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OCTOBER 24, 2016

When the Patriots went up 14-0 with 10:58 left in the 2nd quarter, fans felt NE was on its way to a walk in the park win. But this was in Pittsburgh and the game got much dicier after that. Sub-QB Landry Jones proved to be capable (the Pats many times used a 3-man rush), jitterbug Le’Veon Bell proved dangerous as a receiver (10 catches, 68 yards) and elusive as a runner (21 for 81), and the hard hitting Steel Men defense caused two fumbles before wearing down. Oh and the Steelers had All-World WR Antonio Brown (7 catches, 106 yards).

Chris Hogan’s early fumble was negated by the Pats D and a Malcolm Butler end zone interception (covering Antonio Brown). However Hogan’s goof was a harbinger of mistakes that could have cost the Pats the win.

Shortly Brown beat Butler long and Darrius Heyward-Bey (a thorn all day) beat Eric Rowe for a TD. Then Brandon Bolden dropped a 3rd down pass that would have been a 1st down and Ryan Allen shanked a punt setting up the Steelers at their 47. The Pats dodged a bullet when kicker Chris Boswell missed a 42-yard FG.

Julian Edelman, who at that point was 7 for 7, dropped an easy 3rd down catch (there was a Shaq Mason hold on the play that was declined). The Pats defense then allowed Pittsburgh to go from its 20 with 1:47 left to a 32-yard FG and 14-10 score at half.

The two crucial moments in the 2nd half came after the Steelers had inched closer. It was 14-13 Pats. TEs Gronk and Bennett had had one catch each. The Patriots definitely were using them to block in the running game for LeGarrette ‘Beast’ Blount, whose 24 rushes for 127 yards helped key the win. It was then that Gronk went into the stratosphere.

First, he caught a 36 yard TD right down the middle to make it 20-13 (Gostkowski missed the extra point – again). Gronk wasn’t done. After the Steelers scored a FG to make it 20-16, the Gronkster caught a pass and dragged two guys 7-yards for a 1st down. He followed that with a 37-yard catch that set up Blount’s 5-yard TD run.
The score made it 27-16 Pats. NE had scored touchdowns on two consecutive possessions that both went 75 yards and were each accomplished in 3 minutes or less.

The 11 point lead with 11:44 left seemed safe. Until Edelman fumbled a punt at the NE 43 with 10:37 left. Belichick had Amendola take the next punt. Edelman could breathe a sigh of relief when Steelers’ kicker Boswell missed a 54-yard FG.

The Patriots defense then closed it out. A win that could have been a lot easier, but Pittsburgh proved a Steel tough team, and NE could fly home having bent that Steel.

The Patriots run a lot to the left side of the line. Many of Blount’s runs were aided by great blocks by Gronk, Solder, Thuney and Edelman. The receivers have been especially good this year (including TE Martellus Bennett) at run blocking.

The Steelers hurt themselves with penalties. #74 OG Chris Hubbard had an offensive hold to cancel out Heyward-Bey’s 14 yard TD. Their OL had a few false start/motion penalties and another holding call (C Maurkice Pouncey). 10 penalties - 85 yards.

The Patriots had 11 first downs rushing and 9 passing. It’s usually the other way round.

Pittsburgh came in 5th in the NFL in 3rd down completions (45.9%). The Pats held them to 5 of 16 (31%). Of course, the Steelers were without QB Ben Roethlisberger.

The Patriots were 3 for 3 in the Red Zone. Pittsburgh was 1 for 4.

CBS missed the opening kickoff and the Steelers’ first play from scrimmage as they were airing commercials.

CBS ‘analyst’ Phil Simms actually suggested that the Steelers would go for it on 4th down (and 13) from their own 17 with 5:29 left. They punted.

Terry Nau, who was the sports editor and writer at the Pawtucket Times, has written a book about 21 Pawtucket residents who died while serving in Vietnam. The book is called They Heard the Bugle’s Call: Pawtucket and the Vietnam War and is available at:

Three of my classmates at St. Raphael Academy, Mike Dalton, Jack Hulme and Tom Gill, all died in Vietnam. The book is virtually an oral history of a tragic era in American life, and focuses on how family members dealt with the loss of a father, son, brother or husband over the years. Also, there is a fund raiser to build a memorial to them which will be at the entrance to Slater Park. If you are interested in donating, send a check to 21 Heroes Inc and mail to 21 Heroes Inc, PO Box 2848, Pawtucket, RI, 02861.

Per the NY Times’ Juliet Macur (10/22), NY Giants’ co-owner John Mara knew about Josh Brown’s domestic abuse past before they signed him to a new 2-year contract.

I’m first. Roger McGuinn was Jim McGuinn. Byrds, Rickenbacker. It’s Dylan but My Back Pages is their best.
Matt Dawson
Yes, you are the first person with the correct answer, Matt. - Z

Hey Jim ! Gotta be Roger McGuinn. Didn’t he share our first name "Jim" ? The Byrds--Rickenbacker --Gotta go with 8 Miles High !!
Jim Dwyer
Yes Jim, It's Roger McGuinn. The story of how he went from his real name Jim to Roger is pretty funny. An Indonesian guru was involved. And the story of how McGuinn got that jangly sound is awesome too. - Z

Jimbo:  Might  that  be  Jim "Roger" McGuinn?  He  once  said "It suits  my  vibes  better." The  Byrds, a  Martin ( ? )  & So  you  wanna  be  a  R&R Star?
Tom Wallis
You are correct, Tom. It's Roger McGuinn. The story about the name change is pretty funny (Indonesian guru suggested it) and involves as you said 'vibes'. The guitar is a Rickenbacker. I have a CD filled with Byrds' songs. There isn't a bad one on it. - Z

