Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Hot Club

While I was talking to Brock, a strange woman walked up and began warbling some song to Brock. The woman looked something like Bettie Page.

So I asked Foot Joy if he knew Bettie Page. A movie on her life (The Notorious Bettie Page) is about to come out. Bettie was a nude pinup model who also did some fetish (leather/chains) photos in the '50's. We also discussed Betty Boop. Foot Joy thought Betty Boop was based on Bettie Page but I told him Betty Boop was much earlier.

So I 'Googled' the subjects. Max Fleischer (who also was responsible for Popeye) created Betty Boop around 1930. Betty Boop was a cartoon-like character with slinky dresses, a visible garter belt and plunging neckline. During the movies Hays Era (read censorship), Betty lost the garter, got buttoned up and lost her horny suitors.

Bettie Page has her own website. She's probably in her '80's now. There was no evidence of the kinky fetish photos on her web site (naturally). But you could find them with Google. Bettie's '50's pinups were sexy but not sleazy. Clean sex (you had to be around).

Hooks told us, "They did my carpets. Spotless!" I asked him, "Your house or your car?" Louisiana Steve said, "Probably both."

Our own dear Charlotte who has been missing from the Hot Club scene for some time, ventured in. She closely examined the hands of one of the Hot Club regulars and then asked him, "Do you work?"

Foot Joy read my piece about Red Sox uniform numbers. I told him that one reader (see E-Mail) reminded me that Jason Varitek originally wore #47 before switching to #33. Foot Joy said that because Manny wears #24 that when Dewey Evans came back as the BoSox hitting instructor, Evans had to wear #25.

Contraire told me that Sandy said she was a Red Sox fan but couldn't name 3 of their players. So I asked Sandy and she said Contraire asked her whether she rooted for NY or Boston. When she said the Red Sox, he demanded she name 3 players. Sandy admitted that going to nursing school has prevented her from seeing any games this year. Sandy is one semester from becoming a RN. Way to go, Sandy!

Overheard at the Hot Club: "Where does Kevin Uterus play? (Mike K.). Foot Joy responded, "Up the middle."


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