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BY JIM DAWSON, OCTOBER 6, 2020 ONE QUARTERBACK AWAY – PATRIOTS LOSE TO KC 26-10 Against all odds: No Cam Newton at QB after testing positive for COVID-19. Same day flight to KC (3 hours in air) on two separate jets. Injuries to OL. No Sony Michel (IR). Despite these bad odds (the Pats started the week as 7 point underdogs; after the loss of Cam Newton the spread was 11 points), the Patriots played a great game against the high scoring Chiefs and their MVP quarterback Patrick Mahomes. Forget the final score of this game. Instead, consider that the score was 6-3 KC at the half and that was only because interim QB Brian Hoyer pulled a rock and was sacked instead of throwing the ball away as time ran out (with no NE timeouts left). That error from a veteran quarterback deprived the Pats of attempting a short, tying field goal (the ball was on the KC 13). I was ready to replace Hoyer after the half with Jarrett Stidham. Bill Belichick, who probably felt the team had the best chance of winning with Hoyer, didn’t make that move until the end of the 3rd quarter. Why was Hoyer finally replaced? Because he didn’t get rid of the ball on a blitz, was sacked and fumbled on the KC 10 (field goal range). That fumble led to KC’s 1st TD and a 13-3 lead. Time for Stid the Kid. Behind the running of Damien Harris (a 41 yarder), the Pats drove to the KC 24. Stidham’s first pass was intercepted by Tyrann Mathieu in the end zone but Mathieu was called for pass interference on N’Keal Harry and the ball was placed at the KC 8. On 3rd and goal, Stidham lofted a perfect fade to N’Keal Harry for the TD and it was 13-10 with most of the 4th quarter left. Then the Pats Defense needed a stop. Instead, successive penalties on Kyle Dugger (on a 3rd down pass to Kelce) and a horrible one on Deatrich Wise Jr, who grabbed Mahomes’ shoulder out of bounds gave KC the ball at the NE 40. A TD pass to Mecole Hardman made it 19-10 (Butker missed the extra point). From the NE 25, Stidham’s 1st down throw went off Edelman’s hands and Mathieu had a gift pic six. 26-10 KC. Game over. This after the score was KC 13-10 with 13:45 left in the 4th quarter. POINTS AFTER Stidham’s stats weren’t great – 5 for 13 with 2 INTs. However Edelman should have had the throw that broke the game open. Facing a big deficit, NE was one dimensional and KC’s pass rush attacked Stidham leading to his 2nd INT. Hoyer’s stats were better – 15 of 24. However he messed up the play before half that cost them 3 points, and then his 3rd quarter fumble on the KC 10 led to KC’s first TD. Hoyer also overthrew TE Izzo and was intercepted with the ball returned to the NE 23. Mahomes hit Sammy Watkins, but Stephon Gilmore punched the ball out with JC Jackson recovering. If not for that, Hoyer’s miscue could have led to more KC points. If I’m Belichick, Stidham is the backup QB and Hoyer never sees the field again. As if the Pats didn’t have enough going against them, they had to re-shuffle the Offensive Line. The week before it was LT Wynn, LG Onwenu, C Thuney, RG Mason and RT Eluemunor (with help). Monday it was LT Wynn, LG Thuney, C Ferentz (off the practice squad), RG Onwenu and RT Herron, the latter two rookies. Mason was Inactive and Elumenor was active but didn’t play. Despite that disruption to the O Line, the team ran for 185 yards (to KC’s 94). 2nd year man Damien Harris (just activated off IR) led the way with 100 yards. The Patriots were jobbed by refereeing in the 2nd quarter with the score 6-3 KC. Winovich sacked Mahomes at the KC 35. The ball popped out and Shalique Calhoun grabbed it. Romo said it was either a fumble or INT. Gene Steratore, the officiating analyst, said it was an INT. The ref ruled that he blew the play dead as Mahomes was in the grasp. It was a terrible call and costly to the Patriots. And it was non-reviewable. You knew this might not be the Patriots night when Devin McCourty missed an INT on the very first KC series. It could have been a pic 6. The Pats often used a 3-man rush, dropping 8 defenders. It helped to slow down KC. James White returned after the car crash death of his father and led the team with 7 catches on 8 targets. Byrd had 5 on 10 targets. Edelman and Harry had 3 on 6 targets. There was a great catch by Gunner Olszewski, just off IR, who caught a deflected pass off Edelman’s hands. Edelman isn’t the same Jules and looks to be playing with