Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Hot Club

The Ladies of the Light were on the deck. Louisiana Steve wanted the tall one's phone #. She admitted she is getting married Saturday. And her partner said she wasn't available either because she is married. Then she added, "A starter marriage". Foot Joy said, "The training wheels aren't off yet." When I questioned her on 'starter marriage', she said, "Well, the divorce rate is 50%." Realistic or ready to ramble?

After I told Dr. John about the Lighter Lady saying hers was a starter marriage, the good Doc noted that some women go after doctors, knowing they have money. Said Doc: "Shake the tree and then get out of town."

Wise's daughter 'No Change' asked him for his credit card so she could get supplies for school. When the bills came in they were from Nordstrom's and other high-end stores. 'No Change' has some different ideas about 'school supplies'.

Later we were talking about someone who wears $400 shoes. Louisiana Steve asked Foot Joy if he had any $400 shoes. Said FJ, "All my shoes together don't add up to $400."

Wise was able to name the starting lineup for the Detroit Tigers in 1968 when they played the Cardinals in the World Series. All except the 3B and SS. Any reader help?

Dr. John told us that he used to play in a band with Taj Mahal when they were both students at U Mass Amherst. Dr. J said that Taj Mahal's real name is Henry Fredericks. According to the Good Doctor, Taj wanted more money than the other guys in the band.

Grant, the Man at the Door, and I agreed that we would have kicked the FG for 3 points that Eric Mangini passed up in the Jets-Indy game. Mr. Contraire said he thought Mangini did the right thing because he needed more than 3. We told him that 3 points are better than none. Contraire didn't think that it mattered. Even when we reminded him that the game was decided by 3. Ah, Contraire. You say black, he says white, you say up…

Grillmeister Tom is also a Horrormeister. He told me to remind everyone that the RI Horror Film Festival is this week Oct. 5-8. It opens at the Columbus Theater Thursday at 7. Check movies, locales and play times at http://www.film-festival.org/Horror_ri.php

Mentioned to Mike Module and Dr. John that I saw a great quote by Somerset Maugham. Speaking of the French Riviera, Maugham said, "A sunny place for shady people."

Of governing France, Francois Mitterand once said (per Dr. John): "How can you govern a country with 700 kinds of cheese?"


George Romero, the master of zombie mayhem, returns to his undead roots in this fun film. Romero has tongue firmly in cheek as the movie opens with an 'Eats' sign and many zombies looking for just that.

The difference in this edition is that the zombies have gotten smarter. No, not by eating brains, but learning how to communicate through grunts, groans and howls. The Undead are led by a black zombie with facial tattoos (a better-looking Mike Tyson) who helps the zombies go where none have gone before.

The movie contains elements from Road Warrior, Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome and Escape From New York, as Romero is not too proud to borrow bits and pieces.

The cast is good with Simon Baker as Riley, John Leguizamo as Cholo, Dario Argento's daughter Asia as Slack and Dennis Hopper as Mr. K (Kaufman). The film also benefits from Robert Joy as Charlie, Riley's friend and sharpshooter. The repartee between Charlie and Riley is amusing.

Cholo isn't happy unless he's challenging authority whether it's Riley or Mr. K. Plus Cholo and the zombies want in to Fiddler's Green, towers with condos for the rich and infamous. But the towers are protected by water and electrified razor wire.

Hopper is his usual over the top self. When Cholo threatens him, Hopper says, "We don't negotiate with terrorists."

There are some other fun moments like 'Take Your Picture With A Zombie', a New Age Punch N' Judy show, 6 packs loaded, and a skateboard labeled 'Anti-Hero'.

Special effects are by the excellent KNB EFX Group.

The movie was made in Toronto so Pittsburgh must have gotten too expensive for Romero.

Among the Zombies or 'Stenches' is Tom Savini ('Machete Zombie'), make-up artist extraordinare who worked on Romero's other Dead movies.

This movie has a lot of guts and you'll see them displayed in all their bloody glory.


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