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SEPTEMBER 10, 2018

On a cool September 9th (62° at game start) with the wind gusting greater than the 10 mph listed, the Pats took control of the game early and led comfortably until Riley McCarron fumbled a punt (he had called for a fair catch his other 3 times). The ensuing Texans TD made it a 7 point game but the Pats held on, helped by a first down catch by James Develin and a Ryan Allen punt of 54 yards downed by Jonathan Jones at the Houston 1. With only 43 seconds left, Houston was hog-tied.

So my daughter Cara got to enjoy her 29th birthday with Driller Killer and me. If as a guest the Patriots get a win, you get to be invited back. No problem, Cara.

The Texans won the toss and elected to kick off (one of the only things that JJ Watt did. this day). However when Houston got the ball back, Deshaun Watson fumbled, Dont’a Hightower recovered and a Gronk TD followed. The Pats never trailed after that.

Possible concerns about the offensive line protecting Brady were put to rest this day. LT Trent Brown defended Brady’s blind side well and RT Marcus Cannon and sub LaAdrian Waddle the right side. JJ Watt was held to 2 tackles and an assist, and Jadeveon Clowney to 1 tackle and 1 assist as the two edge rushers were held in check.

Not only did the OL protect well but they blocked well on runs as NE rushed for 122 yards. Unfortunately Jeremy Hill (4 carries, 25 yards) was injured at the beginning of the 2nd half when Gronk fumbled and in the ensuing scrum, Develin was knocked into Hill’s right knee. Hill may be done for the year. Rookie Ralph Webb, who is on the practice squad, may replace him if so.

On the Pats’ last drive of the 1st half (after Hill partially blocked the punt) with 1:28 left, Hill ran for 8 and 11 yards. Chris Hogan (only 1 catch on 5 targets) saved the bacon when he recovered a Rex Burkhead fumble. The drive continued with passes to Phillip Dorsett for 12, 14 and 4 yards, the last a TD. I joked that Dorsett caught more passes on the day (7) than he had all last year (he actually caught 12). 7 catches on 7 targets.

Besides the questions about the OL, there was hope that the Pats Defense would be better. It was. It surprised me when rookie Ja’Whaun Bentley started at RE with Trey Flowers at LE. Bentley was second on the team with 7 combos (4 tackles, 3 assists). Only Stephon Gilmore was better (7 and 1). Meanwhile Flowers and Dietrich Wise Jr. each had a sack and a half. The team had 12 hits on Watson and kept his running game somewhat in check (8 carries for 40 yards).

The Pats opened with a 4-2-5 Defense with Hightower and Van Noy at LB and an extra DB in Jonathan Jones who played the slot receiver.

The Texans were held to 2 for 11 on 3rd down and 0 for 1 on 4th. The Texans were 2 of 5 in the Red Zone (NE was 3 for 4) which contributed to the Pats win.

A key play was DL Lawrence Guy tackling Watson as he tried to throw long and was intercepted in the end zone by Stephon Gilmore. The ball was on the Pats 49 at the time.

The Pats were only 4 for 14 on 3rd down.

NE had 3 turnovers (one fumble was recovered or it would have been 4), which was one more than Houston. More turnovers than your opponent often leads to a loss.

James White was targeted 9 times but only had 4 catches.

RB Tyler Ervin, who returned kickoffs, had 5 for 156 yards. That will spell disaster if not fixed.

Cordarrelle Patterson was targeted but once and had 1 catch. He had a penalty on a 3rd and 1 that made it 3rd and 6. He did have 3 end arounds for 13 yards.

When there was an extra point or field goal try, both officials didn’t always signal whether it was good. One would raise his arms, the other didn’t. They’re paid to do so.

Watson was 17 of 34 (.500) with an INT.

There was a play where Watson was in the grasp in the end zone when he threw the ball into the ground. I thought it was intentional grounding and should have been a safety. On replay, TE Jordan Thomas was in the area.

Sportzine is also available at thanks to Buffalo Steve Lenz

Some ex-Pats: the Saints’ Mike Gillislee had 3 carries for 9 yards and his fumble was returned for a TD by the Bucs. Dion Lewis had a good game for the Titans: 16 carries for 75 yards and a TD. Lewis also had 5 catches for 35 yards. Miami’s Danny Amendola had 4 catches for 26 yards.

Jimmy G. opened the season by throwing 15 of 33 (less than .500) with 3 INTs, one returned for a TD. The Vikings sacked him 3x. The Vikes do have a great D. We’ll see how Jimmy G fares at home vs Detroit next week.

Cleveland QB Tyrod Taylor was 15 of 40 with 1 INT and was sacked 7x. He did run for 77 yards on 8 carries and his team tied the Steelers. How? Roethlisberger threw 3 INTs and Pittsburgh had 3 fumbles. They blew a 14 point lead in the 4th quarter at Cleveland.

Seattle lost to Denver 27-24. Janikowski missed a 46-yard FG for the Seahawks. Russell Wilson threw 2 INTs and was sacked 6 times. Denver’s Case Keenum had 3 INTs.

OK so maybe I was a little over anxious when the Yankees crept within 5 games behind in the loss column. Fortunately, FootJoy clued me in on the fact that at the time, if the BoSox went .500 that NY would have to play .710 to tie. And if the Sox played .600 ball than the Yanks would need to play .806 to tie. Thanks FJ for easing my stress.

