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MAY 4, 2020


The man wants versatility. With this draft, and even after with the signings of undrafted free agents, Bill Belichick got just that with his selections.

The Pats traded their 1st round pick to the Chargers for a 2nd and 3rd, . They knew that they could get Kyle Dugger, the Division 2 safety that they wanted, with that 2nd rounder. Plus, not blessed with much salary cap space, they would pay less for a 2nd round pick than a 1st rounder. Dugger is the Div. 2 Defensive Player of the Year and was moved around the backfield while also returning punts.

Then the Pats moved up and took Michigan LB/DL Josh Uche. Uche can play DE (light at 245), LB and in coverage. Per the Herald’s Andrew Callahan (5/3), Uche played 6 different positions at Michigan and was their Defensive Player of the Year.

In the 3rd round, they took another LB, Anfernee Jennings from Alabama. Jennings is more of a run stopper, but can be moved around.

Having learned their lesson last year, the Pats then took 2 Tight Ends with their next picks. First they took Devin Asiasi from UCLA. Asiasi had transferred there from Michigan, and so was a teammate of Josh Uche’s, and had been a teammate with LB Chase Winovich (taken last year by NE). Asiasi is 6’3”, 260. Can he also block?

The 2nd TE chosen was Virginia Tech’s Dalton Keene, who is 6’4” and 253. He played not only TE but H-back (this is why Aaron Hernandez was drafted), RB and even FB.

They got their kicker, Justin Rohrwasser, next, and if he can be as consistent as those that came before him, NE will be happy.

Of their final 4 draft picks, 3 were OL. The Pats even moved up to pick the 1st of those, Michigan OG Michael Onwenu, who is 6’3”, 344 lbs, and played both guard positions.

He was followed by OT Justin Herron from Wake Forest where he played LT. Herron is 6’4”, 308 and was a team captain (another desired trait for Pats picks).

Next NE went with ILB Cassh Maluia from Wyoming before picking Memphis Center Dustin Woodward, 6’1”, 295, who has also played both guard positions.

Next issue I’ll discuss some of the undrafted free agents that the Pats signed.


The Globe’s Dan Shaughnessy is a very good sports writer. He is known for being snarky and some call him ‘Shaughnasty’. In his column Sunday, Shaughnessy described his 4 years covering the Larry Bird Celtics. He states “I had a reputation for being critical, and Celtics players called me ‘Scoop’. Kevin McHale would regularly greet me with ‘Hey Scoop, is your shoulder sore from driving all those pipes through people?’

Shaughnessy admits that he fell out of favor with Bird after the Celtics lost the NBA Championship (1984-85) to LA, and Bird learned that Shaughnessy was doing a front page piece on Bird getting into a barroom fight during the conference finals. After Shaughnessy printed it, Bird told him “I won’t be talking to you anymore.” This was during the historic 1985-86 season. And Bird wouldn’t talk to him. Until on a plane flight with the team, Shaughnessy, who had just learned he was taking over the baseball beat because Peter Gammons was leaving for Sports Illustrated, announced to the Celtics that he was leaving after the trip to go to Winter Haven to cover the Red Sox. Bird took out his wallet and said, “I’ll pay your way if you leave now.


Baseball Trivia from Jim Dwyer: Who was the first ex-Little Leaguer to be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame? Answer – next issue.

This is an interesting story that Bob Kumins sent me via email. More baseball is good.

If you wondered what happened to Randy Moss’ son Thaddeus in the NFL draft, well, the TE was not selected. He left LSU early but had only last year for teams to see as he sat out as a transfer and the following year was injured. He has signed with Washington.

Saw the MLB plan to assign teams to a new three division format based on geography and dropping AL/NL leagues. They hope to play about 110 games starting late June.

As we all try to get through the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a way to help each other.

We can phone loved ones. We can text them. We can Zoom with them. Share some music with them. Send them all sorts of humor – jokes, stories. Pal Al told me about WRIU (90.3 FM) which is broadcasting from East Greenwich. There is a 4-6 show with ex-WBCN DJ Sam Kopper (sp.?). My friend Paul says there’s a great station on Martha’s Vineyard which I will check out soon. Whether or not you’re by yourself or not, you can still go for walks in the neighborhood. Work in the yard. Start a garden. As the great Red Green said, “I’m rooting for you. We’re all in this together.”


