Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Hot Club

Friday we met the Heineken Light girls, Nicole and Yalis (Ya Lease). They were giving out Heineken stuff. We told them that Frequent Flyer and Mike Module who drink Heineken all the time should definitely get tee shirts (which they did). The tee shirts were gray with the Heineken logo. The girls wore white Heineken shirts with the green logo. Mike Module and Frequent Flyer said they wanted the shirts the girls were wearing - off their backs.

I asked Nicole how long she had been doing the promo work for Heineken. She said this was her first night. I asked if she had any more places to go to that night. Nicole said one more place. In Cranston. A place called 'The Grind'. Sounded more like a strip club to me.

Frequent Flyer was wearing a tee shirt that showed a plane on the back and his nickname 'Frequent Flyer' (which I gave him for the Zine) on the front. The front identified his as Captain.

Frequent Flyer (FF) had the tee shirt made up. He knows a company that will do it. I think they use ink jet printing straight to the shirt (no transfers) so the image is better and lasts longer. FF said that the company would make a shirt up (even just one) of anything.

So I told Frequent Flyer that I had an idea but wasn't sure that the company he knows would print it. I want a tee shirt with a headshot of Ted Williams and the caption "Free Ted's Head".

Bags had to tell me his 'classic': He was wearing a pink shirt at the Hot Club and spilled his cranberry drink all over it. After he cleaned it with club soda, the shirt was wet. He asked if anyone had a hair dryer. "Why are you asking me? said Foot Joy (who is bald).

An old HC regular is off to Russia. The guy hadn't been on a vacation in years. Someone wondered how you could pick Russia. Foot Joy would go, others wouldn't. Hooks said he wouldn't go to Armenia. I asked Hooks, "Would they let you in?"

Overheard at the Hot Club: "If it smells like fish, eat all you wish. If it smells like cologne, leave it alone."

Wise recalled the Dumpster Dolly. Spider Woman said she saw a woman at a bar who was overflowing and you could tell the color of her panties. Spidey said the woman had sex right on the dance floor with a guy. Someone said, "What guy would do that?" A voice responded, "Bags!"


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