injuries. On the play before Hoyer was sacked by Taco Charlton (who with Frank Clark beat LT Isaiah Wynn a few times), and Hoyer fumbled, FB Jakob Johnson was called for a false start. Johnson is from Germany. I swear that I heard Tony Romo sat ‘That’s the Kraut.” EMAIL Good Zine Jim. I enjoyed Zevon's Bad luck streak in dancing school! Vic Vic, if you haven't heard it yet, look for Zevon (on Letterman, I think) doing Mr. Bad Example. - Z My trivia guess... Simon and Garfunkel Kristin Kristin, good guess but no, not Simon and Garfunkel. - Z Jim, Great stuff! You are writing better than ever. I’m going through the great duos over the years whether I liked them or not doesn’t matter stuck on Simon and Garfunkel, Righteous Brothers, Everly Brothers for an answer I think I’ll go with S and G. Garry Gillett Garry, thanks for the support. All your duos are good choices but none of them are the correct answer. - Z Great zine, Jim, and thanks for the half point nod on last issue’s music trivia. This time around I’m going with my gut on the trivia- Simon and Garfunkel? Mark Allio Mark, Simon and Garfunkel are an excellent choice but unfortunately incorrect. - Z Dang- will put on my thinking cap- it better not be Brooks and Dunn! Mark Allio No it's not Brooks and Dunn, either, Mark - Z . Trivia question - another educated guess; Simon & Garfunkel.  # of hits and albums seem about right, HOFs stuff a no-brainer - Hollywood WOF no clue. Peter Bortolotti Nice try, Peter, but no, it's not Simon and Garfunkel. - Z Jim, Good 'Zine ! Glad to see the Patriots' running game 'bust out'. Eric Wilbur (Globe writer) didn't have many kind things to say about Sony Michel recently....after only 2 games into this crazy season. I responded to Wilbur's article to say give the kid a chance and don't judge someone after just two games. I know that many players on the Pats dedicated the last game to James White. Sportzine is also available at jimdawsonsports.com thanks to Buffalo Steve Lenz The Celtics were beaten by a good Miami team....some excellent shooters on the Heat. Hope the Celts can reload (they have 3 picks in the first round of the NBA Draft....which I believe is now in November. Red Sox might have two future solid starters in Houck and Pivetta. They need the help. I'll try The Everly Brothers for the quiz question. Brad Brad, Everly Brothers is a good answer but incorrect. - Z Jim, Thank you for another week of coverage and lightening the mood around all of the chaos in medicine, politics, and weather (drought & wildfire out west). We sure need a break from all of that baloney. Looks like the Lakers are gonna steamroll the Heat if they continue unchecked on defense. They just have too much depth, experience, and muscle to be denied another banner. LeBron seems to be unstoppable when the fourth quarter rolls around (that and he gets the "elite" calls from the refs on D and well as the O side of the ball). Another abbreviated season over. Good for the Tampa Bay Lightning winning the Cup. I'm certainly glad that they defeated Dallas. I would have chosen Brayden Point for the Conn Smythe. As I explained in an earlier communique to you, they are not in my list of favorite hockey franchises. I still think they stole one when Brett Hull poked the puck home while he had a skate in the crease (a violation) and by Hasek for the game 7 winner many years ago over Buffalo (they have never won the Stanley Cup). Learned that Bob Gibson died yesterday from the scourge that is pancreatic cancer. He and Don Drysdale were a pair of the most intimidating pitchers that dominated during their times in the majors. Gibson was a sphinx off the field and a demon when on the mound; his speech was slow and measured, his face unemotional, and lived games in silence from his teammates, opponents, and even the umpires. He and Lou Brock were the tag-team that just killed my expectations that the Sox had in the '67 World Series. Total physical and mental intimidation from one of the most focused competitors ever...in any sport of any era. Butkus also comes to mind. His statistics are of legend. He even hit well when pitchers actually stepped into the box. Rest well, Bob. So, on to music trivia.  