Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Hot Club

Adam of the Hot Club hearth told those around him that Chuck Norris' Invasion USA was the greatest action movie ever. I said that Aliens was one of the best I've seen and one of the few times a sequel was better than the original. Adam replied that Alien was a great horror movie while Aliens was a great action movie. Adam makes a good point.

We were talking about memories of early TV. Grant said he recalled watching the Huntley/Brinkley report with his family. The show would open with Beethoven's 9th, 3rd movement said Grant.

Chuck D' Computer remembered JFK's funeral and Lee Harvey Oswald being shot live on TV by Jack Ruby.

Chuck and I discussed the decline and fall of US civilization. He heard a reporter say that on a scale of 1-100, 25% of a population was disabled. The school of redundancy school.

So I told Chuck that I see misspellings, hear improper verb tenses (go, went, gone) and grammatical gaffes every day. No one seems to care. I told Chuck that I heard NBC's Brian Williams say that George Bush would no longer say the word 'Stay the course.' That's a phrase, not a word.

While I was talking and punctuating an idea, the Warden pointed to the lit lamp just above my head and said, "Big Idea! It looks like you have a Big Idea." I told him that it was better than a burnt out bulb and No Idea.

Chuck asked us, "What do they call a blind doe?" "No idea (No eyed deer)". "And what do they call a dead blind doe?" "Still no idea."

A regular was in Atlanta waiting for his flight. He crossed paths with a winsome (and willing) woman. When his flight was delayed, he found comfort in her arms, legs…He said she told him to stop by if he was in town again. The Warden observed, "You're hand stamped for return."

The Warden said that Bags likes casual sex. Like when Bags is wearing casual clothes.

The regulars were saying that Hooks looks like the Sopranos' Paulie Walnuts. I wasn't so sure. Jokin' Joe said, "Well actually Hooks stands like Syl". With head down, Joe said, "My mama's not my mama!"

Overheard: "Is it possible to boycott your own event?"


It amused me to see a recent review of this film in which the writer pondered why anyone would want to do a pre-quel to the last Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Duh! Because horror movies make money, that's why.

And for you political pundits, there are more horror movies made during times of great strife and unrest. In case you haven't noticed, there's a dungeon full of dark, doom-filled dramas in your local theaters and video rental places right now.

I saw this at a seniors' Wednesday showing at Showcase Cinema ($3.50). Popcorn (which once cost .10¢ on a Saturday) is now $4-5 dollars. With a soda it cost me double the price of the movie ticket. My daughter Cara had already seen this and thought I might like it.

She was right. This version fits nicely into the pantheon of gut-wrenchers, bloodlettings and body parts purveyors. R. Lee Ermey, who was in the 2002 remake, is back and he chews up more scenery than cousin Tommy Hewitt (Leatherface) does chainsawing unsuspecting visitors.

Ermey, who often plays drill sergeants, is excellent as the demented dolt who plays cop. We get to see how Charlie becomes 'Sheriff Hoyt'. You also learn the origins of Tommy Hewitt's penchant for periodic pulverizing.

Director Johnathan Liebesman introduces us to the Hewitts, the family that not only stays together but also slays together.

Screenwriter Sheldon Turner keeps the mayhem moving and uses a houseful of blood and guts to cover up the bare bones story.

John Larroquette, who did the original voiceover, is back for this one.

I liked this movie but not quite as much as the 2002 remake, which had Jessica Biel. One reason it isn't quite as good is a trick that was used in Wolf Creek. I didn't like it much in that movie and was surprised to see the plot device used again here. You'll know what I mean if you see it.

IMDb notes one flaw in the music used in the movie. The film takes place in 1969 but some of the songs are from post-1969. For example Free's All Right Now is used and that wasn't released until 1970. For more go to: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0420294/

This is the perfect movie to see at Halloween. We all need a little frightmare every now and then, right? Right? Where's Tommy Hewitt and his chainsaw?

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