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DECEMBER 1, 2015
The Patriots seemed to have a comfortable lead when Brandon Bolden went 63 yards
with a swing pass and put NE up by 2 TDs. But young Brock Osweiler, his running
attack, crucial catches and defense brought the Broncos back to win in overtime.
The Patriots' run defense had improved greatly until this game. Losing Dont'a
Hightower, one of their best run stoppers near the end of the 2nd quarter (3:40 left),
didn't help. It came on the Denver drive that resulted in a TD and made it 14-7 Pats.
A check of Gamebook shows that in the 2nd half, the Patriots had 8 possessions. The 1st
(6 plays) ended with a long incomplete to LaFell on 3rd and 10. The 2nd (3 plays) ended
with a run stop. The 3rd (5 plays) ended with a deep incomplete to Chandler on 3rd and
8. The 4th possession only lasted 3 plays but resulted in the 63 yard TD pass to Bolden.
The Pats held but then Chris Harper fumbled setting up Denver at NE's 36. The Broncos
scored to make it 21-14. The 5th possession (5 plays) included a 51 yard pass to Martin
which was negated by a Tre Jackson hold. A Denver FG followed. The 6th possession (4
plays) had a Gronk catch for a 1st which was removed when Gronk was called for a
push off (questionable). On the 7th possession (5 plays), Gronk got hurt (2:53 left in the
game). On the ensuing drive, Osweiler hit Demaryius Thomas for 36 yards (Thomas'
only catch despite being targeted 13 times). Osweiler then hit Emmanuel Sanders for 39
yards, and a TD pass to Caldwell followed. NE's 8th drive produced the tying 47 yd. FG.
So the Patriots' offense put their defense on the field way too often in the 2nd half and
the D men got worn down. Denver had 179 yards rushing for the game, 74 in the 1st
half. So the D gave up over 100 yards rushing in the 2nd half. The run attack helped
Denver control the time of possession, keeping the ball for about 10 1⁄2 minutes more
than the Pats (36:31 to 25:57). The Pats D versus the run (yardage) is now #11.
The other element I found disconcerting was the Pats decision to throw long many
times. In wet, snowy conditions, you would have expected Josh McDaniels to go with
the short passing game. NE's inability to run (39 yards) also hurt. Credit Denver's D.
A tough loss made tougher by the knee injuries suffered by Gronk and Hightower. Early
reports hold out hope that both may be back shortly. Certainly the loss of Gronk would
severely dampen any Super Bowl hopes. The two indispensable Pats' players are Brady
and Gronk.
No more injuries to major players!
Get Gronk back and one of two between Amendola and Edelman!
Straighten out that O Line so it protects Tom Brady!
The return to #2 in rushing defense!
Get those sacks!

The Pats were 2 for 13 on 3rd down. That has to be one of their worst performances.
Kudos to Denver's D which was tough, even without DeMarcus Ware.
Brady was sacked 3 times and suffered 13 QB hits. He and Osweiler were both 23 of 42
with Osweiler having an INT by Chandler Jones.
WR Emmanuel Sanders (9 targets 6 catches), TE Owen Daniels (6/5) and RB CJ
Anderson (4/4) all hurt the Pats at critical times. Even so, Denver was 4 of 16 on 3rd.
RB James White (5 targets, 2 catches), WRs Keshawn Martin (1/1), Chris Harper (1/0)
and TE Cleveland (1/1) did little to help Brady in the passing game.
NE had 3 sacks (Nink, Brown and Freeny) but lost an important sack on Denver's last
drive in regulation. On 2nd and goal from the NE 7, Alan Branch nailed Osweiler for an
8 yard loss. The Broncos would have had 3rd and goal from the 15. Chung was called
for holding on the play and Caldwell's TD reception followed.
The Pats only had 5 penalties but those on Jackson, Gronk and Chung all hurt badly.
Not sure what that offense will look like next Sunday night against the Eagles but
hopefully it's good enough to get them a win.
The Broncos have two losses but should they end up with the same record as NE, they
now have the tiebreaker. The Patriots would have to go to Denver in a playoff game.
Denver has games left with SD, Oak, at Pitts, Cinn (at home) and SD.

