Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Hot Club

The Hot Club finally put in two 42" plasma Sony TVs. A 3rd TV (an original) is set up so patrons on the far side of the outer bar can watch. There is no HDTV (you have to pay extra for that) and Mike Module thinks that is why the picture is not perfect rather than it being a bad cable connection. The Module said you can even get HDTV with rabbit ears.

Chuck D Computer was talking about Bill 'Superfoot' Wallace. I immediately thought of 'Super Dave' Osborne. Chuck knew that Super Dave's real last name is Einstein. But Alex knew that Albert Brooks' real last name is Einstein and Super Dave is Brooks' brother. At least that's what Alex says. Grant wouldn't give it his papal imprimatur. Leonard Maltin's Movie Encyclopedia confirms what Alex said. Albert (Brooks) Einstein's brother Bob is Super Dave and was Officer Judy on the Smothers' Bros. Alexander the Great rules!

We were talking about the time that CC Rider wore a beaver coat (a Bush in a Beav). Now you can't say 'beav'. PhotoGenic said she calls it her 'hoo hah' or coochie. Chuck D remembered a pal asking of a woman he knew, "Did she give up the cooter?"

Best wishes to the Honorable Constipated Constable with hopes that he shall be released.

There was talk of proctologists. The Geek said to the Warden, "The difference with your proctologist is that he has both hands on your shoulders while he's probing."

The Warden's house is 72% in Providence with the rest in North Providence. But he has to vote in North Providence. Wild Bill asked the Warden, "What 72%?" Said the Warden, "That's a C on a test."

Bags gives it up freely and frequently bags himself. Once Bags was on a jury. He couldn't comment on the details. Bags said, "Wild horses couldn't drag it out of me. My lips are sealed." Before the end of the night, the regulars knew every detail and Bags' verdict.

On his recent travels, Chuck D said he visited a convenience store that he called Infidel's Market. When Chuck was leaving, the proprietor said, "Have a good day, Great Satan."

Grant told me that he saw the Dead Kennedys at the Living Room (R.I.P. Randy Hein). I mentioned seeing Social Distortion at Club Babyhead. A lot of punk music was on Stiff Records. They had a T-shirt 'If it ain't Stiff, it ain't worth a f**k'. I didn't know where I'd wear it. Grant had one that said, 'F**k Art, Let's Dance'. He wore his to Al Forno's.

And my thanks to Sandy for the gift of her toffee. Candy from Sandy! Delicious!


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