Losing Develin will hurt-maybe one of the TEs drafted can fill the void --I think Develin was the only NFL player from Brown.

Ken Forestal

Ken, yeah James Develin's loss is big for that Patriots running game. They have a rookie FB who got hurt last year. Maybe he can help (Jakob Johnson). One of the TEs, Dalton Keene out of Va Tech, was used out of the backfield as an H back, RB and FB. No more Elandon Roberts.

I believe you're right about Develin though today's ProJo mentions Brown's DL Michael Hoecht signing with the Rams. We'll see if he sticks. - Z

(Music Trivia Question from Last Issue)

We may not have sports back yet, but sure-as-hell good to have the ‘zine’ back. As soon as I read the music quiz, ‘All I have to do is Dream’ started playing in my head. Dunno if it’s the right answer but it is for me.

Bill Shea

Bill, good guess but No, not All I Have to do is Dream. I love that song which made it to #1 in 1958. How about this - I just learned that Chet Atkins is on that song playing guitar. - Z

Morning, Jim- have been thinking about Everly Brothers constantly and trying not to look- I’m going with Wake Up Little Suzy! Mark Allio Mark, good guess but No, not Wake Up Little Susie. - Z


I think the Everly Brothers' best selling song (number of records and money earned) was "Bowling Green".

I just believe that it was a "crossover" song before there were ones.

One of my favorites of theirs anyway.

Bill LaPlante

Bill, good guess but No, not Bowling Green. - Z

Hi Jim, Hope you are safe and well. Man do I miss baseball!!! Time will tell and the Pats should be interesting to say the least. Trivia question I think it was Cathy’s Clown? I read a great book on Graham Nash (Biography) a couple of years ago and he went into great detail on the Everly Brothers influence on the early Hollies music and it is recommended reading. Garry Gillett Very good, Garry. Yes, Cathy's Clown which they wrote! Most of their early hits were all written by the husband and wife team of Felice and Boudleaux Bryant. I miss baseball too, especially McCoy. Question is when/if baseball returns. - Z

(Baseball Trivia Question: Only 5 players to hit 500 or more home runs and only play for one team – This trivia was provided by Jim Dwyer)

Hi Jim:

For your quiz, Mickey Mantle and Ted Williams are the only ones that come to mind for me. As I teach from home, I've been following football everywhere (Patriots news and wondering what will happen with the other "football"). My favorite team, Brighton, sits 2 points above the relegation zone in the English Premier League.  With Champions League, Europa League, and transfer windows also of concern, who know what will happen.  At least the Red Sox are unbeaten against the Yankees so far.  Stay safe!

Glenn Dewell

Hi Glenn, well you got one more right than I did when the trivia was asked of me. Never have been that great with baseball trivia. Getting relegated is not a good thing. That much soccer I do know. Will they play to empty stadia? - Z

Jimbo: I'm sure of Williams, Banks, McCovey, Mantle, and Aaron. I think Mays finished with a year as a Met. Maybe Killebrew? And no, I didn't look this up, as I view these quizzes as a test of knowledge & trivia, not a contest to see who has the smartest cell phone.

Tom Wallis

Hi Tom, Williams, Mantle and Banks are correct. Hank Aaron finished with the Brewers. Willie Mays ended with the Mets. McCovey played for San Diego and the A's.  Killebrew's last year was with KC. You did better than I did when I was asked this trivia. - Z

Ted Williams, Mickey Mantle, Ernie Banks, Mike Schmidt, Eddie Matthews

These are my choices for the 500 homer/one team club; I don't think that we'll ever see another player in this category again.

Bill LaPlante

Pretty good Bill, You got 4 of 5. Eddie Matthews is not in that club. He ended with Houston and Detroit. And I agree that there probably won't be another to join that 5 man club. - Z

Interesting draft-wait and see how things play out - Belichick likes "cuts" from other teams."Wake up little Susie" way too obvious so it must not be correct.

