Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Hot Club

Foot Joy and I were talking about Anna Benson filing for divorce from hubby Kris who pitches for the Orioles now. Anna, who is for the birds, just rescinded her request for a divorce from Benson. Foot Joy said, "Well, Kris married a stripper."

So that got us to thinking about celebrity marriages involving baseball players. Foot Joy reminded me that Tawny Kitaen beat up hubby Chuck Finley. And we recalled Joe DiMaggio's marriage to Marilyn Monroe. I mentioned that Marilyn didn't even know that DiMaggio was a big baseball star. And they got married after DiMaggio had retired and Marilyn's career was about to take off. Joe D thought MM would be a stay-at-home-wife. He made the mistake of watching her make Seven Year Itch and was present when they did take after take of the scene where Marilyn's skirt is lifted by the air from a grate. Joe D. didn't like all the guys on the set ogling his wife and that was it for the marriage.

I mentioned Bo Belinsky's marriage to Mamie Van Doren (High School Confidential). None of the guys were old enough to know of that union. I remembered Mamie and her bullet bras and tight sweaters.

Wise has a thing for Hazel Mae. I noted that she is Philippine by way of Toronto.

Bags was kidding Wise about someone and revealed more info than he should have. He said, "Bags is back!" I looked at him and replied, "Who said you left?"

The Lovely Lisa told me that Brendan's nickname is 'Shower Boy'. So I asked him about it. He said that when he lived in California, and was going out with a woman, he would go into her bathroom and take a shower. When the woman asked what he was doing he'd suggest that she come in and join him. Brendan said it worked about 80% of the time. When LL told me the tale, she said Brendan's success rate was about 30%. She said 70% of the time the women threw out Brendan's clothes.

We were talking about horror movies and Dan the Man asked what my favorite horror movie was. I told him that it would be difficult to pick out just one. I did tell him that my favorite recent horror movie is Hostel.

Dan the Man said he likes werewolf movies. I suggested he check out Dog Soldiers.

The Knicks were getting pummeled by the Celtics. I said to Foot Joy "Is Isaiah Thomas still playing with the Knicks? I mean playing with the roster?"


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