In less than a week after I wrote about my concern, Boston won and the Yankees lost and the lead in the loss column went back to 9. As of this writing, the Sox lead is 8 in the loss column with 18 games to play (NY has 19)

One of the amazing stories about the Red Sox is Ryan Brasier who was pitching in Japan last year. ERA of 1.73 and very few inherited runners allowed to score.
Now we have Brandon Phillips who stuck around with the PawSox since June hoping to have a chance of being with a team that could win the World Series. It looks like hope may have just been rewarded. Think Phillips will be on that Boston playoff team?

In case you missed it, Brandon Phillips channeled Willie Mays Hayes from the movie Major League II when he did that backwards lean after homering in the 9th to put Boston ahead of the Braves.

Cordarrelle Patterson was drafted by the Minnesota Vikings after they traded for the Patriots 1st round pick in 2013. The Pats got the Vikes 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 7th round picks for him. They used the picks for LB Jamie Collins, CB Logan Ryan, WR Josh Boyce and traded the 7th pick for LeGarrette Blount. Seems ironic that Patterson is now with NE.
The series with the Astros could be a Preview of Coming Attractions. Houston is a formidable foe with as much firepower as the Red Sox. The Astros lead the Majors in team ERA (3.10) while Boston is 4th (3.66). It’s obvious from this recent series that the Sox will need to shore up their relief pitching. Let’s hope that Boston does just that.

While I don’t often mention my movie choices, the three movies that I would recommend that I really liked in the past little bit are: Get Out, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri and Baby Driver.

I'm guessing that "Rockpile" was the band that you referenced.  Oddly enough, they were an opening act for a Denver based concert that I attended, (circa 1979-80) that headlined Van Morrison. Was not impressed with "Rockpile" and they were henceforth referred to as "Shitpile"; to Van?
"Young Will" LaPlante
Bill, good guess but no. Wasn’t Rockpile the band with Nick Lowe and/or Dave Edmunds? Never saw Van Morrison. Heard he could be great or boozed up beyond control. - Z

How-do James. I think the answer to this week's quiz is "The Pretenders". their 1st album was one of the best debuts ever, for my money. Chrissie Hynde being the 1 lone american paired with 3 Englishmen. The Davies' tune was "Stop your Sobbing".
Bobby Sisto
Bobby, yes it's the Pretenders and the Ray Davies' song is Stop Your Sobbing. Davies also did the song Go to Sleep for the 2nd album. I agree that the first album was one of the best ever. Can't remember a bad song on it. - Z

I think I've  got this week’s trivia-if I don't I'll have hang up my Rock & Roll cleats
The Pretenders-"Gotta Stop Sobbing"-I believe Hynde & Davies were an item at one time
Ken Forestal
Yes Ken, it's Chrissie Hynde and the Pretenders. That first album was a knock out. Brad took a pic of her when we saw them at RIC. Guy took his camera away, but left the film in, so Brad has a pic or two of her. She was pissed. Yeah Raymond Douglas Davies and Chrissie had a short relationship which led to a daughter - Natalie (1983). Stop Your Sobbing was the Davies penned tune, as you noted. Nick Lowe produced the single. -Z

SPORTZINE was written while listening to John Prine’s new cd – Tree of Forgiveness.
Professor Peter had a good trivia question. When was the first time that the National Anthem was played at a sporting event? Turns out it was the 1st game of the 1918 World Series, Boston Red Sox vs. the Chicago Cubs. So this year will be the 100th Anniversary. The Professor wondered if it might be a Red Sox- Cubs World Series matchup in 2018. Snark said ‘Don’t play the Anthem in the World Series this year.’ (It seems that the Professor is a little off on this trivia – explanation next time).

Recently FootJoy pointed out to me that the best move Dave Dombrowski made this season was waiving Hanley Ramirez and keeping Swihart after Alex Cora talked him into dropping Hanley and keeping Swi. Best move by both. Give credit to Dombrowski for listening to and heeding Cora. Amazing that no team picked up Hanley.

I pointed out to Charlie Clancy that the mast of a boat in the marina was swaying back and forth rather vigorously. Charlie said, “Someone’s getting lucky.”

Charlie said that no team had come back, down 6 runs in the 8th inning or later this season. Sure enough, it was 0-487 until the Red Sox did it to the Atlanta Braves.

Fleet Feet Pete had a previous job working for Reebok. One of his duties was to meet occasionally with Paul Fireman at Fireman’s Boston office. Someone asked Fleet Feet what that was like. He said, “Like walking into a lion’s cage wearing a 3 pork chop suit.”

A pigskin pundit told me that if the Patriots win the AFC East and Jacksonville or Indianapolis win their divisions, all 16 of the Patriots games in 2019 will be against teams in the Eastern Time Zone.

The question was: This band shot to fame with the aid of a song penned by Ray Davies of the Kinks and the production efforts of Nick Lowe. The band enjoyed great success first in England. It was composed of 3 Englishmen and one American. Name? Chrissie Hynde and The Pretenders, of course. Only Bobby Sisto and Ken Forestal guessed it.

This singer wrote a # 1 song for the Rolling Stones. He also wrote songs for Janis Joplin,
J Geils Band and Wilson Pickett. He’s in the Rock and Roll Hall of fame. Name?


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