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APRIL 25, 2016

The 3 judge appeals court found that Roger Goodell had the authority under the CBA to
suspend Tom Brady for 4 games. The judges chose to rule on that narrow issue (so much
for de novo). The Players Association gave Goodell this power. Now Tom Brady will
pay for it. Ironically's Chris Price reported that because Brady re-did his
contract in March, he stands to lose only $235,294 for the 4 games he'll miss (instead of
$2.1 Mill). Small recompense.
The Jimmy Garoppolo era is about to begin. The games are against Arizona, Miami, the
Texans and Bills. Three are at Gillette. Unless Jimmy G and the D can go 2-2, the
Patriots will have a hard time making the playoffs.
Can Brady appeal? Sure - to the full 6 judge appeals court. However if that court came
to a decision during the season, Brady would end up serving the suspension at a much
worse time.

John Farrell is listening to the drum beat of dissenters who question his every move.
While the team has shown signs of life, this win one lose one mode is not reassuring.
Nor is using 41 year old Koji Uehara in 7 of the first 12 games.
It wasn't totally surprising when Peter Abraham of the Globe (4/22) raised the question
of how many games were needed to make a fair assessment of whether John Farrell
should stay or go. Abraham decided on 1⁄4 of the schedule or around 40 games.
Paper mate Nick Cafardo weighed in on Sunday (Globe - 4/24): “Let's cool it with
Farrell's hot seat for now”. Cafardo goes on to defend Farrell. Sorry to tell you this
Nick, but Farrell is indefensible. The man with a losing Red Sox record as manager
(they counted the games the Torey Lovullo-led team won), Farrell is feeling the heat and
gives every appearance of managing scared. With bench coach Lovullo in the wings,
anything but a big swing in winning, making the right moves, and not looking distracted
will keep John Farrell as BoSox manager.Wonder if Las Vegas has an over under on how many games Farrell has left? Bet you it
isn't 22 (they've played 18 as of Sunday and are 9-9) on the way to Abraham's 40 game
yardstick. My money is on the under.

Well Patriots fans, you don't have to stay up late on Thursday night for the NFL draft.
Only the 1 st round will be held Thursday. The Patriots lost their #1 due to an alien attack
(think Invasion of the Body Snatchers) with a pod person posing as Roger Goodell. No
emotion. No sense. Just a plan to have aliens replace humans.
Most of the mock Patriots drafts won't come close as Bill Belichick is one of the most
inscrutable decision makers when it comes time to pick. You look at the current team,
and you know that they need help on the O Line. They chose 2 guards last year (Shaq
Mason and Tre' Jackson). I think they take 2 offensive tackles this year (remember they
also have G Jonathan Cooper in that Chandler Jones – Arizona trade). Seabass and Nate
Solder have had injuries, and age is starting to become a factor. Belichick likes to be
ahead of the curve, whether it's drafting or ditching a player a year too early rather than a
year too late. At least one of those tackles will also have experience as a guard because
Bill B. loves flexibility.
With Belichick's defensive background, expect more picks on the D Line, at LB and in
the secondary. Injuries (as we have seen) can quickly deplete a defense in key areas.
D on't expect a receiver or running back to be taken until late. Belichick has not fared
well in drafting receivers (the next Randy Moss isn't coming through that locker room
door). And Belichick has often had success using guys who were undrafted running
backs like Ben Jarvis Green-Ellis and Le Garrette Blount (in a trade) who have provided
help in the running game. One caveat – if a player falls to the Patriots whom they have
rated highly, they will break the mold.

• The answer to last week's trivia about Jackie Robinson's fellow running back at UCLA
(1939) who became an actor: Woodrow Wilson Woolwine 'Woody' Strode. Strode was in
Spartacus (he fought Kirk Douglas), starred in Sergeant Rutledge (both 1960) and is one
of the gunmen awaiting Charles Bronson in Once Upon a Time in the West (1968).

