Tuesday, September 06, 2005

The Hot Club

A redhead was wearing a black and white dress on the deck. I remembered the question "What's black and white and red all over?" One answer: 'a sunburned zebra'. Mr. D. recalled 'a newspaper' and 'a wounded nun'.

A guy had two different things hanging from his belt. I asked the Fashion Police (well, Mr. D) why the guy needed two things, and he said: "Nerd."

My congratulations to the Lovely Lisa who got my e-mail about Stones' tickets in Hartford that were available thru my fraternity brother Jim Dwyer. Then at our Kappa Delta Phi reunion last Wednesday the Lovely Lisa was tending bar for us.

A woman walked by with an outfit and I called her 'Charo Jr.' Koochie, koochie. Mr. D. said he met Charo in Hawaii, where she lives. His students put him at the first head table at Charo's show and she came over and hugged Mr. D. and called him 'El Handsome'. Mr. D. said she was a very nice lady.

I asked Mr. D. if he saw Don Ho (Tiny Bubbles) when he was in Hawaii. He hadn't. I noted that if Charo married Don Ho she'd be Charo Ho. Like Rhode Island - Charo Ho.

We were taking in the deck traffic on a beautiful Friday night, the last before Labor Day. Mr. D. observed that the deck soon would be 'sans shorts'. No more flesh for fantasy. Mr. D. added, "A gay men's club again."

Phil on the Grill was on the deck that night, and it was good to see him back at the Hot Club. Phil and his wife have a 17-month old so he doesn’t get out as much.

The cigarette girl was around. It reminded us of Edie Adams, who did White Owl ads. "Cigars, cigarettes, tip-a-rillos." She was married to Ernie Kovacs. I remembered that Kovacs, a great comedic genius, died when his car hit a telephone pole. Steve said the car was a Corvair and it was just before Ralph Nader warned people about Corvairs. Didn't Nader warn people about a Ford rather than a Chevy?

We were talking about the Vietnam War. When I was in the Air Force, I had a poster of Arlington National Cemetery in my room. It was captioned "We are the unwilling, led by the unqualified, to do the unwanted for the ungrateful." They made me take it down.

A woman strutted by on the deck. A "Strutter". Now who did that song?


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