Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The Hot Club

Overheard at the HC (re dinner next door at Moda's): "It's overpriced. There are 4 or 5 better places on the Hill. I'd rather eat at Angelo's for $40. Moda's cost me 2 bills. And that Eurotrash d├ęcor!"

Desi said that Friday was her last, though she'll keep her Thursdays. School comes first. I told her "We'll miss you on Fridays." Brock walked by and said, "I miss you already. My aim is off."

Foot Joy was pointing out to Contraire the new bridge (the I-Way) that was installed for the new Rte. 195. It will run right by the Hot Club. Contraire wanted to know which direction the traffic was going to go.

Bags asked me "What do the Sox and the Titanic have in common?" I said, "Both are sunk." Then he inquired "And how are they different?" Bags replied, "The Titanic had a band."

Two women were giving out lighters if patrons showed them their licenses (an ID scam?). One regular wanted a telephone number with the lighter. "No", the tall woman said, "That doesn't come with the lighter."

We understand that at one point Wise's daughter fixed up Hooks with a date. Only problem is that the date's boyfriend is in prison.

Brendan was wearing a tee shirt that read, "Jesus Saves. The Devil Spends."

We were talking about white water rafting. Someone was trying to convince me that I should try it. I said, "Oh no. I drown easily."

Jack the Ripper calls the Red Sox' Kevin Youkilis Kevin Useless.

Wise got a call on his cell. Someone asked, "Was that Cribbage?"

Overheard at the HC: "It's better to look good than feel good."

Also overheard: "They're Augies. Who's the Dad of the Augies?"

Morris said that the more money a guy had, the better he looked. Morris said, "And right now I'm looking like a million."


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