Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The Hot Club

Seeing Brock, I said, "Stay out of trouble." Brock replied "Now what fun would that be?"

Frequent Flyer had just come back from Detroit. At the airport, he was whiling away time at the bar waiting for his plane as was the woman next to him. A guy sat down next to the woman and they conversed a while about where they were flying. FF heard the guy say to her, "I suppose you don't have time for sex in the family restroom?

Chuck D Computer liked that come-on line. Said Chuck, "That guy must get more ass than a rented folding chair."

Buffalo Steve knows a stripper who was getting 'new' breasts. Buff Steve asked her, "Can I have your old ones."

Ming says that strippers who've had boob jobs ask each other "How old are they today?"

We were talking about the anniversary of the Challenger tragedy. Findo and I were returning from the Patriots' Super Bowl loss to the Bears.
Foot Joy said, "What do the Challenger and the '86 Patriots have in common? They were both good for 90 seconds."
I recalled, "What do Donna Rice and Christa McAuliffe have in common? They both went down on Challengers." Gary Hart had dared newsmen to follow him around. I told FJ, "Gary Hart blew himself up."

The topic of the insult to Moslems came up (the caricatures of their Prophet Muhammad). Chuck D asked, "How many Shiite Moslems does it take to change a light bulb?" Answer: "That's not funny. You're condemned to death."

Chuck D said he has a bumper sticker that reads, "Don't blame me. I voted Fatah."

There was a poster on the front window of the Hot Club. It showed a "Porta-Fire", 6 blue porta-johns with flames coming out of the roofs. 'New fuel for the renaissance'.

New HC worker Tom was talking to Contraire. I told Tom, "Don't believe half of what he says." Tom asked, "Which half?" I said, "That's up to you."

Our sincere condolences to Jim Kelly whose close friend and Hot Club patron Fernando Sant'Anna recently passed away at age 42. CJ also knew Fernando. My deepest regrets.


A near toothless gas station attendant responds to a young out-of-towner's "Take care." with "You're the one's going to need to take care."

The young guy is in a hurry ("Need to be in Raleigh by 7") and takes a 'shortcut' via Bear Mountain Road. He and the 5 campers he meets will wish they hadn't taken a Wrong Turn.

We've all seen this type of backwoods bloodtakers reveling in badness before. Texas Chain Saw Massacre, The Hills Have Eyes, and Motel Hell all come to mind.

This time it takes place in West Virginia, though director Rob Schmidt filmed it in Toronto. Alan McElroy wrote the script, which is weak for even this kind of movie.

The movie benefits from Eliza Dushku (Jessie) and Desmond Harrington, the male lead (Chris Flynn). Harrington looks a little like Trot Nixon.

Also Stan Winston Studio did the makeup and Winston is a co- producer. The three mountain men, 3 Fingers, Saw Tooth and One-Eye, are a sight that makes the eyes sore.

The visual effects are by Mr. X, Inc. and are also quite good.

There are the usual lunk-headed moves by the kids in flight and some of the plot devices make you scratch your head.

So this 2003 film isn't up to the quality of recent efforts like Saw, Saw II and Hostel.


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