet Marie Smith?
• A Boston Globe Bozo suggested a couple weeks back that the Red Sox trade Zander
Bogaerts for Matt Harvey. An every day player (who may hit 25-30 homers) and impacts
a game on a daily basis versus a starter who goes every 4 days. The Circus is calling.
Kevin Faulk is back!!
Andrew 'Left Coast' Wright
Kevin Faulk? - Z
It meant that Dion Lewis looked a lot like Faulk catching passes out of the backfield and
running hard. I like him.
Andrew Wright
jimmy, are u talking about thunderclap newman and Jimmy McCulloch (who played in
wings)? i thought pete townsend produced their album "American Dream". which i
owned and was one of my favorite albums back then.
Bobby Sisto
Yes it was Pete Townshend not Eric Clapton that produced the song. And Townshend
played bass on the record as 'Bijou Drains'. - Z
Here's some true and not-so-true stuff about Tyrod Taylor you might enjoy.
At the age of 7, Buffalo Bills starting quarterback Tyrod Taylor accidentally
swallowed a quarter (true story), then pooped it out - making him the
youngest "passing quarterback" in football history. He grew up playing
football with his cousins Radyator, Transmyshun, and Braykelyte Taylor.
After his recent defeat of Andrew Luck and the Colts, It'll be interesting to see
what Tyrod can do against the Patriots this Sunday. REX REX REX REX REX!
Buffalo Steve
Love your take on Tyrod Taylor (and kin). Funny but every year the other teams in
the AFC East seem to have rookie or retread QBs. Tough to win that way even with
a good defense like the Bills'. Belichick teams seldom lose to rookie QBs, though
they have had some problems with running QBs like Taylor. We'll see. - Z
Black Mass, the movie about James 'Whitey' Bulger just came out. I told Fleet Feet Pete
and Mike Module that I would have made a better 'Whitey' Bulger. Mike said, “Yeah,
you look more like him.” I replied “Yes, but I'm better looking (and much younger)”.
Dr. John said that good sailors don't have any good stories.
High Wire Bill asked me where Dion Lewis went to school – University of Pittsburgh.
And Pete asked about Roethlisberger. I knew it was a small college – Miami of Ohio.
Charlie Clancy asked me what Aaron Dobson and Troy Brown have in common. I didn't
know – they both went to Marshall (the Thundering Herd).
We were talking movies and I mentioned one of my favorite comedies – Weekend at
Bernie's. Rare Earth, who has lived in NY, told me that you don't need a boat or ferry (as
they do in the movie) to get to the Hamptons. Only if you're going to Fire Island.
Hot Club renovations begin Thursday, Oct. 1. Sounds like one side will remain open.
The Marksman told me that he bought a special Narragansett IPA in Newport and the
tallboy had 'Free TB' near the bottom. He was told it was a collector's item. I said to
drink the beer and save the can. I had a Pittsburgh Steelers Iron City beer can once.

So who was the band with a one hit wonder produced by Eric Clapton (actually Pete
Townshend, brain cramp) who played on some songs and a member of the band later
joined McCartney's Wings. It's Thunderclap Newman. The hit - Something in the Air.
Guitarist Jimmy McCulloch joined Wings.

This song had never been released before it was included on a Greatest Hits album. It
was a good choice as it rose to #14 on the Billboard Hot 100. Song? Artist?



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