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OCTOBER 20, 2015
Well, it wasn't the blowout that Patriots fans expected and wanted, but it's a Win. The
Colts and QB Andrew Luck (who had his best game against the Pats with 3 TD passes)
proved a lot more formidable than expected. The Pats were only so so on 3rd down
defense as Indy was 7 of 16, and the run defense still needs work as Frank Gore rumbled
for 78 yards (Luck added 35 on 4 carries). In fact the Colts had more 1st downs (24)
than the Pats (22). Some things to work on. The only stat that mattered was the score.
It helped that the Pats recovered an onside kick (Gronk) and benefited from a strange
fake punt call at the end of the 3rd quarter. The Colts moved their whole team to the
right except for receiver Griff Whalen who snapped the ball to Colt Anderson (who
plays safety). The Pats' Brandon Bolden immediately nailed Anderson when the ball was
snapped and Logan Ryan finished him off. The stupid call gave NE the ball on the Indy
35 and led to Blount's 1st ever TD catch. Considering that the Pats only won by 7, it was
the kind of error that gets coaches fired. Thank you, 'Chuckle-head' Pagano.

The ProJo had an AP story (Arnie Stapleton-10/20) which explained what the Colts
might have been trying to do with the fake punt. It was 4th and 3. The Colts were hoping
that when they showed the play, the Pats would send in the D and they'd hike the ball
getting a too many men on the field call. If only one Patriot covered the snap, they'd
have run for the 1st down. Bolden, Ryan and Bostic covered the snap. Best of all was
finding out that the University of Maine had run a similar play and succeeded. The
Mainers put a clip on the Colts twitter account with “Hey @Colts, this is how it's done.”
While he only had one tackle and four assists, LB Jaime Collins made a sensational play
to block Adam Vinatieri's extra point which kept the Colts behind by 7 (34-27). Collins
hurtled the center in order to block the ball. The NFL will probably outlaw the play.
Pats fans did not want to see Marcus Cannon hurt. Cannon, playing LT, was injured
early. It resulted in last year's 4th rounder OL Cameron Fleming (just activated off the
practice squad), coming in. Wisely the Pats shifted RT 'Seabass' Vollmer to left tackle to
protect Brady's blind side and inserted Fleming at RT. So the offensive line had rookies
(OG Shaq Mason and C David Andrews with Tre' Jackson rotating in at OG), a 2nd year
man (Fleming) and a 3rd year man (Josh Kline, right OG). The Pats will have more
depth when Ryan Wendell and Bryan Stork return, but look for more OL help.
WR Aaron Dobson was a healthy scratch for the 2nd game in a row. His replacement is
WR/KR Keshawn Martin (from Houston for a 5th pick and the Texans gave NE a 6th in
2016). Dobson is close to being cut. He may be gone when Brandon LaFell returns.
Tom Brady matched Andrew Luck with 3 TD passes of his own. Brady had his first
interception of the year, but that was on usually sure-handed Julian Edelman who
bobbled the ball right to safety Mike Adams who scored on the play.
Chandler Jones who has been off to a slow start, revved up with 21⁄2 sacks (Easley had
the other half sack). And each had 4 QB hits with Ninkovich adding 2 more.
LB Jonathan Freeny, who played in the absence of Dont'a Hightower, had a good game
with 3 tackles and 4 assists. Only McCourty (7-2), Ryan (6-3) and Butler (7-1) had
better numbers.
Both teams had 65 yards rushing in the 1st half and coincidentally, Frank Gore had 53
yards and LeGarrette Blount had 53.
Gronk was only targeted once in the 1st half (no reception), but made his 3 catches in 5
targets count as one went for a 1st down and another a 25 yard TD. Amendola (9 targets
7 catches, 105 yards) and Edelman (10 targets, 6 catches, 1 TD) were the workhorses as
the Pats didn't throw to Dion Lewis as much as they have (6 targets, 3 catches).
Peyton Manning of the 6-0 Broncos has 10 interceptions and 7 TD passes. He has had
one interception in all 6 games that Denver has played (
The NFL Network showed highlights of Denver's win in Cleveland. The camera showed
a young boy with a sign that said 'Peyton: Adopt me. My parents are Browns fans'.

Peyton is gonna change his commercials from Nationwide Insurance and Papa John's
Pizza to Geritol.
Denver's defense is the best in the NFL right now; they have to stay healthy and keep
with ol' Wade Phillips' 3-4 scheme and their fleet of fleet feet in the secondary.
The second coming of the "Orange Crush".
'Big White' Bill LaPlante (Ed.: Bill lives in Colorado)

Charlie Clancy met the hockey coach of the BU Terriers who lost the championship to
the PC Friars this year. Charlie had on his usual PC Friars cap and told the BU coach
“We were due.” BU's coach replied “No you weren't.” I asked Charlie if he asked BU's
coach about his goalie. Charlie spared him that.
Bianca was tending bar and told a patron that lately she's been doing a lot of 'Donald
Ducking'. I asked what that meant. Bianca said it's when you are wearing only a shirt.
Jimmy Chelo said that he recently had his annual medical checkup. After it was over,
Jimmy asked his doctor: “How do I stand?” The doctor replied: “That puzzles me, too.”
Kirk the Elder gave me a scoop: he has been asked to write a jazz column for a new
alternative newspaper which will be called 'Virgin Underground'.
We welcome back Mike Solomon to the Hot Club. He was sorely missed by many,
including this writer.
Fleet Feet Pete used to work for Reebok. One of their sneaker customers was Shaquille
O'Neal. Peter said Shaq had the biggest size feet - 22 inches. Foot Joy noted that Bob
Lanier also had 22 inch feet.

The question: This singer/songwriter produced albums by Badfinger, The Band, Meat
Loaf and XTC among others. He has sons named Rex, Rebop and Randy. Name him.
A few people had the answer: my brother Brad, Tom Robinson and Barry Spadea, all of
whom knew it was Todd Rundgren. Look up the bio on Rundgren and you'll find some
interesting info including that for years he treated Liv Tyler as his daughter after
girlfriend Bebe Buell had a brief fling with Stephen Tyler (who is the real father of Liv).
Rundgren's early song writing influence was Laura Nyro. And current wife Michele was
a dancer with the Tubes. Rundgren plays the Wilbur Theatre in Boston 5/3.

A two-fer: these two women were one hit wonders, who both died too young. Hint: One
has a well-known daughter who was on Saturday Night Live. The other worked with
Hoyt Axton, Neil Young and Emmylou Harris. Name the duo and their one hit wonders.


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