Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The Hot Club

Last Friday, St. Patrick's Day, was that unusual but welcome confluence of interests when the NCAA basketball tournament coincides with my celebration of Green Day. And as you might expect, it winds up with me lounging at the Hot Club.

Arriving about 2:45 at the HC, I had a few beers on the sunny side bar. I remarked to CJ that it was a lot quieter at the HC than the place I left (Murphy's Deli - too many kids). No sooner had I said it than there was an onslaught of guys wearing green shirts and whooping it up. It wasn't quiet any longer.

It turns out that these celebrants were from Johnson & Wales and belonged to fraternity Zeta Beta Tau. Their T-shirts read 'Drink 'Til You're Irish'. They were well behaved and well mannered. The ZBT's called CJ "Ma'am" and me "Sir". They were on a pub-crawl and the HC was their 5th stop. Hopefully none of them got green later.

Comments overheard: "Where's short fingers and deep pockets?" and on the whereabouts of a male member, "He's either dead, in a meeting or with a woman."

Brock bopped into the HC. I said to him, "Good to see you." "I know", he responded.

Congratulations to Erica and husband Angelo on the birth of their daughter Ella Elizabeth. EE weighed in at 8 lbs., 10 oz. on March 4. Word is that the worried father tells all that would hold EE to wash their hands and asks them, "Do you know how to hold the head."

Recently I was talking to someone who worked in Utah. I mentioned that Brittan Bates used to work in Salt Lake City. The friend asked me if Brittan had to promise to join the Mormon faith to get promoted. Brittan told me that she worked at Westminster College, the only private non-denominational school in Utah.

There was more talk of a casino being built in Rhode Island. I noted that the vested interests don't want one in Rhody. Someone told me that people have been paid off just to keep a casino out of RI. They called it a 'business incentive'. To which I responded, "I call it a bribe. That's why we're still 'Rogues Island'."

Ran into Mr. Contraire. Asked him whom he liked in the NCAA basketball tourney. He said, "Shockers." Yes, Contraire likes Wichita St.

And what regular is known by the nickname 'Q tip'?


There was an online review of this movie from Sweden that led me to believe that it was pretty good. It isn't. It's just pretty goofy. The problem is that director Anders Jacobsson and fellow writers Christer Ohlsson and Göran Lundström don't find the right mix of humor and mayhem. It apparently is Jacobsson's first directorial effort.

This is about a film editor working continuously on gore - sex- Psychotronic type movies. It leads to bad effects (FX). Ed (Johan Rudebeck) is moved to the Splatter & Gore department to work on the 'Loose Limbs' series. His boss Sam Campbell (Olof Rhodin) tells him to "keep those heads rolling".

Later when Ed realizes he's becoming Evil Ed from his film work, he tries to warn his boss but Campbell tells him: "I'm your boss. I don't need to know your state of mind."

Wrong, ducko! We'll save the splatter specifics for those of you who'd still like to sample this Scandinavian stew.

There are posters in the house where Evil Ed goes off. I spotted one of The Fly and another of Cape Fear.

The music includes that old chestnut Dry Bones ("the knee bone's connected to the…"), this time done by The Happy Nite Quartet. There is also a version of Amazing Grace by Aresta Gospel and Doughnut Lady by the Mango Kings. Post-production sound was courtesy of Deaf by Dawn.

The movie includes an amazing continuity error. After Ed is visited by his boss, girlfriend and some trespassers, the driveway is shown and none of the vehicles is present.

With Memory Garp as an office girl, Gun Forss as a senior neighbor, Carina Tell as a stripping neighbor and Bill Moseley (House Of 1000 Corpses) doing a special voice over.

There are some inside jokes for horror fans. The title Evil Ed is a takeoff on Sam Raimi's Evil Dead. And Ed's boss' name is Sam Campbell, a combination of Sam Raimi and his Evil Dead star Bruce Campbell.

The Providence Journal (3/5) had an Arts section on the Oscars with the headline "They'll be few surprises in tonight's Academy Awards".
I e-mailed them to say that the contraction 'they'll' (they will) made it grammatically incorrect.
The response from Alan Rosenberg, Assistant Features Editor, "Ouch. Sorry about that. I've no defense to offer."


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