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MAY 25, 2020


You know that you are in an alternate universe when your sports deprivation is satisfied with a made for TV charity golf match pitting Peyton Manning and Tiger Woods versus Tom Brady and Phil Mickelson. I watched much of the match. The early trash talking between Manning and Brady, who were hitting drives while waiting for the rain to stop, provided an early preview of what was to come.

Manning suggested that if he had been allowed to have a caddie, he might have opted for his brother Eli (who beat the Brady-led Patriots twice in the Super Bowl) or Nick Foles (who led the Eagles over the Pats in the Super Bowl). Brady cried ‘Cheap shot’.

That was before Manning then suggested that maybe Bill Belichick might have been a good choice as his caddie (doubt that would ever happen).

Later we learned that Brady has a nickname for Manning – Peydirt. Not sure if that was somewhat tongue in cheek, but Peyton and the Denver Broncos did beat a Brady led Patriots team in the 2015-2016 AFC Championship game 20-18, before besting Carolina in Super Bowl 50.

Manning was 2-2 in Super Bowls and had a career post-season mark of 14-13. Not quite Brady-esque. Peydirt?

On this day, Peyton Manning was obviously the better amateur golfer. He put his team up by 2 on the front nine (it helps to have Tiger Woods as your partner on Wood’s home course). Brady was having an abysmal day until the 7th hole. Charles Barkley twice offered to donate $50,000 to the COVID-19 charity if Brady could hit his tee shot onto the green on two par 3 holes. Brady didn’t come close.

As the trash talk heated up, including involving commentator Charles Barkley, who never is at a loss for words (i.e. rarely shuts up), Brady got a measure of revenge on Barkley when he hit his 4th shot (on a par 5) from the fairway into the cup. It got Brady going even though he and Mickelson didn’t pick up a stroke. Brady, after hitting the shot, fired back at Barkley with a ‘Shut your mouth, Chuck. Take a little of that medicine.’ As Brady leaned over to retrieve his ball, he split his pants.

Later, after considerable coaching from Mickelson, Brady holed a long putt to get them within 1, where it stayed through the rest of the match. Woods did little to no coaching of Manning in contrast to Mickelson’s tips to Brady. Fun match and $ for a needed cause


For those of you who watched The Last Dance and got to see Michael Jordan up close,

here’s how Robert Parish, playing for the Bulls the last year of his career, handled Jordan’s bullying:

For those looking for some uplifting, inspiring music here’s a great performance that you will enjoy. It was forwarded to me by Dave Knudson of Minneapolis. Thanks Dave.

The only way I get this to work is to put the link in your browser and hit search. It will lead you to the Super Jam of The Weight. Hope this works as it is well worth it.

The NBA is discussing resuming play at Disney’s ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex in Orlando.

The NHL is exploring returning with playoffs involving 24 teams.

The PGA Tour will resume in 2 weeks.

In 2021 ESPN will show a 9-part documentary on Tom Brady called Man in the Arena.

Sunday, the Globe’s Dan Shaughnessy took Tom Brady to task for having his TB 12 company promote a new ‘immunity supplement’. For once I agree with Shaughnessy.


Hello Jim, How are you holding up during this lockdown? I know you're always on the go. My answer to the question is Elvin Bishop. Thanks for sending the "Zine". David Annese

Hi David, hanging in there. Walk 2 miles. Music. Humor. We're getting there.
Good try with Elvin Bishop, but not hi
m. - Z

As always , the 'zine is a welcome respite from whatever ails you. It came up a minute after I went online. Gotta go with " Blues Boy" King for the trivia answer. Tom Wallis Right you are Tom. You're on a roll. - Z

James, reference your quiz question, how about BB “nobody loves me but my mother and she could be jivin’ me too” King….RIP.  Jim, way to hang in there with your zine, you can tell everyone’s enjoying it…as you always knew, it was much more than just sports, it was always about the connections.  Cheers amigo.  Mike Curtis

Thanks Mike, and yes, you're right on - it's BB King. You remembered that line that I love from his Indianola Mississippi Seeds album. Thanks also for the kind words about Sportzine. Didn't realize how many people liked it, but I've heard from people using email whom I thought might not even read it anymore. - Z

Good 'Zine. I remember the Super Bowl vs. Packers with those two from Green Bay sitting in front of us. I also remember the young woman that sat next to you and was taking notes. Her first football game ever and your face turned VERY red because she was GIVEN her ticket by a friend, and we had a hard time just to get the chance to see the game. You were really mad!! But it was a fun trip just the same. Same year we lost our tickets because Jim F. never sent in the money. Plus our season-long quest to go to as many games as possible was mentioned in a front page article in the next day's Providence Journal.

