Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The Hot Club

A Hot Club regular told me that before he got married, he totaled 12 cars, including a 280Z. He said he hit a tree near RISD, went thru the windshield and then came back into the car. The windshield ended up in the back seat. Our version of 'Crash' Corrigan has been married 19 years and has had no accidents in that time. Love conquers all (Crash).

Hooks is spending a lot of money renovating his condo (remember the $900 for toilets?). So he's either planning on selling or setting it up for his significant Sue.

Brendan said he wanted to stay at a new girlfriend's but she wouldn't let him. So he text messaged her that on the way home he had hit a dog and the dog's owners are suing him. The girlfriend felt badly for him. So badly, that he had to 'fess up to the truth that it didn't happen. Later he was out jogging and a dog bit him twice. Cosmic and karmic justice?

Wise said his daughter Alanna was out at a club with her boyfriend when she ran into Rocco Baldelli. Alanna, who attended Bay View, used to cheerlead for Bishop Hendricken when Baldelli went there. He remembered her and they talked for quite a while. I asked if her boyfriend was upset. No, he talked to Rocco's bodyguard/friend.

Louisiana Steve was muttering about Johnny Damon going to the Yankees. He said, "Damon is young, dumb and still full of come." I noted that 32 is old for a ballplayer.

Our best to Chrissie, our favorite indie actress, who is moving to Colorado we hear.

A guy asked for Scotch and the bartender asked him what kind of Scotch he liked. He responded, "All of them."

Chuck D Computer was just back from Baltimore. I asked him how the cobblestones were (he said he'd use them to crawl home). He said, "Belgian cobblestones."

Mr. D. said that after the plumber finished his basement bathroom, he downloaded some duty. Said he saluted it. Off to sea. Saluted by Admiral Halsey.

Above a Hot Club doorway there is a paddle with the inscription HCYC (Hot Club Yacht Club). There is a depiction of water, a fish, and a hand slowly sinking into the water.

Mr. D. asked Mike Module, who installs and fixes car stereos, if he has a good stereo system in his car. MM replied, "You mean like a cobbler with a hole in his shoe or a plumber with a leaky pipe?"

Well my daughter was right as rain again when she said Saw II was even better than Saw. Saw II benefits from having the same co-script writer - Leigh Whannell. Saw II connects to its parent in various ways, including the return of Jigsaw/John Cramer (Tobin Bell).

At once similar to Saw - people in a room, racing against time - Saw II also adds a different element, which for plot purposes I will not reveal.

Saw II has the same claustrophobic quality of the original with the action taking place in two confined areas. The Twisted Nerve film was shot in Toronto, Ontario, but since it takes place 'inside', it could have been shot anywhere. They probably saved money shooting it in Canada.

There are plot twists that rival anything in Saw. And this picture keeps a move on while keeping you guessing.

For as Eli Roth, director of Hostel has noted, Saw and Saw II are 'puzzle' movies as much as they are horror flicks. You get to guess along with the tortured tenants. And there are pieces of this puzzle that will not be visible to most.

Directed by Darren Lynn Bousman (who co-wrote the script), the movie includes some recognizable faces, including Mark Wahlberg's brother Donnie as police Lt. Eric Matthews. Glenn Plummer (The Day After Tomorrow) and Shawnee Smith (The Blob).

There is the usual dark humor with a revelation that the horror site is "the last house on the left". And the music, by Donald Clouser, is of the nerve jangling type that puts the viewer on edge.

The ending allows for Saw III (What, you're surprised?) If it's as good as this one, it will be a welcome sequel.


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