Simon and Garfunkel is my answer for this week's question. Ding ding? "Big White" Bill LaPlante Hi Bill, have not watched the NBA Finals but was glad to see the Heat won Game #3. I saw a blurb that if the Lakers win, they'll tie the Celtics with 17 NBA championships. However 5 of those were when they were the Minneapolis Lakers, so does that really count? Well as you know Paul and I were rooting for the Lightning so glad that they won the Stanley Cup. Brayden Point was good. Their goalie was even better. The '67 Red Sox might have won the World Series if not for Bob Gibson. R.I.P. to one of the most ferocious competitors ever, in any sport. Gibson had a 'death stare'. Good guess on the quiz but no it's not Simon and Garfunkel. Now that a Florida team has won the Stanley Cup, wouldn't it be funny (or fluky) if a Florida team won the NBA (Miami), MLB (the Rays or Marlins) and the NFL (Tampa Bay)? - Z As much as I want to say Hall & Oates I think the correct answer is Simon & Garfunkel.  I own the collective works of both so its a win/win for me.   Matt Dawson Hi Matt, your first guess is the correct one. - Z Hi Jim - Another great football weekend, eh? Bills scared the hell outta me - 4th qtr. was CRAZY! Thanks for the ink! Got me to guessing this week's trivia, but all I could come up with is The Everly Brothers, or maybe Hall and Oates. Buffalo Steve Lenz Good guesses Steve, it's the latter group. I was hoping that the Bills would lose since they are 1 up on the Pats but it wasn't to be. Stupid Rams come all the way back and lose with 15 seconds left. Aargh! Still trying to figure out what happened to that Buffalo defense. - Z Hello Jim, Great work as always. I’m going to go with Hall and Oates for this week’s quiz answer. In the spirit of full disclosure, I’ve been forwarding the Zine to my son Tommy and a friend and Pawtucket native Jeff Blais. Jeff texted me yesterday and said to go with Hall and Oates and I can take that to the bank. If that’s correct I’m already giving credit where it’s due. Cheers, Tom Robinson Tom, your friend Jeff gave you good advice. The answer indeed is Hall and Oates. Glad you are sharing Sportzine with your son Tommy and friend Jeff. You both will get a mention. - Z THE HOT CLUB My thanks to Dr. John for loaning me two DVDs – Billy Crystal’s 700 Sundays and The Last Play at Shea – Billy Joel. I recommend both to readers of the Zine. The Billy Joel DVD covered not only Joel’s musical career but also the history of Shea Stadium which closed at the conclusion of the ’08 season. That did mean that I had to watch the replay of the 10th inning of Game #6 in 1986. Joel’s concert was the last event at Shea. Kristin admitted that many times she wears only one of her contact lenses. Friday she said she had both in. Captain Jack said to her (of him and me): ‘We must look twice as good then.’ We were talking about the issue of whether Tom Brady or Bill Belichick has had the most impact on the Patriots dynasty. I said that you have to give Belichick the credit as the greatest NFL coach, and I pointed to the year that Brady got hurt and Belichick had Matt Cassel as his QB and the team still won 11 games. Some of us felt that the last couple years, we’ve seen Brady aging and his skills start to erode. Referring to the last few years and the effect on Belichick, Bob said “Brady sucked the life out of him.” Mark Allio was stumped about last issue’s trivia question answer until I gave him an extra clue – the duo is known for blue eyed soul. Mark knew it was Hall and Oates. Jack Moore was similarly stuck until I gave him the info that the duo hails from Philly. Jack instantly said Hall and Oates. So Mark and Jack get partial credit for getting the answer. ANSWER TO LAST ISSUE’S TRIVIA QUESTION So who is the duo that has sold almost 40 million albums, have had 6 #1 hits, 7 platinum albums and 6 gold albums plus are in the Songwriters and Rock Halls of Fame and have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame? Hall and Oates. Tom Robinson, with help from friend Jeff Blais, had the answer. Matt Dawson and Steve Lenz get ½ credit since they submitted the names of two duos. Al Vallese got it after saying he didn’t think it’d be Hall and Oates, and I smiled. THIS ISSUE’S TRIVIA QUESTION This band started out with 5 platinum albums. In fact, their debut did so well they had to wait to release their 2nd album which had already been finished. They were named by Rolling Stone as Best New Artist (’78), and won MTV’s Video of the Year (’84). They are in the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame. Name?


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