Good baseball quiz-much discussion with Joan over coffee:

Williams-Red Sox, Mantle-Yankees, Schmidt-Phillies, Matthews-Braves, Aaron-Braves. Joan brought up Ruth/Mays/Maris-but alas they played with other teams

Ken Forestal

Ken, Williams, Mantle and Schmidt are right. Aaron ended with the Brewers. Matthews finished with Houston and Detroit.

Yeah Belichick isn't done yet. Need more speed receivers that are not slot men. I just looked up Marqise Lee who they added before the draft. 6' and a speedster but has had knee injuries last 2 years. One year contract. Let's see what happens. Glad he added 2 TEs and another that was undrafted - Berry of Ohio State. Keene was used as an H back. V Tech also played him in the backfield as a RB and FB. When Aaron Hernandez was drafted, it was as an H Back/TE. - Z

Ted Williams, Ernie Banks, Mel Ott, Mickey Mantle, Mike Schmidt all played for only 1 team and hit over 500 home runs. This is just off the top of my head.

Bob Kumins

Bob, I was pretty sure that you would know the answer. I knew Ted. Needed a tip from Jim Dwyer (he gave me teams) for others, especially Mel Ott. One thing that I found remarkable - Al Kaline (one of my choices) hit 399 home runs, but never 30 in any season. - Z

Hi Jim -

Don't know if you saw this...

The gods have spoken! Stay well, my brother

Steve Lenz

Thanks Steve, good to know. Special K had emailed earlier that the Hot Club is also selling wine, beer and hard stuff for half price. No contact. Put in car trunk - Z

Subject: Nuke Laloosh

Jim, did you hear about this guy passing last week? Ultimate rags to riches to rags story.  Funny how it all ends up.

I sure hope we see some ball this summer; at least some minor league where the crowds aren't so big and packed in.

Bill LaPlante

Bill, yeah I did see this about the guy on whom Nuke Laloosh was based. Love Bull Durham. My favorite baseball movie. - Z

Sportzine is also available at thanks to Buffalo Steve Lenz


So we did our usual Friday at 5 Zoom session with our Hot Club regulars. It was May Day or as I preferred to call it ‘Mayday’ after the military distress signal used by aviators and mariners. Our job was to make the session as un-distressful as possible. Mission accomplished.

Cap’t. Jack asked me what I thought of the Patriots draft. I noted that this was the first Patriots draft where they selected 2 tight ends since 2010 when they picked Gronk and Hernandez, and this year’s TE picks were made back to back. Another need was at linebacker/edge rusher having lost Van Noy and Collins. The Pats picked 2 LBs back to back, moving up both times to do it. The only thing on my wish list not addressed was drafting a speedy outside receiver. However my brother Brad had suggested that Belichick would address that in selecting undrafted free agents, and he immediately did that, signing 4 WRs. However all are slot receivers. I wanted a split wide speed threat.

Dr. John and Cap’t. Jack can’t wait (but will for a bit) to get their boats in the water. Jack offered to get us all on board as soon as the pandemic situation improves.

In discussing outlets for our idle time, I brought up an outstanding HBO documentary called Bird vs Magic: A Courtship of Rivals. Bird and Magic came from quite different backgrounds and upbringings. Where Magic was outgoing, Bird was a competitor who wouldn’t shake an opponent’s hand. As Jack recalled, the relationship thawed when the two did a commercial together. Great documentary. See it if you can.


The question was what Everly Brothers song was their best selling hit. Only Garry Gillett (a PawSox season ticket holder) got the answer: Cathy’s Clown. The brothers had just signed with Warner Music Group so they got that label off to a great start. Peter, in the Zoom, commented on the Everly Brothers great harmonies and influence on groups that followed. Peter posited that family members who sing seem better at harmonizing.


This singer was originally a folkie. He had a million selling gold record which displaced a Beatles song at #1, but never had another song in Billboard’s Top 40. He helped the Mamas and Papas get a record contract. He left folk/rock for a different type of music. Acted in 2 films. Appeared on Broadway in a musical. Name the singer and song.


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