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NOVEMBER 17, 2015
The Patriots turned the tables on the Giants of New Jersey with a total team effort.
It was Tom Brady, playing behind an offensive line that is duct taped together, who led
the last drive and this game there was no time left for the Giants to come back.
And the defense which is starting to gel, came up with crucial stops down by 10 (20-10)
in the 3rd quarter, to allow the offense to do its job. Gamebook shows that the Pats D
then forced NY to punt 3 times, including after Brady fumbled on his 31 (Nink had a big
sack). The Giants had FGs on the other two possessions, but could have had more but
for Butler's strip of Beckham and Malcom Brown's sack of Manning before the last FG.
That the Giants played so well is a testament to the great job that Tom Coughlin and his
coaches do in games against the Patriots. After all, this is a team (the New York
'Football' Giants) that scored 7 TDs against New Orleans and still found a way to lose.
Maybe Pierre-Paul's return has sparked that defensive line because they harassed Brady
all night, held LeGarrette Blount in check (66 yards on 19 carries - 3.47 yards a carry)
and tackled quickly (except that Gronk TD) limiting YAC (yards after catch). Brady was
sacked 3 times and hit 5 times. Interestingly, Pierre Paul did not show up on the stat
sheet in the paper, but Gamebook had him with a QB hit and a deflected pass.
The key to the game for the Patriots was holding Odell Beckham Jr in check. And after
that first pass to him beat Malcolm Butler (and Devin McCourty) and went for an 87
yard TD, it looked like a long night for Butler. But he bounced back and held Beckham
to 4 catches on 12 targets. So after that first catch, Beckham only had 3 catches on 11
targets and for only 17 yards. Butler's strip of Beckham in the end zone saved the game.
Shades of Sterling Moore.
To win a Super Bowl, you have to be good and to be lucky. The Pats and Tom Brady
were lucky that Landon Collins didn't hold onto an intercepted ball.
You also have to be lucky in avoiding injuries to key players. The Patriots have not
lucky in that area having lost Deon Lewis and now Julian Edelman as well as most of
the offensive line except for center David Andrews and Shaq Mason. They win anyway.
Gamebook showed that Amendola was the man after Edelman's injury. Amendola was
targeted 11 times and had 10 catches (for 79 yards). Gronk had 5 catches on 7 targets
and LaFell just 2 on 6 targets. Dobson (soon to be replaced when Keshawn Martin
returns) had 1 catch on 4 targets and Chandler just one (but for a TD) on 3 targets.
Defensively, Chung led the way with 4 tackles and 6 assists (10 combined) while Dont'a
had 8/1 (9) totals. Freeny 4/4 (8) and rookie Malcom Brown 4/3 (7) have been coming
on strong. Jonathan Casillas, who was with the Pats last year, had 7 solo tackles for NY.
The Pats had 3 sacks - Chandler Jones (with a strip sack fumble NE recovered), Nink
and Brown. Of their 4 QB hits, Nate Ebner had one to force Manning to throw it away.
Cameron Fleming played LT for the first time in his life and Bryan Stork was at RT for
his first ever, too. Mike Reiss had them playing all 73 offensive snaps as did the other O
linemen – Andrews, Kline and Mason. G Chris Barker, just off the practice squad, was
in for 4 snaps when Mason went to FB. Reiss noted that the Pats used 3 TEs to help
block on 13 snaps. Gronk 72 snaps, Williams 41 and Chandler 22 helped.
Because of the lack of success running the ball, Blount was in for 38 snaps, James White
28 (10 of which were on the last drive per Reiss) and Bolden 10.
Reiss said there were 75 defensive snaps and CBs Butler and Ryan had 74. Reiss noted
that in the 2nd half, the Pats went away from using Justin Coleman (24 snaps) and
turned to Rashaan Melvin (36).
McCourty (75) and Chung (74) were the mainstays at safety though NE used 3 at times
with Harmon getting 25 snaps.
With DE Jabaal Sheard back (24 snaps), he was able to spell Nink (69) and Jones (67).
DT had Easley (33), Brown (33), Branch (23), new guy Hicks (22) and Siliga (20).
With Jaime Collins out, Dont'a was in for 75 snaps, Freeny 37, Mayo 30 and Bostic 8.
James White did a good job on blitz pickup.
Bryan Stork recovered one of Brady's two fumbles.

