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BY JIM DAWSON SEPTEMBER 14, 2020 PATRIOTS RUN OVER DOLPHINS 21-11 It was not a surprise that with a so so receiving corps that Josh McDaniels would unleash a running attack against Miami, especially with Cam Newton, a running QB. Well, Cam had 75 yards on 15 carries, and that’s the most yardage by any Patriot QB not named Steve Grogan. Two of those carries, one for 11 yards and one for 4, resulted in touchdowns (Newton’s 59th and 60th rushing TDs , an NFL record). Newton got help as the Pats ran for 217 yards as a team. No other NFL team came close to that Sunday. NE got running contributions from Sony Michel (37 yards and a TD), Burkhead (32 yards), White (22) and undrafted free agent J.J. Taylor (28). Other than Cam Newton’s two TD runs, the other important run came from Julian Edelman. After N’Keal Harry was stripped of the ball and it went through the end zone for a turnover, Miami mustered a 4th quarter drive that resulted in a TD and with a 2-point conversion 8 points that brought them within a field goal of tying. On the Pats next possession, McDaniels called for an Edelman jet sweep (we called it an end around). Edelman went for 23 yards and when he was hit out of bounds by Jerome Baker (who had stripped Harry), 15 more yards were added for a 38 yard gain. The Pats then had runs by White, Burkhead and especially Cam Newton, who made a 1st down on 4th and 1 near the end zone. NE scored an important TD by Sony Michel with FB Jacob Johnson leading the way to make it 21-11. A 10 point lead with 5:23 left. Ryan Fitzpatrick overcame the Pats only sack (Derek Rivers) and led the Dolphins down the field aided by a Stephon Gilmore interference call (his 2nd of the day) as time ran done to under 2 minutes. Then JC Jackson intercepted Fitz (his 3rd of the day) in the end zone to seal the deal. JoJuan Williams got away with interference on the play. Cam Newton was 15 of 19 passing. As Tony Romo observed, Miami finally brought all 11 men up to the line to stop the Pats running attack. When they did, Cam went to a passing attack. If Harry doesn’t fumble through the end zone, this game would have been over earlier as the Pats would have had a 21-3 lead with just the 4th quarter to go. A solid win with good help from the Defense. POINTS AFTER Edelman had the 600th catch of his career. He was targeted 7 times and had 5 catches. Harry had 6 passes come his way and caught 5. A good day except for that fumble. No other Pats WR had a catch. TE Ryan Izzo had 1 catch on 2 targets (for 25 yards). Up only 7-3 at the half, NE ran 20 plays to Miami’s 6 in the 3rd quarter. For the game, the Pats had the ball for 34:49 vs 25:11 for Miami. While the Pats didn’t put enough pressure on Fitzpatrick early, the interceptions by Stephon Gilmore and Adrian Phillips were aided by strong pass rushes. Jarrett Stidham was inactive so the backup QB was Brian Hoyer. On Defense, Adrian Phillips led with 8 tackles and 1 assist (9). Also Winovich 4/2(6), Gilmore 4/1 (5), Bentley 3/2 (5), Devin McCourty 3/2 (5) and Terrence Brooks 3/2 (5). Doug Kyed/ (9/14) had the snap counts: LT Wynn, LG Thuney, C Andrews and RG Mason played all 64 snaps. RT Eluemunor (48), Onwenu (22) and Herron (2). BULLETS • The Celtics won a grueling Game #7 over the Raptors. They now play the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals starting Tuesday. Go Celtics! • Philly blew a 17-0 lead to Washington and never scored in the 2nd half. Losers. • The Panthers had a crucial 4th and 1. New coach Matt Rhule didn’t use his best runner Christian McCaffrey and Carolina didn’t pick up the 1st down. Dumb. They lost. • Dallas had the ball on the Rams 11, down by 3. On 4th down, new coach Mike McCarthy went for it on 4th down instead of kicking the tying FG. Ah Mike, huh? • Arizona’s Kyler Murray ran 13 times (91 yards), was 26 of 40, and led his team to a 4th quarter TD over SF. He hit DeAndre Hopkins a career high 14 times for 151 yards. • Oops: Bengals kicker Randy Bullock missed a 31-yard tying FG as Cincy lost. • Jaguars QB Gardner Minshew went 19 for 20 in an upset win over the Colts. Dolts. • Double oops: rookie WR D’Andre Swift dropped a sure TD in the end zone and the Bears beat Detroit. Sportzine is also available at thanks to Buffalo Steve Lenz EMAIL Jim, I rarely if ever take part in your music trivia contests, but I'm going with Emmylou Harris. Bob Kumins Bob, congratulations! Yes, it's Emmylou Harris. Way to go. - Z Hi Jim, thanks for sending the ZINE. I have been enjoying horse racing during this pandemic, it has been going on uninterrupted. My trivia guess is Emmylou Harris. David Annese Great answer David and you're right - it is Emmylou Harris. - Z Hello Jim, the only way to get a hit is to keep swinging….is Linda Ronstadt the answer to this week’s question? Tom Robinson Good guess Tom, but No, not Ronstadt. A buddy of hers though. - Z, I’m coming back to the plate to take another swing at this question……how about Emmylou Harris? Tom Robinson Yes, Tom, Emmylou Harris is the correct answer. Your batting average is on the rise.- Z Great zine, chockablock full of interesting content. But alas, my credit for picking Barbra Streisand at our in-person HC session on Friday was nowhere to be found! Maybe slip me a nod in the next issue.  