Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Hot Club

Quiz - What is the stated capacity of the Hot Club (per a sign there)? Answer at bottom.

Someone asked when the new TVs were going to get delivered to the Hot Club. I said they were ordered from China and were coming on a slow boat. Someone else offered, "Or 2 Koreans in a rowboat." There's hope. They just got new chairs for the outside bar.

Leo and Derek visited the HC. They were a welcome sight. Leo is married now while Derek is sans female friend. I was shocked. I looked at Leo and said, "You're the stable one now? Twisted!"

Nice to see the Lovely Lisa has returned after her knee surgery. LL was originally hurt during the Pats- Denver '06 playoff game. She jumped off the couch protesting a bad call.

A guy was talking about a woman he used as a safety valve. She would take him home. All the way home. So he visited and her door was open, but she wasn't around. He fell asleep on her bed. A woman woke him. Not his 'Last Resort Option' friend. They both asked, "Who are you?" His friend had moved. "This is too weird for me", said the other.

Yor was telling us that a mentor told him, "Get a lot while you're young." Yor thought the person meant get as much sex as you can early. The mentor meant real estate. "And she had huge tracts", added Chuck D Computer.

Beer Keg said that the woman he met in Atlanta, who went all the way and then decided to get married to another guy, contacted him and told him that she was getting cold feet about getting married. BK said he told her "I'll be there next week with a foot warmer."

Photogenic said that the woman who was at the bar collecting for AIDS babies has been barred from soliciting at the Hot Club. Sean said he had a couple women show up at the Celtic Pub wanting to go thru the dumpster for bottles and cans. They were wearing rubber gloves and smelled like Urinetown. Dumpster Divers. Dumpster Divas. No!

According to Fleet Feet Pete, the shoemaker Adidas is pronounced Ah-Di-Doss. It was named for German founder Adolph Dassler. His brother Rudolph started Puma. In the '36 Olympics, Jesse Owens was one of the first name athletes to wear Adidas running shoes. Adolph Hitler was not amused. Adidas made boots for the German soldiers in WW II.

Answer to Quiz - 100 people. There will be a lot less than a handful though if the HC doesn't get one of those 42" plasma TVs that Josh promised. The Regulars are watching the Patriots at the Fish Co. And the Fish Co. owner bought all the guys a round last week.


Woowee! Where do I start with this crazy movie? It entices you into its world. Then it lets you play voyeur as you watch from the sidelines wondering what's coming next.

Some parts of this are as sick as anything that I have ever seen. It struck a nerve. Several nerves. It's visceral. It's nasty. It will make you want to take a shower and to check all your body parts. This movie goes places where others have feared to tread and with good reason.

It's basically a 2-person drama, much like a play. The intensity builds like some run amok boiler ready to blow a gasket. The pressure builds and we can only wonder when it will explode.

Ellen Page and Patrick Wilson transfix you. Hold you hostage. Tease you. Provoke you. Violate you. They hold your attention like a prisoner forced to watch unutterable evils.

This is an Internet love story gone wrong. The movie taps into the dark side of all of us and visits the secret places we hide from others and even ourselves.

This movie is not for everyone. It never made it to the theatres despite its trailer being shown early this year. I even wrote the Pro Ho's Michael Janusonis and he was very dismissive of it as just more celluloid chaff. He was wrong. It's just not for every taste.

There is little blood and gore. There is no nudity. What it does have is a plot that twists and turns in some horrible grotesquerie.

The movie is not perfect and has some plot faults. But you won't soon forget it and the performances of the principals.

It's directed by David Slade. The screenplay was by Brian Nelson. It's 103 minutes. It is rated R for 'disturbing violent and aberrant sexual content involving a teen, and for language'.

This is a movie for people who like to meet others on the Internet. There are a lot of warped individuals out there, and this film is about two of them.


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