• The Celtics Kiddie Korps are playing well. The Bruins, so-so, especially at home. The
return of Seidenberg should help the D which has squandered 3rd period leads.
• Troy Brown has a book out (Patriot Pride: My life in the New England Dynasty). It
was co-written by Mike Reiss (Source – Boston Herald/Karen Guregian – 11/15)
• If you missed it, PC tied BU in hockey home and away over the weekend. Go PC!
• The Pats have now scored in 35 straight quarters (Source – Boston Globe/Jim McBride
– 11/15). That's an NFL record. One more quarter and that's 9 'games' in a row.

Sad note....Allen Toussaint (77) passes away after giving a concert in Madrid, Spain.
RIP left for that studio in the sky, after making people happy with your
music at a live show.
Brad Dawson

Allen Toussaint was a remarkable man. The joy that he provided for people over
decades is so admirable. To be performing at 77 and a few hours before passing is an
inspirational life. RIP Allen.
Dave Knudson
Yes, Brad and Dave, so much music from this great New Orleans legend. We (Team 5)
were fortunate to see him live in 2012 at the Jazz and Heritage Festival in New Orleans.
The singer/writer/producer/arranger penned Mother-in-Law, Working in the Coal Mine,
I Like It Like That and Southern Nights among others. He produced Dr. John's Right
Place, Wrong Time. A musician that will be missed,. But we have the gift of his music.-Z

Hi Jim,
Wanted to find out how you felt about this recent trade. I think at one point,you
may have mentioned that Margot might be one of the prospects that would be
part of a trade (you were spot on!). I realize Guerra is (was) also a prized prospect,but
with Xander being as young as he is, that position(SS) should be fine for awhile.
Kimbrel seems to be the real deal, with great stats over the last four years. Most
importantly, the Sox did not give up players named Betts or Bradley, Jr.
Darb Noswad
Darb, Margot will probably be a star and the other 3 have a good chance but to get
Kimbrel, who is 27 (28 in May), has had great stats and who is signed thru 2017 with an
affordable club option year in 2018, WOW! They kept all the guys we wanted to stay (so
far). The Sox will try to sign a free agent starter. I'll take Price (age 30) or Greinke (32).
Good chance the BoSox will free up some money by trading Hanley and/or Sandoval
though they'll have to eat some of those contracts (send $ in the deal). - Z

Fleet Feet Pete was talking about sneakers, a subject he knows well. He said that when
he worked for Reebok, which had the contract with players such as Kevin McHale, each
player had a new pair of sneakers for every game. Kevin McHale was one of the players
who then donated his used sneakers to charity.
Mr. Bass Man told a tale of his beloved who bought a Jeep but wanted a sunroof. The
dealership did the work which was totally unacceptable. So Bass Man and Beloved
sought out help from someone who installed sunroofs. When they went to him, he
inquired what dealership had messed up the sunroof. When told, he said that he had
installed sunroofs for that dealership for 40 years until they recently let him go. Trying
to save a buck, I imagine. Penny wise and pound foolish.
Peter of the Professors told us that his mother had a Ford Fairlane station wagon. The
driver's side window wouldn't go up, so he took it in. When they removed the door
panel, they found a lunch bag. Later on, the back window wouldn't come back up. He
brought it in and when they took it apart, they found two bags of lunch.
And yes, FootJoy, I even missed you while you were away.

So who were those two women who were one hit wonders and died way too soon? Only
AF buddy Mike Curtis had even half the answer – Nicolette Larson (7/17/52-12/16/97),
who had a hit with the Neal Young penned Lotta Love. Nicolette sang back up with
Linda Ronstadt on Young's American Stars n Bars and can be heard on Emmylou Harris'
Hello Stranger (Luxury Liner). Larson died of cerebral edema caused by liver failure.
Wikipedia suggests it may have been caused by chronic use of valium and Tylenol PM.
And the other woman? Why Minnie Riperton-Rudolph whose daughter is SNL's Maya
Rudolph. Riperton (11/8/47-7/12/79) had a hit with Lovin' You off her gold record
Perfect Angel. Riperton, who sang with Rotary Connection (listen to Aladdin), died of
breast cancer which had metastasized.

This one hit wonder had a song so anthemic that it was played at sports venues. It was
played whenever the Patriots scored a TD. However when he committed some heinous
acts, many teams, including the Pats, stopped using the song. Name the song and singer.


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