In the meantime, I’m offering up Emmylou Harris as this week’s music trivia pick (though I have a sneaking suspicion it could be someone else). Fingers crossed! Mark Allio Will give you props next issue for Barbra Streisand. Emmylou Harris is correct. Congratulations, Mark. - Z Jim, great zines. And a really well stated statement on BLM. Keep up the good work amigo. Believe the answer to your quiz is Emmylou Harris. Mike Curtis Right you are, Mike. It’s Emmylou Harris. - Z Jim, a few things! First I’m gonna make a guess at Emmylou Harris because I remember her singing with Neil Young at one time. As far as my 2 albums- I wore out Hot Rocks —I think I bought the vinyl 3 times, at least 2 cassettes of it and right now I have 2 copies of the CD set. But that is a greatest hits so I would think you would rather not do greatest hits. I will refrain because I probably would give you 10 Stones Albums and that would even be difficult so I may limit that too. So I’ll start with Sticky Fingers and Led Zeppelin IV off the top of my head. Good idea in doing two a week—more time to think. As far as baseball injuries, David Cone stated it well. “The month says August but the pitchers arms still are in April.” I assume the same is true for the non pitchers. Over 162, those can be overcome as Yankees showed last year with all the new guys coming up and doing really well. They did well over time —60 games —not enough time. Also so sick of hearing about exit velocity, angle and all that crap. I like old baseball where not so many strikeouts and batters “hit em where they ain’t”. And managers make decisions by what they feel —like Torre and Zim—not what a notebook says to do. Not just home runs or strikeouts! Jim Dwyer Hi Jim, first off, you are correct - Emmylou Harris is the answer to the trivia question.  You know that a Stones album would be in my Top 10. I just looked at their discography and would have a tough time making a pick among 3 albums. The first that came to mind was Sticky Fingers. However Beggars Banquet is a personal favorite and then you have Let It Bleed. How do you pick 1? You are right about eliminating Greatest Hits collections from the picks. That was unsaid last Friday but may have been understood. I will bring this up in the future.  Like you, I'm old school when it comes to baseball. I can see the need for some of the new stats like WAR and some of the defensive metrics. However I have always believed that if you use your eyes, you can get a good assessment of what is going on. The Red Sox, I believe, still lead MLB in walks. However it appears that many teams are struggling with too many walks. At the end of this 'season', let's see how many walks teams have and extrapolate that over a 162 game season. There is too much concentration on hitting homers instead of just getting a hit. There was a great story about Sox prospect Triston Casas. He's 20. 6'5, 250. He said that he patterns himself after Joey Votto and when he gets 2 strikes, he chokes up on the bat. Brilliant!. From a 20 y/o!  - Z Thanks James….hope the Celts win tonight…..temp here was 55 today, down from 85 yesterday (Editor’s Note: Minneapolis)….weird. Just talked to a friend in Sacramento…its double there 110. David Knudson Thanks as always David. The Celtics made mince meat of the Raptors last night. Hopefully they will make them extinct on Wednesday. 55 degrees, eh. It's not even fall. Stay well and stay warm. - Z Jack Wallace The keys for Tampa Bay: their offensive line protecting Brady and their defense. THE HOT CLUB I brought up the Celtics vs Raptors Game #6 which Toronto won in double OT. I pointed out that when Jayson Tatum threw a pass out of bounds, it may have been caused by the Raptors’ coach Nick Nurse. Nurse was standing in the corner of the left three point line on the black out of bounds lines. That is not where a coach is supposed to stand. A check shows the game was tied with 48 seconds left in regulation. Nurse should be fined. Bob had to leave early last Wednesday. I said ‘Stay out of trouble” and Bob responded “I’ll try to.” Dr. John said “At your age, you’d be lucky to find some.” Capt. Jack confirmed that he passed last week on a second album in our Name your Top 10 albums (thanks Mark). Jack did say he chose Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours as his 2nd album. We didn’t do another round as Peter was absent since he was playing a benefit. Dr. John was talking about attending an event at Meehan Auditorium. I mentioned that I had seen Bob Marley there with his wife as a back up singer. I added that I had also seen Jimmy Cliff, Peter Tosh and Toots and the Maytals. Today I saw that Toots died. Jack uses Dark Sky as his weather app. He refers to it before he goes out on his boat, and has always spoken highly of it. However I sent him an email about Apple buying the app but discontinuing it for android phones. Apple will continue with it on I Phones until the end of 2021. Jack was in disbelief that Apple would do this. I agreed. ANSWER TO LAST ISSUE’S TRIVIA QUESTION So who was the singer that started out sitting in with David Bromberg and Jerry Jeff Walker before moving into country and who won 14 Grammys? A passel of people knew it was Emmylou Harris: Bob Kumins, David Annese, Jim Dwyer, Mark Allio, Mike Curtis and Tom Robinson. Emmylou (I have more CDs by her than any other singer or band) is in the Country Hall of Fame, and in 2018 she was presented with the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award. Harris was the first to have recorded a cover of Townes Van Zandt’s Pancho and Lefty (1976). Source – Wikipedia. THIS ISSUE’S TRIVIA QUESTION This pioneer performed for 6 decades. He’s credited with giving a genre it’s name. He was in a groundbreaking film in which two of his band’s songs were played. Name?


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