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Well, the Patriots defense still hasn’t given up a TD to an opponent after 3 games. The Jets were 0-12 on 3rd down and 0-1 on 4th. The D held Le’Veon Bell to 35 yards on 18 carries. They sacked 3rd string QB Luke Falk (12 of 22, one INT) 5 times and had 10 QB hits. Jamie Collins led the way with 2 sacks. Michael Bennett had 1. Dont’a, Van Noy, Butler and Winovich all had half a sack. Collins also led the team in tackles (5) and assists (2), followed by Shelton (4/2) and Simon (2/3).

It was 30-0 before Gunner Olszewski fumbled a punt into NE’s end zone that the Jets recovered for a TD. Then Jarrett Stidham came in for Tom Brady. On his 3rd pass, he threw a pick-6. Brady QB’d the rest of the game.

The Offensive Line saw the welcome return of Marcus Cannon at RT. Marshall Newhouse was back at LT. Brady was never sacked. He was hit 3 times. The sack wasd  vs. Stidham.

Brady’s passes were on the mark most of the time. When not throwing to the sidelines or deep outs, he tended to throw low where only his receivers could catch the ball.

On the downside, Julian Edelman suffered a rib injury in the 1st half and didn’t return. When Josh Gordon got hurt (back and hand), there were times when Brady's only
receivers were Phillip Dorsett, Jakobi Meyers, Gunner Olszewski and Rex Burkhead (with James White inactive because his wife was delivering). Once the Jets got to 30-14, there were more running plays and safe passes.

Also of concern was that Sony Michel still hasn’t got it going. He did have a 5 yard TD run but 9 carries for 11 yards won’t do it against good teams. Burkhead led with 11 carries and 47 yards. Though maybe with the changes on the OL (Center, Left Tackle and Right Tackle (though Cannon is back), the concentration has been on pass protection while run blocking is still a work in progress.

Up next, the one team in the AFC East that should concern the Patriots – the 3-0 Buffalo Bills who have a good Defense and emerging offense under young QB Josh Allen. Allen went 23 of 36, 1 INT vs Cincy but is a threat to run (9 carries, 46 yards). Go Pats!

Miami has a different Josh (Rosen) at QB and it’s going to be a long year for him. He was 18 of 39 (21 misses!) and was sacked 3 times by Dallas.

Atlanta barely lost to the Colts in Indy 27-24 as Matt Ryan only missed 5 passes (29 of 34) but one was an INT. Also, getting 16 penalties for 128 yards is counterproductive.

Tampa Bay, at home, had a 28-10 lead over the Giants at halftime. They lost 32-31. TB had two missed extra points, one of which was blocked. NY’s comeback was fueled by rookie QB Daniel Jones, who was 23 of 36, throwing for two TDs and running for two more (both 7-yard runs). On the downside NY lost Saquon Barkley – high ankle sprain.

Another rookie QB is Arizona’s Kyler Murray who wilted under pressure by Carolina’s Defense. Murray threw 2 interceptions and was sacked 8 times in a home game.

Green Bay is showing off its revamped Defense. They had 6 sacks vs the Broncos and QB Joe Flacco.

Jimmy Garoppolo and the 49ers beat the Steelers 24-20 in SF despite Jimmy G throwing 2 INTs and SF losing 3 fumbles.

Houston upset the Chargers in LA 27-20 even though they had only 39 yards rushing.

• Bill ‘The Gunner’ Flanagan, who sits next to me at Gillette, said that he knew the Trivia question answer for SZ#701 – Robert Palmer - but didn’t have access to the Internet. So I’m giving him credit.

• Bill also pointed out that the Jets starting QB Luke Falk was drafted #199 in the 6th round, just as his opposing QB Tom Brady was drafted #199 in the 6th round.

• Watched Farm Aid on AXS as well as Dan Rather’s Big Interview with Willie Nelson. Willie’s guitar ‘Trigger’ is a Martin N-20 acoustic that is amplified. Willie said he wanted to approach the playing style and sound of Django Reinhardt (Wikipedia).

•Didn’t know Luke Combs, one of the performers at Farm Aid. Enjoyed his songs, especially (Long Neck Ice Cold) Beer Never Broke My Heart. From Asheville, NC.
    Sportzine is available at thanks to Buffalo Steve Lenz
• Coming attractions: very soon I will introduce you to a new segment of Sportzine which will discuss Psychotronic Movies and some of the directors responsible for them. The term ‘Psychotronic’ was coined by writer Michael Weldon who has published many reviews discussing movies that fit that bill. As I used to try and explain to Victoria, there are some movies that may have one scene or element that makes it worth viewing because it’s so over the top. Couldn’t convince her. We’ll see what you think.

