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SEPTEMBER 17, 2018

It wasn’t just the game time temperature that was hot (97°), but the Jaguars offense (2 TDs on their first two possessions) and defense which had Tom Brady rushing his throws, and uncomfortable in the pocket.

Surprisingly, Gamebook stats show that the Jags only had 2 sacks of Brady and 3 QB hits in the whole game, but it seemed like he was under pressure much of the day. Part of that was the excellent coverage of Brady’s receivers, especially Rob Gronkowski. Loudmouth CB Jalen Ramsey, who said Gronk wasn’t that good pre-game, had little to do with shutting down Gronk as I only saw him on Gronk once. Ramsey’s coaches must have thought otherwise about Gronk’s value as he was double-covered most of the time.

The real surprise was how well Jags QB Blake Bortles played. The first two TD passes were perfectly thrown as the Pats coverage was actually good. The one interception Bortles threw wasn’t his fault as it went off his receiver’s hands.

However what Bortles also did well was run for first downs on 3rd and long. By my count, he had to have done it 4-5 times. A Gamebook check shows that on 3rd and 6, Bortles ran for a 1st down to keep the drive alive that resulted in the Jags 2nd TD. On the Jags first possession of the 2nd half, Bortles had a 3rd and 7 and ran for a 1st down. That drive consumed 7:10 minutes and resulted in a FG that made it 24-3. Later Bortles was stopped after gaining 4 yards on a 3rd and 5. With 3:07 left and the score 31-20, Bortles ran on 3rd and 8 for a 1st down which ended any small hope the Pats had.

Usually the Patriots have a ‘spy’ who is responsible for preventing running QBs for doing what Bortles did. Was that person Trey Flowers who went out with a concussion in the 1st half? Chung also went out with a concussion. Neither returned.

This game turned for good (bad) after Van Noy’s interception. It was at the beginning of the fourth quarter. The score was 24-13 and the Pats had the ball on the Jags 25. On 3rd and 9, Dante Fowler strip sacked Brady, beating RT LaAdrian Waddle. In Waddle’s

defense, he subbed with Marcus Cannon at RT in the 1st game, but Cannon was inactive with a calf injury. Waddle may have worn down in the heat.

The coup de grace occurred after a Jags challenge overturned a 1st down by James White. On the next series, Bortles hit Westbrook for a 61 yard TD down the sideline and the game was out of hand.

The Jaguars are a very good team and played well. They took it to the Patriots. Their offensive and defensive schemes were good. On some of their catches, they used crossing routes and picked off a defender. They also had some highlight reel catches.

Losing is tough for the Patriots, especially against a team they may face in the playoffs.
Belichick and his coaches will use this game (hopefully) to have the players learn from the loss. The Pats will be better with Edelman (after 2 more games) and another receiver (Kenny Britt?) or two (Jordan Matthews?).

Sony Michel looked good in his debut. The O Line should improve. On to Detroit.
On 3rd down, the Pats were 4 for 12 and allowed the Jags to go 10 of 14. That won’t do.

The Pats had no sacks and 4 QB hits. That’s after 3 sacks and 12 QB hits versus Houston

Keionta Davis started at RE in place of rookie Ja’Whaun Bentley. I saw Bentley run past Bortles on a blitz. Davis had 3 tackles.

When you know it might not be your day – On the first series of the game, Trey Flowers knocked the ball loose from WR Dede Westbrook, but the fumble went right to teammate DJ Chark.

When Jaguars LT Cam Robinson went out on the first drive of the game, I thought that might help the NE pass rush. Josh Wells, who replaced Robinson, did a good job instead.

Both Dietrich Wise Jr. and Calais Campbell were called for ‘leverage’ penalties. I had never heard of that before. A search shows it’s when a defensive player jumps or stands on a teammate or opponent to try and block a kick.

