Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Hot Club

By 8:45 PM on Sunday nights, all the regulars but this one have left the Hot Club. It's like clockwork or the German train system. Why have they left by 8:45? The Sopranos starts at 9:00.

Sandy's hubby Mike dropped by the Hot Club. He told me that he left his job bartending at the BrewPub (Trinity). When I told him that I had retired, Mike said, "I'm sort of retired now." Sandy said to him, "Not for long."

Overheard at the Hot Club: "She's got a balcony you could do Shakespeare on."

Frequent Flyer was talking about his boat and someone asked me if I liked sailboats. I said that I'd probably fall off of it and drown. Chuck D piped up, "When you fly a plane you don't pilot it." Nor would I fall off of it.

So I was telling Victor and Patty that when I was supposed to be taking swimming lessons at the Boys' Club, I shot pool and played Ping-Pong. The Boys' Club had a rule that you had to swim naked. I did it once, was uncomfortable and never did it again. Never learned to swim either.

Yet I was able to make Eagle Scout and that required swimming a couple laps. So when I had to do the same in the Air Force I wasn't worried. Until they told me I had to tread water for a minute. I almost drowned. When I reached the pool ladder, the lifeguard said. "I was just coming in for you."

Mr. D. and I were talking to Armando about his new romantic comedy. At some point Gone With The Wind was mentioned. I noted that GWTW and The Wizard of Oz were directed by the same man - Victor Fleming.

Mr. D. said Gone With The Wind was too long. I'll say. It was 222 minutes long. I said that it should have ended with "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn."

Hooks told me that Foot Joy got way too much ink last week. So I told Hooks he had 'ink envy'. Then I reminded him he was mentioned in the same issue. "I was?" he asked.

Breaking News: Josh bought Bags a drink. Well, after Josh bought drinks for 4 women from the Chamber of Commerce, Bags busted Josh with "I've been bringing my liver here for 23 years, Don't I get a drink?" So Josh bought Bags a scotch. In a shot glass.

Welcome back to Erica who just recently had her first child, a baby girl named Ella.

According to the gossip gals at the Boston Herald's Inside Track (5/23), John 'Red' Shea, a South Boston mobster is the "guy who blew the whistle on Whitey Bulger's gay three-way with a Southie bookie and '60s Hollywood heartthrob Sal Mineo." Shea's autobiography is called Rat Bastards.


My daughter Cara had seen this film and didn't like it at all. She found it very slow and then when the action started was bothered by the torture scenes.

So I rented it and Cara's take on the film was pretty right on. Wolf Creek is an Aussie movie directed by Greg McLean. The Aussie accents are tough to understand at times, but especially at the outset when you are getting used to them.

The movie is slow with not much happening until about 53 minutes into the 104-minute running time. The exposition isn't bad and the photography by Will Gibson is actually quite good. However it does take too long to develop and the movie is lacking one key element of Psychotronic movies: black humor when the sick stuff arrives.

When the terrorizing begins, it is relentless and ugly. There are no moments of sick humor to relieve the horror of the torture. In fact, director McLean seems to revel in the torture scenes. While he has a good villain in John Jarratt (Mick), the mood is one of slow, methodical, unstoppable doom. It reminded me of I Spit On Your Grave (with Buster Keaton's grandniece Camille) which also has a similar humorless quality in its descent into depravity.

The other problem with this movie is that the 3 main characters, Ben, Liz and Kristy, are dumb as doornails. Films of this sort require suspension of disbelief. However when the characters continue to make mindless mistakes in their attempts 'to get away', then the audience is left in disbelief at their actions. In order not to give away any plot elements, I'll only say that the worst moments revolve around vehicles and the keys to them.

Oh and the ending is one of the dumbest and most unbelievable I've ever witnessed.

Can't recommend this effort to the readership. There are far better offerings available.


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