Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Hot Club

First the corrections - Hooks said that was vodka, not scotch, that Josh bought him. And Josh had paid for the drinks of women from Hospitality not the Chamber of Commerce. But I was correct in saying that the drink was in a shot glass. Ah, Josh that joker.

We were watching the Sox game at the HC and the AFLAC duck commercial with Yogi Berra came on. I told Foot Joy that I always laugh when they show it. He does too. Then he noted an oddity-Yogi's getting his haircut with his glasses on. Somehow I missed that.

Erica said that I had to write something about Bags' tan. She called it a 'mystic tan'. So I asked Bags if it's a 'tanning booth' tan. He said "No, it's 'our good weather' tan." "Yup, tanning booth," I concluded.

5 Angels is not happy with the current state of Major League Baseball. Prima donna players, high ticket prices. I brought up Barry Bonds. 5 Angels said, "He couldn't shine Babe Ruth's shoes."

The ORick was talking about an unpleasant, unhappy woman that we both know. He said, "If she won the lottery, she'd complain about paying the taxes."

We were talking about growing up during the threat of nuclear war and the 'Duck and cover' days. Gusto, discussing a bountiful beauty said, "If you put her on a flatbed and aimed her toward Moscow, the Russians would get nervous."

Overheard at the Hot Club (re people whose waists expand): "They have Dunlop disease. Done lopped over their waist." And they call it "Muffin tops".

Was talking with a couple who shall go unnamed. We were talking about backpacking, and I mentioned that the Bear and I backpacked through Europe one year. The guy said of his female friend, "She backpacked in Europe too. She went to Europe and bought a backpack."

I was telling someone about 'Psychotronic' movies (weird, crazy, edgy films). The person thought I said 'Psychotropic.' Ah, no. That's heavy-duty psychiatric medication.

Two women, came in wearing straw hats and summer dresses. I said, "Here are two definite divas." Mr. D. said, "What? Was there a sale on hats?"

Welcome to new deck worker Kathryn who was wearing red shoes - clogs or sneakers.


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