Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The Hot Club

Old friend Ulysses Grant stopped by the HC. He introduced me to his two buddies who also work for the state. When he introduced me, Ulysses told them, "This is Jim, a friend of mine. He's retired. That's why I hate him."

So I was telling the guys that I just booked a trip to Florida for Victoria and me. I said, "I need a vacation." They howled and hooted at me - "You're retired. You don't need a vacation!" Mimicking me, Foot Joy said, "I have to get up at the crack of ten."

It's hard not to overhear conversations in the HC men's room. The urinals are so close you can shake hands or other objects. That's why I use the stall. One guy was telling another that in military service they had stainless steel urinals not the porcelain ones that the HC has. "These break", the guy said. "We had stainless steel. We had to clean them."

A woman came in rolling an airline clothes carrier. I said, "She's either just coming from the airport and needs a drink or she's heading out and hates to fly."

Ran into Jim Kelly who is a Leo Kottke fan like I am. Jim said the first song he heard by Kottke was Monkey Lust. My first was Machine #2. And as I learned there is a predecessor called Vaseline Machine Gun.

A woman walked into the HC wearing a fur coat. I remembered Mr. D.'s admonishment: "It looked better on the animal."

Brock walked by and said, "I need to speak with Sybil." Which reminded me of Ian Hunter's old LP You're Never Alone With A Schizophrenic.

Louisiana Steve said that all the guys back home carry guns. He said the uncle of his ex capped a guy trying to carjack him.

Bernie Watson stopped by the HC to say that his and Linda's place, LJ's, has moved to the Pawtucket - Providence line (East Avenue). LJ's opens at its new location March 15 (with a liquor license). It's in a little mall just past the Cumberland Farms at East and Pidge. LJ's has great Southern food using Bernie's grandmother's family recipes.

And I'd be remiss not to mention to all my readers to also pay a visit to Mike Solomon's place - Wes' Rib House at 38 Dike Street in Providence. If you're planning a party, Mike does a great job catering the affairs and serves up much more in addition to his ribs.

BOUND (1996)

This movie, written by the Wachowski Brothers (Andy and Larry), is also their directorial debut. Not much later (1999), they came out with The Matrix, their breakout blockbuster.

This is well worth the look though I liked it much more than Victoria. She felt that Joe Pantoliano, who is great, carried the film. However I thought that the Jennifer Tilly - Gina Gershon connection was an important component and worked well too.

Some nice visuals from the Brothers W. (including the opening). There is some graphic violence not for everyone (Victoria couldn't watch). And the plot involves a hookup that would offend some, but not this writer.

The cast includes Chris Meloni who is now doing one of those CSI shows. Meloni is good as a gangster's son. He was also good as a villain in the NYPD Blue series.

The twists and turns will keep your interest as will the performances of the tortured three.
Leonard Maltin noted that Susie Bright, a lesbian author of erotica, was a technical adviser and appears in the movie. A check of IMDb.com shows that Bright plays Jesse, a bar hookup.


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