In the Steelers-KC game, Ben Roethlisberger threw past the line of scrimmage for a TD. It was challenged, but not overruled. It seemed obvious to me.
You probably heard that KC rookie Patrick Mahomes went 23 of 28 for 6 TDs. Best %– Derek Carr of the Raiders who was 29 of 32! Philip Rivers only threw for 3 TDs but was 23 of 27. Drew Brees was 28 of 35 (2 TDs) and the reincarnated Ryan Fitzpatrick was 27 of 33. He threw for 4 TDs, including two 75-yarders against the Super Bowl champion Eagles. That’s some slinging.

And it was a bad day for a couple little guys – the kickers. The Vikings Daniel Carlson missed 3 FGs (48, 49 and 35), two in overtime in their tie with Green Bay. The Browns Zane Gonzalez missed an extra point and two FGs (44, 52) in their 21-18 loss to NO. Oakland’s Mike Nugent had an extra point blocked. His team lost 20-19 to Denver. Oh and Gonzalez was kicking with a groin injury. Cleveland just cut him. Carlson cut too.

Ian Rapoport just tweeted that the Patriots may be close to a deal with the Browns for WR Josh Gordon. If any team can redeem a reprobate, it’s the Patriots.

Glad to have "ZINE" back - Sox are OK for regular season - little worried about playoffs - Kinsler playing well (good pick up).
I'm going out on a limb here Smokey Robinson-I know he wrote "First I Look At The Purse" for J Geils - and I believe he wrote "Going to a Go Go" (I think right title) for Stones
Ken Forestal
Good guess on the music trivia but incorrect. - Z

I was cocky with Smokey Robinson-from cuff-I visited J Geils & Wilson Pickett LPs-my guess is Bobby Womack-I believe the Stones did cover one of his songs over his protest (correct me if I'm wrong).
Ken Forestal
Ken, you're right on your second guess. Bobby Womack wrote It's All Over Now for his band, the Valentinos. When the Stones version came out, Womack was unhappy because his band’s attempt tanked. Womack was unhappy until he got his first royalty check. - Z

How about “It’s All Over Now “ Bobby Womack ??
Jim Dwyer
Jim, damn you're good! Who knows the Rolling Stones better than you. Yes it's Bobby Womack who wrote It's All Over Now. He wrote it for his group the Valentinos and was pissed when the Stones 'stole' it and recorded it. That lasted until he got his first royalty check. Those royalty checks for that one song made him financially secure for the rest of his life. - Z
Sportzine is also available at thanks to Buffalo Steve Lenz

Last week I mentioned a trivia question by Professor Peter. It was “When was the National Anthem (The Star-Spangled Banner) first played at a sporting event?” His answer was the first game of the 1918 World Series between the Red Sox and Cubs.
Well an Internet search shows that to be not totally correct. A Washington Post story of
8/30/16 by Fred Barbash and Travis Andrews describes that happening prefaced by ‘As legend has it...” However, a Huff Post piece by Caroline Bologna (5/21/18) notes that the first time the National Anthem was played was at Union Baseball and Cricket Grounds, Brooklyn, NY on May15, 1862, the opening day of the baseball season. The article then goes on to say that the first time the National Anthem was sung was at that first game of the 1918 World Series and it happened during the 7th inning stretch.

Words of wisdom came from Captain Jack to Dr. John, Joanne, Special K and me: He said “Part of life is being human.”

Ran into Rare Earth who told me about the recent hiring of youths at his job. He told one young man, “My surf board is older than you.”

Bob Segar’s Night Moves was playing at the Hot Club. Professor Peter asked me if I knew who played on Segar’s earliest hit though he had trouble remembering the song title. After a few moments I said Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Man. He marveled at my recall. I said that some people call me a ‘savant’ but I prefer ‘idiot savant’. FootJoy agreed quickly with the ‘idiot’ part. And it was Glenn Frey, per Pete, who played and sang on it.

Who wrote a #1 song for the Stones and songs for Joplin, J Geils and Wilson Pickett? Only Jim Dwyer and Ken Forestal (2nd try) got it – it was Bobby Womack. Besides It’s All Over Now for the Stones, the HOFer wrote Lookin’ for a Love for J Geils and I’m a Midnight Mover for Wilson Pickett.
On December 16, 1966, the Jimi Hendrix Experience released its first single (in the UK). What was the song title?


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