Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The Hot Club

Last week I wrote about the HC's stall doors being painted purple. Adam of the HC said that the club got the wrong paint and started doing the outside only to find out it was 'a gay kind of purple'. He kidded that the club was converting over to a gay club. Well that's what Mr. D. calls the HC in winter - a gay men's club. Women tend to stay home during the bad winter weather.

The Dom was saying how he thought one HC regular looked a lot like another regular. The Warden said to Dom: "Have you seen an eye doctor lately?"

We were talking about the new Providence Polo Club. Foot Joy was telling Frequent Flyer and me that they hope to use the Station Lawn for the polo matches but Amtrak is claiming ownership of the land. They hope to resolve the issue. Polo would be on Sundays from 4-8.

Frequent Flyer told Foot Joy, "You can invite Prince Charles to play polo." Foot Joy said, "Only if he rides Camilla. She looks like a horse."

Chuck D Computer stopped by between visits to Baltimore. Says he's leasing a condo in the Fells Point section of Baltimore (where Diner was filmed). Chuck says the streets have cobblestones which he can grab onto on the way home to his condo.

The Hot Club's Sandy is a woman of many talents since she is also a nurse. Recently husband Mike got the flu. She says she didn't nurse him. She told him to stay away. She couldn't afford to get sick.

Sandy was making Cosmopolitans, a kind of martini. She said, "Knock your socks off."
Last week I played Link Wray's Rumble on the HC jukebox. It was in Wray's honor since Link passed away Nov. 5 in Copenhagen. Mike Curtis and I used to listen to Link's self-titled album (he's on the cover in a headband). Rumble (1957) opens with a D chord and Wray is credited with introducing the power chord to electric guitar. Get some Link Wray. Fire and Brimstone.

Hot Club Flash! Hooks went to the Dominican Republic and actually tipped. Hooks said he left good tips and they filled his glass to the top. He said the waiters called him Johnny Walker.I asked if he drank red or black. They only had red he said. Mr. D. advised, "You have to ask what you're getting in an 'all-inclusive'." Like top shelf liquor or bar liquor.

Good news from the Warden who tells me that Mike K's tests came back and he is now cancer-free. We are thrilled to hear the good news and wish Mike continued good health.


My 16-year old daughter Cara recommended this movie to me. So I bought it sight unseen. Nice touch with the cover, too, which is a pouch filled with fake blood and a saw blade that moves around.

The beginning reminded me of the start of Cube which also has characters finding themselves in a place but unsure how they got there. Much different after that.

The two characters chained in the men's room are played by Carey Elwes and Leigh Whannell (Adam). Whannell wrote the screenplay. James Wan directed. Elwes's character is named Lawrence Gordon, a possible tribute to actor/director/producer Larry Gordon.

After the intro the movie uses different devices to advance the plot (flashback, even omniscient viewpoint). The film delivers the shudders as you try to figure out along with Dr. Gordon and Adam what the hell is going on. It becomes a taut, tense thriller as well as a horror story.

I'm still not sold on the ending since it requires a large suspension of disbelief. But it can be overlooked as the movie works well otherwise.
In fact this is the best movie I've seen of this type since the remake of Texas Chainsaw Massacre.
Cara was a little down on the acting, especially Elwes. But if you've seen as much horror as I have, you aren't expecting Sir Lawrence Olivier.
Cara has already seen Saw II and liked it just as much.


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