I still think Brady wanted out of the entire New England area, and not just the Patriots. The fans treated him very well when he was here but I felt his goodbye could have been better. I'm a Pats fan and now that he doesn't want to play for us I hope Stid the Kid can be our answer.  

I'll take a shot at the trivia question and say that the bluesman that you are looking for is John Mayall. Even if I'm not correct, find his album "The Turning Point". A great album!

Walt Dzialo

Hi Walt, yes I left that out of the Sportzine - re the Green Bay-Pats Super Bowl game when the young woman sat in the lone seat next to me. Didn't know anything about football (asked me many questions). Had never been to a football game. Got the ticket from her boss. I said to her: 'Do you know what a football fan would give to be at this game?' She never came back for the 2nd half.

Good guess on the trivia but no, not John Mayall. Will look for that album by him. Have at least one or two Bluesbreakers albums. The guy is in his 80's (born in '33!) and still  making music. - Z  


Thanks...good Zine! 

I know pro basketball fans will always have the debate over the GOAT NBA player....Michael Jordan vs. LeBron James is the most recent comparison. My criteria is still....How many championships did you bring your team (you know where I'm going with this)? Yes, it was a different era when Bill Russell battled Wilt Chamberlain, with Wilt many times winning the statistical clash (see basketball reference head-to-head stats), but come playoff time, it was Russell making key blocks or grabbing important rebounds to secure a win. 11 NBA Championships in the 13 years he played is a strong case to be made for the discussion.

Also, see the link to a Chicago Tribune article from 1991 (which is attributed to Mike Szostak of the Providence Journal)

Brad Dawson

Thanks Brad. Bill Russell stands alone. - Z

Great Zine! Some other thoughts on “distancing” in baseball:

Any player can handle the ball, recently held by another player.

Sliding and/or other close put outs on the base paths.

Arguments between players or managers with umpires (Earl Weaver could never comply).

I’m sure that there are more potential issues (e.g. what happens when someone tests positive) and I hope they figure it out! Baseball in any form would be great!

Stay positive & well my friend.

Rick Nadeau

Thanks Rick, liked your analysis of difficulties in baseball to stay distanced. The same ball could easily be handled by 3 players on the same play.

Imagine a manager arguing with a home plate ump from 6 feet. No spitting! 

Let's cross our fingers that they find a way to return to baseball, but with safety first. - Z

Thanks much Jim! Great stuff!

FYI - I have seen uptick in playground basketball recently. Five vs. five complies w/ Gina’s mandate (almost!). Stay safe.

Kevin Mulcahey

Hi Kevin, thanks for the kind words. Yeah that 'compliance' is decent but could be better.

Have to hope things get better as things open up. Stay well. - Z

Korean soccer team hit with record fine, may face stadium expulsion over sex dolls in stands. Well, what’s next - Any ideas? This could be something for "Zine".

Ken Forestal

Ken, I heard about the sex dolls. Was that wrong? Were they Male and Female? - Z

Intrepid reporter Ken Forestal submitted this analysis of KBO baseball. I thank Ken for his overview.

KBO (Ed.: highest level of South Korean baseball. KBO: Korea Baseball Organization)

AA/AAA LEVEL Young players-18/19 yrs. old not uncommon.

a) Defense-outfield skills are competent-have noticed weak arms-throws go to cut off man (a bit deeper than normal)-the extra base can be taken.

-obvious lack of defensive shifts (result of spray hitting?)