Hey Jim! Got it. Roger McGuinn, Byrds, Rickenbacker. My favorite is, of course, Mr. Tambourine Man!
Dave Burlingame
Right on, Dave. It's Roger McGuinn. Good song selection. One of my favorites too. - Z

That would be Roger McGuinn, also of the Byrds, playing his Rickenbacker which had a crystal clear metallic bell sound prominently displayed on Turn, Turn, Turn. BTW – McGuinn also worked with Dylan about whom he said it was like being friends with Shakespeare.
All Rickenbackers produce a unique sound, kind of like a Stradivarius. George Harrison had the second one ever built and used it on Hard Day’s Night LP. A second generation was given to him in Minneapolis (at a concert) by a local record store (B Sharp) owner, Randy Resnick, and used in If I Needed Someone. It was stolen some time after their 1966 tour (there might be a movie there somewhere). 
Roger Boudreau
Thanks, Rog, great info. - Z

Hi Jim, the answer you’re looking for would be Roger (James) McGuinn of the Byrds.  He played a 12 string Rickenbacker. One of my favorites was So you want to be a rock and roll Star.
Mike Mulcahey
Right you are Mike, It's Roger 'Jim' McGuinn. Check out Wikipedia on him. Says he changed his 1st name due to an Indonesian guru. The jangly Rickenbacker sound came from running it thru a compressor, and a banjo picking style. - Z

Thanks for the Zine, Jim. So glad that hockey season is back again: "I feel the need...the need for speed." (though I'm no fan of "smilin' Tom"; loved the South Park episode when he wouldn't come out of the closet and the subsequent spoof of Scientology.).
Sox just ran into a better team and they have proved it by what they did to Toronto.  Cleveland and Chicago would be a great middle America World Series. Two of the original charter teams with rich histories and that have needed a lift since the westward expansion. Who do you like?
Also, my answer is Roger McGuinn.
Young Will LaPlante
Yes Bill, it’s Roger McGuinn. I welcome the hockey season as well and I always hope for the trifecta – wins by the Patriots, Bruins and Celtics (whose season is about to start). I don’t know whether I’ll go with the Francona led Indians team (with ex-BoSox Andrew Miller, Mike Napoli and Coco Crisp) or the Theo constructed Cubbies who also have a few ex-Red Sox (Lester, Lackey, Ross, Rizzo). - Z

How about those Cubbies! Gotta say I'm really glad for them - especially now that there are no Wrigleys in the ownership. Kinda reminds me when our own BoSox finally lifted the "Curse of The Bambino" and did the World Series thing - and won! Great footsball day - Bills at 1, Pats at 4.
Steve Bison
Well Steve, I think your Bills are for real. LeSean McCoy is the key. I read that he has a hamstring issue, so we'll see if he plays today. Taylor has done well at QB and the Bills' D has been solid. Great that the Cubs won. Regardless for whom I root, Francona's Indians or Theo's Cubs, I can't lose. Interesting that each won two WS and then left due to the Red Sox ownership. Hope you noticed that Roger 'God' Goodell once again screwed up with the Josh Brown 1 game suspension for domestic abuse. This lame ass son of a bitch needs to be removed, but doubt the owners have the cojones to do it. Viewership of NFL games is down 11-12%. And while no one has pointed the finger at Goodell, I think that he is part of the reason for the lost viewers. - Z

Sportzine is available at thanks to Buffalo Steve Lenz
A leftover from a prior conversation with Mr. D. He suggested that I come up with my list of the top 10 concerts that I have attended. I consider that a daunting task, but will reach out to the Sportzine readership for a sampling of their favorites. The problem is that so many meant a lot to me, for different reasons. I will mention, however, two that come to mind: I saw Bob Marley and the Wailers at Brown University and Victoria, Brad, his wife Dee Dee and I saw Bryan Ferry and Roxy Music at the Pavilion (many corporate names) in Boston (near where Anthony’s Pier 4 used to be). And you?

One of Captain Jack’s friend’s (Dave?) brought up the fact that one of Jack’s boats (flying a pirate flag), once appeared on the cover of a AAA publication. It was shown in Waterplace Park when the X games were there.

We were talking about the recent bear sighting in RI. Fleet Feet Pete said one time he and a friend were running in a Pennsylvania park when they rounded a bend and came face to face with a bear. Pete said that he and his friend bolted in one direction and the bear bolted the opposite way.

The Hot Club as Hotel California: Stevie ‘Sauce Pan Hands’ recently paid a visit and admitted that he was about to celebrate his 60th birthday. Happy 60th, Steverino.

Well, if you’ve read the e-mails then you know it was Roger ‘Jim’ McGuinn who switched his first name, and played a 12-string Rickenbacker for the Byrds. Matt Dawson, Jim Dwyer, Tom Wallis, Dave Burlingame, Roger Boudreau and Mike Mulcahey all had the right answer. McGuinn changed his name in 1967 after an Indonesian guru suggested it. McGuinn sent him several names beginning with ‘R’ but only Roger was a real name and the one the guru picked because it would better "vibrate with the universe." (Wikipedia also states that John Coltrane’s free-jazz atonalities contributed to the sound that McGuinn created on his Rickenbacker). Chestnut Mare has always been a favorite. And I love the live version of Lover of the Bayou.

This question comes from Buffalo Steve (don’t forget – send me a music question and I’ll use it and give you credit):
This person authored two #1 pop hits (different artists) and is the brother of a well-known actor. A clue – he has a niece who is a movie star and always in the tabloids. Name? Songs?