Thanks, Jimmy…Glad the Zine is back. I also like that you called Kirk Cousins-Mark….haha. He stinks as a quarterback….when Vikes signed him, I knew his personality wouldn't build a winner. He is like Bradford….just doesn’t have the intensity to be the “guy” when you need someone to step up and lead…..he is a morale buster.
I am going to refer to him as Mark from now on…thanks…
Dave Knudson,
Thanks ‘Minnesota Dave’. That's an Oops moment. I have corrected it in the hard copy that I hand out at the Hot Club.  -    Z

FootJoy sent me this email which is about Baseball replays. You’ll find it interesting:
It gives some clarity to the review calls, especially 1B (just touching the glove leather) and 'ties' (the call stands). Thanks, FootJoy     -   Z

Hello Jim,
Was the post Woodstock event held in Canada? There was a concert right after Woodstock and there were more people than expected, so they had to waive the admission fee. Thank you for the zine.
David Annese
Actually, David, it was held in LA. I was shocked that I had never heard (or remembered) it. Thanks for reading.    -   Z

Was it Monterey?
Annette Mendonca
Good guess Annette but not what I was looking for. Also, a google of Monterey Pop, shows that it occurred in June of 1967 which was before Woodstock.     -      Z

Jim, great to have Sportzine back. Pats were also helped by having receivers who could catch the ball (unlike Miami - who did not just drop passes that hit them in the hands but volleyed them to Pats defenders). And some big soccer news: David de Gea signed a new Man U contract, something of a surprise considering all the talk of him moving on when his current deal expired. He's the main reason Man U has not plummeted to the middle of the Premier League table.
I almost forgot.  If you're talking about the Watkins Glen concert (Grateful Dead, Allman Brothers, The Band), Joe Salvo and I were there. A great show, with the sound check featuring an incredible jam.
Glenn Dewell
Glenn, Watkins Glen is a good guess but it was a 1 day event. I was looking for a 3 day event. Thanks also for the soccer update.   -   Z

Hey Jim,
Taking a stab at this week’s trivia question. Is the post Woodstock concert the one at Watkins Glen in 1973? I was there and it was the Grateful Dead, Allman Brothers and the Band. There were a lot more than 300,000 people though.
Could be another shutout coming Sunday against the Jets.
Tom Robinson
Good guess, Tom, but Watkins Glen was a 1 day event. I was looking for a 3 day gathering. Thanks for reading and responding. Also, Pats fans would love a shutout of the J-E-T-S      -   Z

Enjoyed the "Zine," and the Slater Park Zoo 'Dirty Harry' tale. Reminds me of a storyline from a Carl Hiaasen novel (Bad Monkey?). (Thanks, Mike C for introducing me to Hiaasen's Fla-centered stories.)
Guessing on the quiz... (actually, two guesses: Isle of Wight or Bath festivals - both Brit rock fests around the same time as Woodstock. Do I get partial credit if one of them is right?
Keep on Truckin,
Bill, good answers though neither are right. I should have stated that the 3-day concert event occurred in the US. The 1969 Isle of Wight Festival was 11 days after Woodstock. An estimated 150,000 attended the two day event. Bob Dylan and the Band played there instead of in their backyard of Woodstock. The 1970 Isle of Wight Festival attracted an estimated 600,000 to see and hear over 50 performers, but was done over 5 days (Aug. 26-30).
The Bath International Music Festival is not only music but films, talks, dance, theatre, etc. It's done over 12 days in May. So, as you can see, neither meets the requirement of being a 3-day event. Glad that you weighed in though.    -   Z

Special K and I had a running conversation about the Slater Park Zoo. This email that I sent her includes a video of the old Zoo:
Special K, ran across this video of the old Slater Park Zoo. It shows several of the animals that were there, including the polar bear.
I greeted Ernesto with ‘Happy Friday’. He responded: “Friday Happy Indeed”.

My music selections started Wednesday with four Cars songs followed by two of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. Bianca said ‘I see a pattern here.’ I assured her that the rest were not all ‘dead people’ songs and Superstition, Here I Am, and Gnarls Barkley’s Crazy followed. I did end with David Bowie and Freddy Mercury doing Under Pressure.

According to a source who would know, some medical settings now have baskets of free condoms. The catchphrase is ‘No glove, no love.’

Told the gang that my parents would take us on a summer trip every year. One time we went to Hampton Beach, NH (coldest summer water ever). My first rock concert was at the Hampton Casino: the Beach Boys and Kingsmen. Brad was too young to get in.

Another year we went to Niagara Falls. Brad and my Dad went over it in a helicopter. I was with my Mom in a different helicopter. It scared me that our helicopter had an open cockpit - no doors. I don’t like heights. So I asked my Mom to sit next to the open side as she had lived longer than I had. FootJoy said “But you ruined your Mom’s plans!”

The post-Woodstock festival that attracted over 300,000 over 3 days, and one that I had not heard of? No one had it until Sunday at Gillette. Sean, a buddy of Eric Rasmussen’s (sits behind us), knew it was the US Festival. The first US Festival was 1982 in LA and was sponsored by Steve Wozniak of Apple, who wanted to do something to bring music fans together. He financed the ’82 and ’83 US Festivals (’82 lost him a reported $12 million, ’83, $13 million). He hired promoter Bill Graham to run the first which was held at the 500 acre Glen Helen Regional Park in Devore, CA. It combined music with technology exhibits. Some of the performers: Talking Heads, The Police, The Kinks, the Dead, Santana, The Cars, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Jimmy Buffett, Jackson Browne and Fleetwood Mac to mention a few. There was also a 2-way satellite hookup with the Soviet Union (Sources: www.cultof and Wikipedia).

This guitarist, singer/songwriter inspired Mark Knopfler, Neil Young and Eric Clapton. Many of his songs were recorded by others to great success. He won a Grammy for a collaboration with another artist. He refused to be on Dick Clark’s American Bandstand show because he would have had to lip-sync. Name?


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