Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The Hot Club

We were watching the closing ceremonies from Turin on the HC TV. The figure of a human dove propelled by a stream of air caught our attention. Observed Mr. D., "That's called getting blown!"

Mr. D. said that the Olympics haven't been the same since we used to go at it with Russia. We need a team of enemies. Mr. D. thought that maybe Osama Bin Laden should field a team.

Contraire was talking to a guy at the bar about Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding. I told Mr. D. that I didn't care for either of them. I called Harding 'Trailer Park Trash'. Contraire had never heard that expression.

So Contraire admitted that he hasn't really followed this Olympics. Responded Mr. D., "That's because you can't bet on it." Said Contraire, "That's true."

Mr. Contraire was drinking Pilsner Urquell. I said to Mr. D. "That's the only thing we agree on." Mr. D. said "Yeah and if you tell him, he'll disagree."

The guy at the bar had a shirt with a story about Syracuse giving the #44 for the first time to Jim Brown and what it would come to mean. I told the guy that I agreed and that for me Jim Brown was the best running back ever in the NFL.

So I noted that Jim Brown was also a great lacrosse player at Syracuse. The #44 guy said he went to Adelphi, a lacrosse rival, and that while he didn't get to play lacrosse, Adelphi beat Syracuse for the championship one year while he was there.

Bags was in one of the booths sitting across from the Warden's girlfriend Kim. He was chatting up a storm with Kim. Mo looked over and said, "He's in the confessional."

The Warden was talking seriously about buying a Hummer, the H3. Mo told him, "Get the undercarriage protection for when you go over the fire hydrants."

Mr. D. pointed out an article in the Sunday Pro Jo about the new designer dogs caused by crossing different breeds resulting in some strange hybrids. A German shepherd and a poodle is a shepadoodle. A chihuahua and a toy fox terrier is a taco terrier. A poodle and a St. Bernard is a St. Berdoodle. Mr.D. has a dog that is a mix of shih tzu and terrier. He calls it a 'shitter'.


From time to time, I'll do reviews of movies that I consider lesser-known classics. Freeway is one of them. It was written and directed by Matthew Bright.

The movie stars a young Reese Witherspoon and Kiefer Sutherland. Sutherland plays Bob Wolverton, a character who crosses paths with Witherspoon's Vanessa Lutz and tries to 'help' her. It will be a day that Bob rues.

The wooden Brooke Shields plays Sutherland's wife Mimi. And Victoria's favorite, Dan Hedaya (Blood Simple), is in it as a detective.

The movie is a mix of highway tar black humor and 'what's going to happen next?'.

Witherspoon is wonderful as the young woman from the wrong side of the tracks. She is a survivor who can only do things one way - truth, justice, and a whomp to the head.

Also with Amanda Plummer (Christopher's daughter) and Michael T. Weiss who starred in Days of Our Lives.

This was Matthew Bright's directorial debut (according to Leonard Maltin). Danny Elfman (Oingo Boingo) did the sound track.

When you're hung up on what to get at the video store, see if they have this little gem. You won't be disappointed. Just beware because there is a film of the same name done in 1988 with Darlanne Fluegel and Richard Belzer.


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