• The Celtics are a young rising team to watch. They've been able to win a couple
without Marcus Smart. Stevens is a masterful coach. Fun times ahead.
• The Bruins still need to prop up their D but are watchable at last. They just have to find
a way to beat the Canadiens who decisively lead the division and have won without
Carey Price.
• PC fans have a glory of riches. The hockey team is undefeated (9-0-3). The basketball
team just took out #11 Arizona and showed they could play with #3 Michigan State. As
long as they remain healthy, this PC Friars basketball team is going to open some eyes.
• Well, ex-PawSox VP/GM Lou Schwechheimer hasn't stayed idle since his departure.
The NY Times did a front page story (11/29) on Schwechheimer and his work with the
Caribbean Baseball Initiative that wants to bring a AAA team to Havana, Cuba. The
piece by Dan Barry notes that Schwechheimer has the exclusive rights (MILB) to
returning minor league baseball to Havana. Here's hoping that he's successful.
• In the same story, it mentions that Schwechheimer and the Caribbean Baseball
Initiative own controlling interests in the New Orleans Zephyrs (AAA-Miami) and the
Charlotte Stone Crabs (A-Tampa). And a minority interest in Scranton Wilkes-Barre
(AAA - NY).
• It's time to make NFL officials full-timers. The number of mind-numbing bad calls and
missed calls (it helps to know the NFL rulebook) have me and other fans cranky. Fix it.
• The Celtics lead the NBA in forcing turnovers (9.5/game). ProJo/Bill Fay (11/30).
• Mike Reiss ( pre-Pats vs. Broncos had this: Denver leads the NFL in
sacks (34) and the Pats are tied for 2nd (32). Both teams had 3 sacks Sunday.
• More Reiss – QBs in their 1st or 2nd career starts vs. the Pats were 1-8. Only Mark
Sanchez and now Brock Osweiler have won. NE has used 25 O Line combos, most in
the NFL. 12 players have taken a snap on the O Line.
• Per Karen Guregian (Globe – 11/29) Brock Osweiler's nickname is 'Brock Star'.
• Soccer – Jamie Vardy (Leicester) scored a goal in 11 straight Premier League games, a
record. Tiago Mendes (Atletico Madrid) fractured his right leg after kicking Marco
Asencio (Espanyol) in the back (Boston Globe Sports Log - 11/29).
• At the Bills-Pats game, a sign said:11 Bills can't beat our (picture of Bill Belichick)

The Hot Club was graced by the presence on Thanksgiving Eve of Sandy Dolan (and
husband Mike) as well as Patti Quimby. The two former HC bartenders will always be
remembered fondly by patrons of the bar.
Spoke with Sarah Bates who told me that Hot Club renovations are on hold until
probably March. A delay by one of the groups doing work forced the postponement.
Mike Module told me to check out a web site called When he told
me, Count Bass-y asked “Is that a Patriots' site?” If you go to that site, you'll find that all
32 NFL teams are listed as having cheated at some point in time. I looked at the ones
listed for the Patriots and Giants. The comments are clear and factual (supported by
verifiable links). It is interesting that Roger Goodell was once a Jets public relations
intern. The site notes re 'SpyGate' that videotaping the other team's signals is not illegal.
The NFL mandated that it had to be done from a certain location (not the sidelines).
Belichick thumbed his nose at Goodell and was fined. Also in the Snowplow Game
(when Mark Henderson cleared a path for a FG try by John Smith), the officials offered
Dolphins coach Don Shula the chance to have the snow plow used to clear a spot for his
FG kicker, but he turned them down. Thanks to Mike Module.
There was a tee shirt: 'Moon's Out, Goons Out'.

So who was the one hit wonder who had his anthemic song played at sports venues, but
because of heinous acts, many places stopped using it? Why Gary Glitter (Paul Gadd)
with Rock 'N Roll Part 2. Gadd was jailed in England for having sex with under age
girls. After his release from jail, he went to Vietnam and did the same thing and went to
jail. He's back in England and in jail. When they played it at Gillette, I use to tell Driller
Killer “And Paul Gadd is still in jail.” Dennis Doyon and my brother Brad had it.

This singer was part of a well-known group that had a lot of hits (many not written by
the band). Yet the group sold over 75 million records. He wrote a song for Linda
Ronstadt and some songs that were recorded by his famous group. Later he started his
own band and had a one hit wonder. Name the singer and his one hit wonder.



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