3rd base seems to be a weak spot. Catching is adequate-they frame well.

b) Offense –good patient at bats-take ball deeper in zone-use the entire field when hitting-more “choke up” then I’ve seen in long time.

Good speed on base paths. Very little hit and run and bunting.

Leading hitter in KBO is Park Yong Talk 2,439 hits (still plays for LG Twins)

c) Pitching-starting pitching above average-bullpens are Achilles’ heel.

Avg. velocity 88.3. Eduardo Perez stated there are 2 games in one-the starting pitching game/the bullpen game). Joan and I watched games with a team up 6/7+ runs in 7th/8thonly to lose when relief enters.

d) Foreign players-each team is allowed 3 (this year there was a rule change that allows all 3 to play in game-prior only two could participate)

Most teams have 2 pitchers and 1 position player (99% of them).

Two players have stuck out this year:

Roberto Ramos-6 home runs multiple extra base hits in first 7 games.

At triple A Albuquerque (Rockies)-30 HR-105 RBI’s last season.

Jose Miguel Fernandez-batting just shy of .600 thru 6 games.

Preston Tucker has been struggling both at plate and in field.

Last year there was a rule change regarding balls-the league now uses standard ball-prior home team chose ball.

e) fans-though no fans in stadium yet –they show many clips of fan participation at past games-“Fanatical” would be my description-MLB fans resemble attendees to an Amish funeral compared to the Korean Fans.

Bat Flipping-An art in KBO-it is not considered an insult to flip bat after HR-some players have become quite creative - A highlight film was shown 1st couple games showing bat flips. The foreign players do not bat flip.

Dugout-Clean, orderly and neat-no gum or sunflower seeds.

In closing I would say it is passable baseball for the baseball deprived-it will become a more entertaining event with fans in stands-much like “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” a mediocre film that becomes Iconic with audience participation.

Sportzine is also available at thanks to Buffalo Steve Lenz


Well, the Magnificent Seven Hot Clubbers (reduced to 5), who had been Zooming every Friday for 9 straight weeks, were in the forefront of the return to the real Hot Club. With a confirmed reservation, a table of 5 (max), and required facial coverings, we were there both Thursday and Friday from 4-5:45 (stay limited to an hour and 45 minutes). Peter, Dr. John, Capt. Jack, Kristin and I were there Thursday. Mark subbed for Peter Friday.

Previously, Peter had said he had binged Deadwood with the great Ian McShane as Swearengen (apt name). That reminded me of McShane in the movie Sexy Beast, which has an excellent cast that includes Ray Winstone as ‘Gal’ and Sir Ben Kingsley as Don Logan. This movie is a keeper, and you’ll never forget it or Kingsley’s performance.

So that led me to mention to the Magnificent Five on Friday of another movie that you won’t soon forget – Bone Tomahawk. Kurt Russell stars along with Patrick Wilson and Trinity Rep’s Richard Jenkins in a fantastic supporting role that was worthy of an Oscar.

It starts out as a normal Cowboys vs Indians movie before it takes a very dark turn. Not for the queasy of stomach, it, like Sexy Beast, is a very memorable movie.

Dr. John mentioned loving AXS TV which is available on Verizon. Great music concerts, documentaries, interviews (Dan Rather, Sammy Hagar, Brian Johnson), shows like Daryl’s House and imaginative Top Ten lists. Mark and I agreed wholeheartedly. A great music experience. Friday they showed The Last Waltz as Dr. John reminded us.


So who was that Bluesman who started as a DJ, influenced Clapton and Bloomfield, had but 1 Pop Top 20 but 8 Grammys and is in the Rock HOF? Tom Wallis and Mike Curtis knew it was BB King as did Mark Allio in our Friday HC visit. Riley B. King’s nickname is The King of the Blues. The BB came from his DJ days when he was known as the Beale St. Blues Boy, shortened to Blues Boy and then BB. BB King made great music with his Gibson guitar known as ‘Lucille’. RIP BB, who died in 2015 at age 89.


At one time, she was the best-selling female singer with her blue-eyed soul. 6 Top 20 singles. She was inducted into the Rock HOF two weeks after she died. Name?


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