Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Hot Club

Mr. D wants me to remind everyone that his rock band Almond Joy is playing this Thursday at 7 PM at Cher's in North Providence. Cher's is at 86 Waterman Ave. As you head into Centredale, take the right just before you get to Rte 44. Cher's is on the left.

Sarah, Eben's wife, was in the HC with 2 girlfriends. She said it was only her 2nd night out since having baby girl Emerson. Sarah said Eben tends to call any time the baby cries. As the father of a daughter, I told her that I understood. Crying gets us guys rattled.

We were explaining to a friend of Sarah's that I write Sportzine and a section about the Hot Club. She said, "Oh, I read this." I said, "You do? How do you know about it?" She said, "Obasie gets it." And there was Obasie sitting at the bar. The woman's name is Shiona and she's Obasie's friend.

Obasie said that if he doesn't feel a lot of love soon from his present employer, he might go elsewhere. I told Obasie it was like the Clash song, Should I Stay or Should I Go?

In talking with Contraire, he mentioned a current QB and called him Bono. I told him he meant Romo, and that Bono is an Irish singer. He knew that but insisted that there used to be a QB named Bono. I told him that was Sonny Bono and he died on the ski slopes. Contraire thought the Bono he was talking about was a QB for San Francisco.

Grant was thrilled that Republican Rick Santorum lost to the Democrat in Pennsylvania. Grant said that the discharge after anal sex is now called Santorum.

The regulars were talking about Hilary Clinton's boyfriend Vince Foster. They said he committed suicide. FootJoy said, "Yeah, he shot himself in the back of the head. Twice!"

Photogenic told me that she and the regulars were talking to the Warden about a woman he knew from the prison who liked to go out 'collecting for MS'. No sooner were the words out then into the HC walked the same woman. She was collecting for HIV babies.

Bags told his buddy to call his wife because it was their 25th wedding anniversary. So his buddy called and asked his wife if she knew what day it was and she said, "Tuesday." He said, "No, it's our 25th anniversary." She said "Our anniversary was last week, and it was our 24th." Bagged by Bags. Again.


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