Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Hot Club

Mr. D. told me that Texas Hold-Em poker pros now call an Ace-King an Anna Kournikova. According to Mr. D., the poker mavens explain it this way: "Looks good but never wins."

In talking with Foot Joy about Buddy Cianci I mentioned that I have the New Times issue in which Buddy was accused of rape while in college. Buddy's lawsuit put New Times out of business. FJ said he was at a Brown University football game around that time and Buddy was in attendance. One side of the stands screamed "Buddy! The other side yelled, "Rapist."

The Boud paid a visit to the HC. We were talking about the quickness of the move to install the new bridge span for the I-Way (new Rte. 195). Boud asked me "Did they have a bridge party?"

And Boud also told me that when one of your parents dies, "You're half an orphan."

Johnny Mic, my old boss, said that he spoke with recent retiree Dennis T. So John asked Dennis if he was enjoying retirement and Dennis said, "I pinch myself every day."

The Warden stopped by. On leaving he said, "My dog has to get his election haircut."

Jay was wearing a T-shirt with a picture of Grumpy. It read, "I've got my own attitude. I don't need yours."

One regular guy said he met a woman who said she always wanted to visit a porn shop. So the guy was pretty psyched. Then he found out that she meant a pawn shop.

Chuck D. Computer said that death is a 'dirt nap'.

Joking Joe was telling me about the guy who killed his wife after she burnt the pasta. Some female co-workers had asked the Joker what he thought when it happened. Joe said, "Well, he was provoked!" None of Joe's co-workers have asked him his opinion since.

The other day I noticed a huge dent behind Bags' driver side door. I asked Wise what happened. He said they were out campaigning. Bags parked his car right across from someone's driveway.

And Dan the Man told me of a case where a man stabbed his wife 57 times. The husband's defense was that he had epilepsy.

Chuck D used the term 'mondegreen'. He said it meant when you mistake music lyrics, like "Excuse me while I kiss the sky" with 'kiss this guy'. Go to: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mondegreen


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