After reading Dan Shaughnessy say Sunday that the Patriots Hall of Fame was a joke
and would continue to be so until Bill Parcells was inducted, I wrote this:
“As a Patriots season ticket holder since the '70's, I hope that Bill Parcells is never
elected into the Patriots Hall of Fame. He betrayed the team in 1996-1997 by working
behind the scenes to join the Jets after the Super Bowl. He may deny that it took awayfrom his Super Bowl preparation, but it is hard to believe it didn't. All Parcells' energy
was not directed to his team. He cared more about himself than his team.
I went to that Super Bowl. The story that Will McDonough broke about Parcells leaving
after the Super Bowl caused Patriots' fans to wonder how the team could possibly
overcome this humongous distraction. It didn't. And my respect for McDonough
vanished. A writer is never ever supposed to insert himself/herself into the story line, but
McDonough did. He lost his sense of journalistic perspective.
Finally, Bill Parcells did not have the courage and intestinal fortitude to fly home with
his team. Parcells again chose himself over his team.
In looking back at this horrible betrayal, I found a column you did 8/2/13 with Parcells
re all this. I found it interesting that while the Patriots improved as a team under Parcells'
tutelage, the one difference in 1996 was the hiring by Parcells of Bill Belichick, his
defensive guru with the NY Giants.
Believe me when I say that as a Patriots fan since the team's inception in 1960, that I am
not alone among Pats fans as feeling that Bill Parcells does not belong in the Patriots
Hall of Fame.”
Shaughnessy e-mailed back:
“Willie (Ed.: Will McDonough) did not "insert himself". He reported the truth. That's his
job. It's your job to be a fan. Not ours. But without Parcells, you have no team here.”
I responded:
“In today's column, you state:"The Patriots Hall of Fame continues to be a joke until Bill
Parcells gets in."
Patriots fans vote for who gets into the Pats Hall of Fame. As a fan, I explained why Bill
Parcells should never get into the Patriots' Hall of Fame. And since Bobby Grier made
the personnel picks, it was as much his team as Parcells. And Parcells did not bring a
Super Bowl win.
It is well known that Will McDonough and Bill Parcells became good friends.
McDonough took Parcells' side in the tiff with owner Bob Kraft. As a result what
McDonough wrote about that situation has to be viewed in that context and the question
of impartiality raised.
As a Globe writer and someone who probably revered McDonough, I would expect you
to defend him. But when you say he "reported the truth", that truth has to be viewed in
that same context of him taking sides with Parcells.”I did not expect Dan Shaughnessy to respond to it and he didn't.
If you have an opinion regarding this, feel free to share it with me.
Grateful Dead
Beach Boys
Little Feat
Toss up:
Talking Heads
Big Star (Alex Chilton)
* If having to play their instruments is a not a criteria
Ken Forestal
Ken,very funny comment re the Ramones. I bought their greatest hits and they did some
good numbers. I've always liked I Want to be Sedated, if nothing else for the title. RS did
a big tribute to them recently as one of the bands that started the punk movement.
RIP Alex Chilton (ex-Boxtops lead singer) whose band Big Star never quite made it. I
actually have one or two of their albums.
The Talking Heads are a nice pick. I loved Spirit, especially their 1st album with Fresh
Garbage, Straight Arrow and Gramophone Man. They also did Twelve Dreams of Dr.
Sardonicus with the great Nature's Way and also Mr. Skin. Unfortunately they were just
not around long enough. - Z
I have a few spirit albums-Just found CLEAR an obscure vinyl of theirs -last album Jay
Ferguson was w/ band. You must also realize my heart break in not offering the GREAT
Capt. Beefheart and the Magic Band.
Ken Forestal
Safe as Milk. I wanna booglarize you, baby. Lick my decals off. - Z
BTW, Jim Dawson, my picks for five greatest AMERICAN bands: Eagles, Grateful
Dead, Allmans, Doobies, and Beach Boys.
Bill Shea
My top bands: Prince and the Revolution The Doors Mitch Rider and the Detroit
Wheels ZZ Top Buddy Holly and the Crickets Sam n Dave
Dave Knudson
My top bands (today): Bruce Springsteen, Temptations, Prince, Buddy Holly, and
Muddy Waters.
Mike Curtis
Sportzine is available at thanks to Buffalo Steve Lenz.

When someone tells me – “Jim, you can quote me on this”, my ears perk up and my pen
comes out. So it was when Patriots' fan Ernie said to us: “I hate Roger Goodell more
than I hate Donald Trump.” Says it all, right?
We heard a new Herbster story. He was in the HC bathroom and talking to his Honey on
the phone. Unbeknownst to the Herbster, Folklore was in the stall. The Herbster told his
Honey that he was on Blackstone Boulevard and would see her soon. When he said this,
Folklore laughed loudly. Herb's Honey wanted to know who was laughing. Herb told her
his heart was on Blackstone Blvd., but he was still at the HC. Folklore gave him up!
In a rare feat, when I asked the boys in the band (The Professors) last week's quiz
question, none of them knew. The band was stumped. See below for the answer.
Overheard at the Hot Club: “It's not good when the woman you are with drinks more
than you do.”
A young visitor to the HC (a millennial?) wore a navy blue T-shirt with an American
flag. It said “F**k Donald”.
Good to see old friends Stevie B and El Jefe at the Hot Club. I asked them if they visited
the HC often and they admitted that they didn't. So I asked Stevie B when the last time
he was at the Hot Club – oh, it was for my (this writer's') retirement party. I reminded
Stevie that was in 2004. I think I convinced them not to wait so long next time.

So what band sold more tickets and made more money than any other rock 'n' roll band
between 2000-2010?: The Dave Matthews Band (Charlottesville, VA). No one had it.

This mega group was turned down by Apple Records (helps explain the label's demise).
So they signed with Atlantic Records and became one of the biggest bands of the late
'60's and during the '70's. After a few breakups, they continued into the '90's. Name?


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